Parenthood Recap: We Don't Know, Maybe Some People Are Getting Divorced?

Last week on “Parenthood”: Zeek and Camille turned down the near-asking-price offer for their house that wasn’t even officially on the market yet because the guy making the offer for their beautiful home was a prick.

You know how Zeek Braverman feels about assholery by other people. He does not suffer fools. The mean man and his cold wife came back with a ridiculously generous offer and that made Zeek reconsider suffering fools.


Sarah and Hank are bonding again, with him showing up to encourage her before a meeting with SurfSport, the big action sportswear brand she shot a catalog for with his assistance. Hank had told her he couldn’t be there for her anymore because his feelings for her and her mixed signals were too confusing, but then he did it anyway. And showing up is really half of relationships, so he figured it out despite his Asperger’s. And when she saw him she had that you’re-here warm smile on her face.

Max freaked out on his school fieldtrip and for good reason. Some asshat named Trevor peed in Max’s canteen because he thinks Max is weird. That didn’t go over well, and unfortunately Max is starting to realize that he’s not better than everyone else, and in fact is at a disadvantage socially. This is shaping up to be even more impetus for Adam and Kristina to open a charter school for high-functioning special needs kids.

Julia and Joel are still splitsville.

Sarah and Hank

Amber (Mae Whitman) runs into Mr. Mark (Jason Ritter), her former English teacher who fell in love with her mother. Sarah (Lauren Graham) dabbled in a little in cougarism and strung Mr. Mark along for quite a while a while back. But then Hank the Homewrecker ruined everything, seducing her with his un-charm.


Hank (Ray Romano) and Sarah celebrate the success of their working partnership, capped off with lining up more catalog work for an organic skincare line. Amber shows up and tells her mom she saw Mark, which sort of puts a damper on things.

Mark calls Sarah and tells her he has something he wants to talk to her about and he would like to do it in person. We’re all expecting him to besiege her with his love once again, because that seems to be what all men do.  


Hank heads back to the therapist because of his confusing feelings about Sarah we mentioned before. The therapist dude suggests that he start to open himself up to other possibilities beyond Sarah.

Mark and Sarah meet at a fancy restaurant. She fills him in on the details of her success and the waiter delivers a glass of her favorite wine that Mark ordered for her, revealing a lingering intimacy. But he’s just getting her relaxed to tell her that he is engaged and moving on. So no mo Mr. Mark.  He wanted to tell her in person so she didn’t find out through the grapevine. Cheers. Mark’s so like that.

Adam and Kristina

Max (Max Burkhold) decided never to return to school again. “It’s not my school anymore, It’s done,” Max tells them after breaking up some canoodling. Figuring out which school he will go to instead is not his problem, he tells them very matter of factly before exiting the room.


Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) meet with teachers and administrators who say they cannot apologize for Trevor because he has not admitted fault. Mr. Knight (Zachary Knighton) sticks up for the Bravermans and says the school should do everything it can to get Max back at school. Could that possibly end up getting him fired, and he would then be looking for a job, say at a charter school for high-functioning kids with special needs? We don’t know.


The Dean says that there’s only one month of school left so he should just just home school instead, which Kristina sees as a punishment for Max instead of that dirtbag Trevor. She is right. Kristina loses it and storms out.


Adam takes Max on an adventure. They head to the beach to try surfing, and Max pops up on his first day. “I felt like I needed to see my son be happy,” Adam says, explaining why he ditched home school hours to go and play in the waves. “I needed to see a smile on his face. And I did.”


Zeek and Camille and Dax and Jasmine

Zeek (Craig T. Nelson) enlists Crosby (Dax Shepard) for a road trip to Oregon to buy a grill for his hot rod. Camille thinks it’s a bad idea for him to leave when they are faced with deciding whether to sell the house. Father and son load up on tunes, all the hits from 1962 per Zeek’s selection, and plenty of junk food.


They venture north, cramming chips and crap in their mouths as they wax poetic about the open road. Crosby puts his dad on the spot about whether he’s going to sell the house, but at that moment awesome quad racing appears out of nowhere like a mirage, but it’s real. They whoop it up.


They arrive at their junkyard destination only to find a curmudgeon holding the GTO grill hostage for more money, and that doesn’t fly with Zeek who as you recall does not suffer fools. Later at a waffle place that does not serve the world’s best waffles, Zeek confides that he’s feeling old, like selling the house is the start of the end. Not winning his battle over the grill does not sit well with him.

Crosby goes back to the curmudgeon to haggle over the grill and decides to make an offer on an awesome vintage motorcycle in combination with the grill to seal the deal. Then we see some heavy metal thunder rolling down the highway looking for adventure in whatever comes his way.

Joel and Julia

Joel (Sam Jaeger) and Peet (Sonja Walger), the sexy, British architect lady he works for, are out for drinks celebrating a job well done after selling their first home in the housing tract they’ve been buillding. While fighting over the check, Joel’s hand lingers a little too long.


So of course when he tries to put the $450 charge on his bank card, fraud alert calls his estranged-wife Julia (Erika Christensen) to check in and then it hits her: Her husband is on a date. We can attest first hand that sucks. She will be losing some weight soon.

So Julia does the perfectly sane thing, she heads to the restaurant in question to ask the waiter whether Joel was on a date. She can’t ask Joel because Joel won’t talk to her about anything except the kids. Sarah talks her out of it because she is a good sister.

Parenthood Recap: We Don't Know, Maybe Some People Are Getting Divorced?

Julia confronts Joel. “Are you sleeping, dating each other?” she asks about Peet, who she was already suspicious about.


No, he offered to pick up the tab without realizing it was going to be that expensive. She doesn’t want to live in limbo, she tells him, putting him on the spot about whether they are getting a divorce or moving on with their lives. “Being in limbo is not fair, she says to him. “Are we trying to get back together or are we trying to date other people? It’s not fair.”

“Yeah, it’s not fair that I stayed home raising our family and supporting your career for all those years and when it was your turn you couldn’t do that for me,” he says, holding back tears. “Our marriage wasn’t working for me, but if you have to push the issue, then no, we are not working on our relationship right now, we are not trying to get back together right now.”

And so she does what any sane women in her situation would do. She meets up with the man who she kissed who was not her husband for drinks. Sarah was not there to talk her out of it.


To see what the Bravermans are up to, watch “Parenthood” on NBC Thursday, April 3, at 10 p.m.

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