RAW FEED: Pan’s Labyrinth with Lyrics

Pan’s Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies of all time and the tune “Mercedes Lullaby.” always fascinated me.

In the movies Mercedes informed she didn’t remember the lyrics so well, I wrote some years ago. It’s just first now I got around to put chords to it to.
I hope to make a better version at a later date.


Close your eyes and you will see.
A world beyond all fantasy.
A world so far away from here.
A world with no despair.
A world with no fear
No sadness no tears
We’ll go there.

The King invite you to his throne
Handing you your golden crown
Princess i’ve awaited you
Did you ever miss me to?
The people they cheer
Shouting she’s here!
Welcome home.

Here fear will never follow you.
You’re free to do all you wish to do.
Rest and play and be at peace.
Smile and be at ease.
Here you can rest
And enjoy all the best!
Till you wake again.


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