Parenthood Recap: You've Got Mold

Last we did our little “Parenthood” recap thang, Camille was back from Italy but already planning to ditch the family again for another Act Three European adventure, Joel told Julia he was moving out, and Adam and Kristina were shamefully excited that Hank might be an adult Aspy.

So what happened this week to the Bravermans? Funny you should ask because we were just about to fill you in on all the action.


Adam and Kristina

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No one likes a know-it-all, especially eye-rolling teenagers and impatient high school teachers. So now Max is actually getting kicked out of class for his smarts being disruptive.

And it is perfect timing because Kristina is getting dragged back into the pissed off mom of a special needs kid ranks now that she’s not running for political office. Another parent has called begging her for help and naturally she’s on board.

Adam wants her to strengthen her boundaries and learn to say no to all the little wounded birds. Instead, she buckles down helping fill out the necessary paperwork and even goes to the meeting the next day with the mom and administrators. She busts some balls and becomes an advocate, but an advocate who doesn’t have answers for what the woman’s very intelligent, high-functioning, high school-aged daughter needs from her school.

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Next, we see Adam and Kristina taking on the history teacher and the middle school principal during their own meeting to no avail because, just like the other kid, there is no real ideal situation available for Max, who is whip smart. But you can see the spark behind Kristina’s eyes as she starts gearing up for a fight

The disappointing resolution comes later in a phone call from Principal Radford. They are going to move Max to another history class, but it feels more like a quick fix than a solution. They start thinking about high school, and there aren’t really any options for a special needs kid with extremely high test scores. “Where do you put a kid who doesn’t belong anywhere?” she asks hypothetically.

And then the light bulb moment happens. Adam and Kristina start thinking about starting their own school for kids like Max. They begrudgingly look into it with huge smiles on their faces, both scared and excited to find out just how difficult that would be.

Sarah and Hank

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Hank isn’t really comfy with Sarah being the boss of the surfboard company shoot, steamrolling with his catalog fake and artificial photoshopping ideas after she proposes they “just shoot it.” But, but, but it IS Sarah’s shoot. She got the job over control freak Hank.

Carl shows up at Sarah’s apartment to pick up a package and also catches a glimpse at the ideas for the shoot. He picks up on Hank’s whole taking over modus operandi. Pep talk ensues, Sarah’s vision gets back on track.

The following day in the darkroom, Max and Hank carry on perseverating to each other, talking in circles about their own current obsessions. But in their own strange way, they end up helping each other. Max gets Hank to rethink the whole beachfront photo shoot and he decides to give Sarah’s vision a go.

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Sarah and Hank head to Santa Cruz to shoot natural sunlight, and everything goes splendidly to Hank’s dismay.

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“Yeah, well, we did it,” he says, celebrating in his own way. But that’s not good enough for Sarah. She wants to hear it out of his mouth, and he spits it out. Job well done.


Camille and Zeek

Parenthood Recap: You've Got Mold

Camille and Zeek get the “cancer beams” running through the house, as Zeek calls it. We all call it is the Internet. Camille’s painting class is going online, and so is their home. But it turns out to not be all bad.

Camille creates her own little villa in the Braverman backyard, complete with a cheese plate, while painting with her teacher beamed in from Monet’s Garden in France. Zeek takes it all in and retreats to his garage footsteps away to work on his clunker classic.

But they can both tell something has changed. “You’re the happiest I’ve ever seen you,” Zeek tells her, but the bad thing is that I can’t help but feel that I was the one that was holding you back from being happy.”

“I just needed a little adventure, that’s all,” she says.

But he knows he’s losing her. Holding back the tears, he tells her that he now understands that she is the one who has done most of the sacrificing so he is willing to sell the house if that is what will make her happiest. “Being in this house without you is not going to work.” Hugs.

Crosby and Jasmine

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As it turns out, Crosby’s music industry cachet is not that beneficial on the home front. Cool points don’t fix hot water heaters. And leaky ones cause mold in houses, which can turn toxic, and not in the Britney Spears way. And it also turns out, not only is Crosby not handy with the tool belt, he’s also not real handy at lining up sufficient home owner’s insurance.

So guess who’s not staying at the Ritz while things are being fixed?  Jabbar is ready to hit the pool, but Jasmine is feeling less optimistic. And the numbers don’t add up so good.

So to Crosby’s childhood home they go.

Julia and Joel

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Julia and Joel ship continues to sail, but it’s hitting raggedy rocks. They see a therapist to help them break the divorce news to the kids, not to help fix their marriage. But that sneaky therapist wants to back up a bit and talk about the actual marital problems that are leading to splitsville. Joel, however, is undeterred.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.30.45 AM

So it’s the big moment to tell Victor and Sydney, but, of course, the kids are actually being all wonderful and playing together, so they put it off another day. Julia begs Joel to give it another chance, but he’s not that easy. “I’m sorry we are at this point, but we are,” he says before walking out the door.

Joel breaks the news to the kids, and it doesn’t go so well, as expected. Joel packs up and heads out anyway, taking the obligatory sigh during his last look at his unhappy home.

Julia pulls on her single lady sweatpants and stares at her empty bed as the kids walk in with tummy aches asking for their dad. “Get your coats,” she says, and they head over to see Camille and Zeek to tell them the news and get some hugs. And just like that, it’s a big ol’ weepy slumber party. “I just wanted to come home,” Julia says as she crash lands into her mother’s arms with Zeek close by.


Home is where the Old Fart is, after all.

Keep keeping up with the Bravermans with us after the Winter Olympics. The next episode airs Thursday, February 27, 10 p.m. on NBC. Hank gets a little jealous about Carl, Joel is still not back home, and Zeek and Camille go ahead and put the house on the market.


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