Paris Hilton Has Stolen Leeloo’s Multipass

Oh hey, what has legendary creep and American Apparel-style ridiculous facial hair exemplar Terry Richardson been photographing lately? Paris Hilton you say? Is Paris Hilton still A Thing? Mad props to Paris for continuing to be a superstar by doing nothing. That sounds snarky, but I really mean it. I think getting coin and fame for just being yourself or some simulacrum of yourself or some platonic ideal of what a starlet that has no starring roles should be. Richardson snapped Paris in this super-comfy, super-practical bondage and pasties outfit:


Hmmm. I feel like I’ve seen something like that somewhere…Yep, got it.

Paris Hilton Has Stolen Leeloo's Multipass

How many times have you watched Milla Jovovich rock the Jean-Paul Gaultier-designed bandages in Fifth Element? Mine is somewhere north of 20, but I blame late night teevee repeats for about half of that. Either way, I’ll take Leeloo’s made-up language and orange-hair hotness over Paris any day if I’m going to view ladies in outfits that are merely strips of tape.

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