Persephone Magazine Is Still Having Fun at Downton Abbey’s Expense… And Our Own Marion Stein Is Lucky Enough to Score an Invitation!

We few, we happy few, we band of recappers…

Happy Nice Time People would like to thank Persephone magazine for inviting our own Marion Stein to a roundtable discussion of Season 5 of Downton Abbey, which just wrapped up here in the states.

Marion joined Persephone recappers Stephens and Linotte Melodieuse to explore “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of the most recent season (Violet, Mary, and Ms. Bunting, respectively) and pour one out for Isis the Dog.


Linotte: Were there any moments in the season that really stood out to you? Which plot points were well done and which weren’t? If they weren’t so good, how could they have been done differently? How was character development this season? Anything else you wish to discuss?

Stephens: I love how the matriarchs of the show got romantic storylines. I mean, how often do you see older female characters get a romantic subplot? What I hated…the Bates storyline. So very over it.

Stephens: I wish their storyline didn’t revolve around misery and Bates being a bit of a dick.

Marion Stein: I think the world hates the Bates subplot. Nobody wanted to see either of them suspected of murder again, and the Green thing has dragged out for two seasons.

Linotte: Yeah, the whole thing with Bates and then Anna being accused of murder was ridiculous.

Stephens: Also, I know that Edith did a bad thing with Marigold, but I really felt for her this season and I’ve always related to Edith more than I ever did to Mary.

Linotte: I loved the development of Cora this season and how they showed the way her family treated her. Cora clearly isn’t stupid; she has just had her own pursuits and when Bricker arrived at Downton Abbey, he paid attention to her and cared about what she thought.

Marion Stein: It was like Cora came out of a coma this season.

Linotte: I also liked how they gave a nod to the old The Scarlet Pimpernel series with Richard E. Grant and Elizabeth McGovern.

Stephens: YES! They always had such excellent chemistry.

Marion Stein: Was Mary always that much of a sociopath? She seemed AWFUL this whole season.

Stephens: Yeah, any love I had for her died with how she treated Edith.

There’s much more… Keep reading over at Persephone right now!

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