Parenthood Recap: The Last Bravermaning of 2013

It’s been three weeks since we last did this Parenthood recap thing for the Bravermans. So to refresh your memory: Joel is catching onto the whole Ed Brooks thing, Amber was worrying about Ryan’s meds and anger issues, and Kristina was fresh off losing the election.


Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) tenants aren’t up for freezing their patooties off. Cute neighbor Carl (Josh Stamberg) saves her from the situation, making her feel a little better by saving her from an angry mob of old people. Then he gets her to stay and have a glass of wine and a space heater and jazz.


“You’re no longer my most annoying tenant,” Sarah tells him. And then a fuse blows and Sarah is officially a slumlord. Then he goes in for the kiss and they totally make out and they hit the sack.

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She then babbles on to Carl about how they can’t sleep together anymore because she’s so busy and has all these ex-boyfriends to deal with. “I’m 41 years old,” Sarah tells him. “I can’t just go around having lovely evenings.”

So, yeah, they’re totally together now obviously.


Meanwhile, sweet little Drew (Miles Heizer) is getting his heart stomped on at college by his friend with benefits. Some dude, or a “bro” as he refers to himself, lets Drew know he saw said friend with benefits, otherwise known as Natalie (Lyndon Smith), macking down on some other dude at a frat party.


Drew asks his friend with benefits about the makeout fest, to which she tells him nice gets boring. Ouch. But she’s still cool with having sex with him no strings attached. But our Drew isn’t that kind of boy, so we feel more heartbreak headed for the kid.

Drew turns to Crosby (Dax Shepard) for dude talk about the whole hooking up thing. “I think what’ going on is you’re a one-woman guy,” Crosby says, explaining the game. He gives him a little pep talk for being a male whore, which isn’t really helpful. “Get good at your craft, because when it ends, it ends permanently.”

So Drew attempts to set up some ground rules with Natalie, which pretty much tips her off that he has feelings for her and she dumps him. After she leaves, there’s a knock on the door and he thinks it’s her back saying she changed her mind, but surprise!—it’s Amy, the other girl who crushed his little heart.

Amber and Ryan


Amber (Mae Whitman) has to answer to her uncles about her fiancé Ryan (Matt Lauria) beating the crap out of their band’s drummer, which means no time in the studio for a week. She also has to convince them that Ryan’s not beating her.

She goes home and finds Ryan home sick from work and is sort of blindsided by the big talk but carries on with it.

When Ryan finds out he’s banned from the Luncheonette, he goes straight to “what about us.” “I don’t know,” Amber says. “I don’t know what to do.” They love each other, blah blah blah. “This is the problem. I can’t keep overlooking the stuff because I love you so much.”

Ryan turns to Zeek (Craig T. Nelson). They have a bond over serving in the military during wartime. But Zeek sort of puts things into perspective for him and gives some fatherly advice by the firepit. “You’re trying, that’s the important thing,” Zeek says.

Ryan hated Afghanistan, but it made sense at least and everything mattered. He’s having a hard time adjusting and disconnecting from the war. “I feel out of sync here,” he says.

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Amber womans up and tells her mom about Ryan’s fight, and it’s a tear-jerker as expected. She’s unusually calm and supportive. Amber goes back to Ryan to tell him she wants to work things out, and sadly Ryan’s response is to tell her that he re-enlisted and is going back to Afghanistan.


Julia and Joel

Joel (Sam Jaeger) is sleeping on the couch. Julia (Erika Christensen) is afraid what the kids will think. “This is not what we do, this is not us, not making up,” Julia tells him before apologizing for barging in on him and that she spoke to Peet the way she did. Joel agrees to try.

Next we see him trying, fixing food for the kids and being jovial. And Julia seems cautiously optimistic. He is being fun and cute and that makes us want them to work things out even more.

But then we find out from Sydney (Savannah Paige) that poor Ed (David Denman) and his wife split up and he’s moved out, and Joel and Julia don’t feel awkward at all, except they totally do. Ed is still texting her and so she goes in person to tell him to quit. “It’s just been an awesome week,” Ed says under his breath.

Ed assures her that it’s not her fault. “Pretending to be happy is almost worse than being miserable,” he says in a moment of wisdom. So he’s going off to his tiny divorced dad apartment, he says, but not before he lays one on her.

Parenthood Recap: The Last Bravermaning of 2013

Kristina and Adam

“That’s the good thing about losing, more cake for us,” Kristina (Monica Potter) tells Adam (Peter Krause) while shoveling buttercream in her face. They manage to laugh instead of cry and win the election for cutest middle-aged couple.

Now that the campaign is over, they take to the park enjoying family time with Nora. Then some lady comes up, recognizes Kristina and promises to vote for her if she can fix the darn slide. Ha ha, hee hee, awkward. Adam comes back with something snappy telling the lady Kristina lost because of all those nonvoters who forgot when election day was.

Kristina goes to visit Gwen (Rose Abdoo), her friend from the cancer ward. Kristina finally admits that she is sad about losing, which she should be. She tells her just how close the race was—less than 1,000 votes. Then they get high together. Seriously! Kristina smokes the ganja.

Gwen gives her the pep talk of all pep talks. When someone who is dying tells you to do something, you do it. And besides from telling her to smoke up, she also started working on her to run again.

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 4.44.14 PM

Then Adam takes Kristina out to throw eggs at a Bob Little billboard. Finis.

Parenthood returns Thursday, Jan. 2, 10 p.m. on NBC. We’ll get to see whether Julia tells Joel about her kiss, if Amber copes well and if Sarah gives in to the sexy neighbors seducing ways.



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