Parenthood Recap: Cold Feet

Last week, things were lining up for some Bravermans as their lives went barreling uncontrollably toward change. Sarah and Hank were still struggling to define their relationship and communicate better. Adam and Kristina became even more motivated to create a charter school after some kid peed in Max’s canteen on a school trip and the administration did nothing about it.


Drew was still moping around about Natalie, shacking up at Amber’s apartment. Julia and Joel were still splitsville. Crosby and Jasmine were still dealing with mold and homelessness. And Zeek and Camille got an offer for the house they couldn’t refuse.

These are the days of the Braverman’s lives.

The Therapy


Hank (Ray Romano) is back talking to his therapist because he doesn’t understand why things aren’t moving forward with Sarah (Lauren Graham). Hank explains that Sarah broke up with her fiancé, Mr. Mark, to be with him, and then he picked up and moved to Minnesota to be with his daughter. This is all very cut and dry for Hank, who thinks Sarah understood because she is a mother.


“Is it possible she understood, but she was still upset?” the therapist asks. This goes way over Hank’s head. He suggests that he reach out to her and try to understand her point of view. “Maybe you owe her an apology first.”

Sarah agrees. “I was definitely hurt and confused and upset,” she Sarah when Hank offers up a half-hearted sorry. Hank tells her, no, she wasn’t. That’s right. She is telling him how she felt and he is telling her that is not how she felt. So things are a not really moving forward quickly.

Instead of feeling better or accepting any personal responsibility, Hank gets upset with the therapist because things are not fixed yet. Everything was fine before he started therapy, he says, except it totally wasn’t. “It’s worse,” he says.

It's not her. It's you.

It’s not her. It’s you.

Sometimes people with Asperger’s take action without realizing their effects on other people, the therapist explains, adding that it’s OK to be mad at Asperger’s. Let’s all be mad at Asperger’s. Romantic relationships are difficult for people with Asperger’s, and it’s no cake walk for the people in love with them either. Hank needs to be honest and vulnerable with Sarah, but he doesn’t want to in case she doesn’t feel the same way. That’s not an Asperger’s thing though. It’s an every one thing.

So Hank gives the ol’ apology thing a try again, and found room for a little improvement this time.

“The bottom line is that I push people away,” Hank tells Sarah. “I act like a jackass around them, I wear them down, and they go away. I hate that about myself. But I’m trying to change that because when I look at you I see a beautiful woman and despite everything I’ve done, despite all the crap I’ve pulled and stupid things I’ve said, you’re still here. You didn’t leave, and that’s shocking to me. It gives me hope. You didn’t go away. I don’t want to push you away. I like being around you too much.” And he walks out the door. “See you tomorrow.”


Cue Sarah, stunned.

The Split

Julia (Erika Christensen) runs into Ed (David Denman) at a coffee shop and asks for help with a spreadsheet to help with Julia and Joel’s application process for the charter school. It’s all very exciting, and Ed asks Julia out again for dinner and drinks at his place amid the flurry of positivity.

Parenthood Recap: Cold Feet

This causes Julia to remember that she is a sexual being, which leads to thinking about being with someone else sexually besides her estranged husband Joel (Sam Jaeger). He made it clear that they are not working on getting back together.

Julia turns to Kristina (Monica Potter), who is supportive. “You don’t want to do something you might regret later,” she says. “You’re still married. You know that.”

Julia puts away her wedding ring and heads over to Ed’s place. Ed, whose marriage fell apart after he was downsized from his sales job, shares some exciting news with Julia—he has a third interview in the hiring process for a gig, which is big for him. “When they called to tell me, the first thing I thought of was that I wanted to tell you,” Ed says, reaching for Julia’s hand. “You’ve been a really good thing for me. It’s been the only good thing in this whole crappy year.” And then she promptly gets up and heads out the door, completely freaked out.

The School

Julia’s lawyer eyes are whipping everyone into shape for the charter school. Mr. Knight (Zachary Knighton) stops by to talk to Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina and meets Julia for the first time. She has their application on the school board agenda that week. Things are happening fast, and everyone has tasks to check off because Julia is feeling like her old self again

Mr. Knight is clearly smitten, looking at Julia longingly as she rattles off her esoteric attorney stuff. Guys dig that.

School Board mtg

Julia talks Mr. Knight into becoming the hypothetical school’s head master. At the meeting, they slay the school board. And the charter is approved! So, it’s time to celebrate. And by celebrate, we mean Mr. Knight and Julia totally get it on, and old Ed who helped break up her marriage gets the shaft once again.

They're totally going to do it.

They’re totally going to do it.

The Studio

Oliver Rome (Josh Ritter) is back to his old spoiled rock star ways, ringing up tabs for appletinis and refusing to go on tour with a band he doesn’t deem worthy of his artistic coattails. A hot new boy band’s manager wants Ashes of Rome to join its tour, which would really help Crosby (Dax Shepard) pay for his mounting construction costs due to toxic mold taking over his home. Integrity schmegrity.

Crosby at cafe

The boy band shows up at Ashes of Rome’s record release party, and Oliver immediately caves when he sees the hallmarks of success, leggy ladies who follow them around. He immediately sells out.


The Dorm

Sarah finally finds out that Drew (Miles Heizer) has been shacking up with his sister instead of staying at the dorm she pays for. Sarah promptly delivers Drew back to Cal, and out of necessity, his roommate Berto (Nick Krause) who slept with Natalie (Lyndon Smith), Drew’s special lady friend who lives down the hall.

Berto and Drew hash things out while drinking heavily. Berto’s pretty awesome about it, taking it all in with a laugh and a need for personal growth thanks to his psychologist parents’ influences. And then they’re friends again just like that.

Then Berto totally makes sense when he tells Drew that Drew’s the one that messed things up with Natalie. “That’s on you, not her,” he says wisely. It’s always the simpleton who turns out to be the smartest one in the room.

The House

The signatures are on the dotted lines. The house is sold. And no one is as thrilled as they thought they would be. Zeek’s (Craig T. Nelson) got no time for weeping though. He gets straight to packing, and then the whole emotional thing happens when they realize that the entire house and everything in it is sentimental.

Camille (Bonnie Bedelia) starts second-guessing herself, as the reality of the situation comes down on her and she doesn’t have luck finding another home for them. But Zeek spells it out. “You and I are a team here,” he says, assuring her that everything will be fine. “I promise.”

Camille seeing the house

And he’s right. Zeek finds a beautiful little house that needs some TLC, and all is well again. “I could get used to it,” Zeek says. And once again, the Bravermans come out on top. They always do.

Keep up with the Bravermans Thursdays, 10 p.m., on NBC. Crosby turns to Joel for help, Amber gets some bad news and Kristina loses a friend.

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