Pacific Rim (2013): We’re sure this isn’t a Michael Bay movie?

Among film geeks, there was a great deal of anticipation surrounding the release of Pacific Rim, Guillermo del Toro’s loving tribute to kaiju films of old. While most films with this much buzz fail to live up to the hype, there are those rare few that end up exceeding expectations. And then there’s Pacific Rim, which does absolutely nothing.

Starring Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi, this is a movie that inspired audiences all over the world to ask, “Who?” The film also stars Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Burn Gorman, loads of special effects, and a cameo from Ron Perlman.

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The film begins in 2013, as an underground monster race dubbed Kaijus rises up from the Pacific Ocean and proceeds to destroy San Francisco. The Kaijus keep destroying cities, and it turns out they all spring from an inter-dimensional portal located on the ocean floor. Eventually, the cities surrounding the Pacific Rim join together to fight them off.

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

They do this by building Jaegers, which are giant, lumbering robots controlled by two pilots stationed inside the robot’s head. Through a process called “drifting”, each pilot is linked to the robot by one hemisphere of their brain, which allows the two pilots to share thoughts and fight as one. It’s explained that when they initially tried having just one person pilot a Jaeger alone, it was far too devastating to their psyche, and even together, the pilots must remain entirely focused to effectively control the robot.

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

It’s now the year 2020 and Raleigh Becket (Hunnam) and his brother are piloting a Jaeger named “Gipsy Danger”. While fighting a Kaiju, the brother gets killed while still psychically linked with Raleigh, and as you can guess, this turns Raleigh into a bit of a mopey downer.

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

Fast-forward five years, as a reluctant Raleigh is drafted by a military commander named Stacker Pentecost (Elba) to pilot the rebuilt version of Gipsy Danger. It seems the Kaijus are now invading our world at an increasing rate, to the point where decommissioned Jaegers like Gipsy have to be pressed back into service. Soon, Raleigh is in Hong Kong and ready to be partnered up with someone else.

This someone else turns out to be Pentecost’s adopted daughter Mako Mori (Kikuchi), and to enhance the drama, we find out she lost her whole family in a Kaiju attack when she was a little girl. This makes Pentecost hesitant to allow her to command a Jaeger, but it seems she’s “drift compatible” with Raleigh and so she’s allowed to be his co-pilot.

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

They practice together, but Mako’s past trauma causes her to falter and lose control of the Jaeger. Despite her having a drift-triggered PTSD Kaiju flashback and nearly killing hundreds of people at Jaeger HQ, Raleigh is determined to make her his partner, probably because he knows this film has to wedge in a quasi-romantic angle somehow.

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

Before you can ask “Was this script written by Michael Bay?”, two Kaijus attack Hong Kong and take out two Jaegers to boot. Pentecost is forced to send Mako and Raleigh into battle, and naturally, they soundly defeat the two Kaijus.

While all this is going on, two scientists fumble around trying to find a way to “drift” with a Kaiju using the same technology that links pilots to Jaegers. One of them (Day) travels to Hong Kong to acquire a freshly-dead Kaiju brain from a black market organ dealer (Perlman). Eventually, it’s discovered that the Kaijus aren’t just mindless beasts; they’re actually linked amongst themselves and following the commands of their Kaiju leaders, who plan to kill off all humans and colonize Earth.

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

The military wants to drop nukes into the inter-dimensional portal and seal it up for good, but the portal only opens when a Kaiju passes through it. The scientists suggest linking with a Kaiju to trigger the portal, and once that happens, they can drop a nuke into it for a Battlefield Earth-esque endgame where one bomb can destroy all the alien invaders at once. Will they succeed? Will Ron Perlman find a way to chew up the scenery? Will there be a sequel? Yes, yes, and yes!

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

It’s now time for the briefest section of the review, where I talk about what I liked about Pacific Rim. The score, by Ramin Djawadi, is epic and loose. The rock guitar-driven segments during the boat battle and subway scene are perfect, and the occasional background songs are a nice touch.

The film’s palette is exceptionally pleasing, and the in-film technology is bold and inspiring. My absolute favorite aspect of the film was the cubist architecture used throughout Hong Kong. The neon buildings in conjunction with the soundtrack made for a nice futuristic atmosphere. The Kaijus’ designs were inspired as well, and the use of bright colors throughout the film was aesthetically well-done. And as far as the positives go, that’s all I’ve got.

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

For all of the hype, this film was a pretty empty experience for me. Del Toro is a director capable of bringing new worlds to life, and his visual sense combined with engaging characters has often made the unimaginable believable in films like Pan’s Labyrinth and the Hellboy series. But here, he lacks all subtlety, beating us over the head with obvious plot points and even more obvious character motivations. I know that this is a film about giant robots fighting monsters, and I should just enjoy the ride, right? Unfortunately, the film seemed determined to not be much fun for anybody.

While the visuals are often great, they exist to service a TV movie-level script with TV movie-level acting and a perfunctory plot. The humor never hits the mark, and the way the story unfolds is bland and predictable, greatly diminishing the enjoyment to be had from the special effects.

I mention the humor specifically because the movie relied on it way too often. Entire scenes are devoted to the bumbling scientists, and all of them fell entirely flat. Charlie Day is hilarious in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but his role here was an embarrassment. Ron Perlman tries his hardest, and although his scenes provided some of the more entertaining moments, they still felt forced and obligatory.

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

So here I am critiquing the acting in a film like this. Maybe I should just relax, not think too much, and just roll with the flow? These were also my thoughts during Michael Bay’s cinematic middle finger Transformers. I came for robots, and I left with a migraine. As much as it pains me to say it, I have the same feelings here. While Pacific Rim’s fight scenes are dramatically clearer and more stable than Bay’s, they still fail to progress the story much or be at all creative. Every Kaiju fight feels like exactly the same nighttime battle shrouded by light rain, and a two-hour film really needs more variety than that.

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

Whenever the camera would pan to the neon skyline with guitars wailing in the background, I knew a fight was in the offing, and I would think, “This is it! This is the fight that’s going to blow me away!” And yet, when the fighting came, it was bland and too short. Why did the filmmakers not use some of the beautiful landscapes available to them? Occasionally, we see glimpses of interesting scenery, but before you know it, it’s the same robot-slams-monster-into-buildings scene as before. Though frankly, had the characters been better and the script not been written by a computer, then maybe these scenes would have thrilled me. But because the other elements were so dull, the fights were doomed from the get-go. It’s hard to get excited when everything else is a chore.

At one point, Pentecost gives a rousing battle speech about “cancelling the apocalypse” that you know was added just for the trailers, but the rest of the dialogue is instantly forgettable, and by the end of a four-hour film (it was four hours, right? Sure felt like it) that just gets tiresome. I can appreciate “mindless” action, but just give me the action! Don’t waste time on lousy dialogue, clichéd backstories, and vague love interests. Either make that stuff somewhat interesting, or just scrap it altogether and focus solely on the special effects.

Pacific Rim (2013): We're sure this isn't a Michael Bay movie?

I wanted to like Pacific Rim. I really did. It sounded like an ideal movie where you tune in, turn up the volume, turn off your brain, and simply enjoy. But it wasn’t. It was a padded, uneven, and bloated affair that had too little of the stuff we came for and too much of everything else. The rule for these kinds of movies should be that if you can’t make your characters somewhat interesting, you might as well make them mute. Or better yet, have them immediately get stepped on by a Jaeger.

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  • T. Morrissey

    Interesting point that PR is kinda Bay-like and I had to think about it for a minute but here’s why it’s not:

    As much as the dialogue is forgettable, it’s not overtly stunted, stupid and groan-worthy like Bad Boys 2. It’s not sexist and overall it’s just coherent. You might be staying into dangerous territory that any silly action movie is Bay-ish, but PR is overall inoffensive and not downright stupid, which is the critical difference.

  • The_Stig

    Yes, this isn’t a Michael Bay movie. I’m sure of it. A: It’s not dumb enough, B: Not enough racism. C: Not enough product placement. D: Not enough fellating the US Military. E: Too colorful. F: You could actually tell what was going on during the action scenes.

    • Phil Andrews

      Amusingly enough with regards to D, it’s even a bit of an anti-established military stance. The Jaeger pilots and Stacker are practically a splinter group. Ivan completely glossed over the part where because the increased frequency of attacks is wrecking the Jaeger fleet, they’re just going to mothball the things and build a gigantic wall around all the Pacific rim cities and hide behind it. The military is actively preparing to cut everyone loose and is constantly on Stacker’s ass, while he basically spends the whole movie telling them to spin on it because hoping none of the Kaijus ever get big enough to just knock down the wall is a crappy idea. They’re running on a shoestring budget and the whole nuke thing is a hail Mary he managed to convince the generals to go for before shutting the whole thing down.
      I remember all this and I was drunk when I saw it.

      • Jonathan Campbell

        It wasn’t the military, it was the politicians. The Jaeger pilots and Stacker are as close to the military as this movie gets, and they are portrayed as being the best, last and only line of defence against the enemy. Stacker answers to the United Nations and its the UN that wants to shut his programme down.
        In fact Michael Bay, by virtue of putting a lot more military in his movies to begin with, is more likely to have military characters as villains or at least unhelpful, such as the renegade soldiers in The Rock (Ed Harris is played sympathetically, but the rest of his group are psychos) or the general from Armageddon who wants to nuke the meteor.
        Transformers has the same gig- the ground troops, the special forces who actually work with the Transformers, are good, but their bosses are stupid and keep getting in the way (more the intelligence / political bosses, though); in T4 the villains include a Black-Ops military division of the CIA.

    • FEnM

      You forgot: G: No sex and/or drug jokes and H: The female character does more than just stick her tits and ass into the camera.

      • While I will agree that woman are sexualized in Bay movies, they do stuff. In Transformers Megan Fox saved Shia LeBuff’s life multiple times and helped a paralyzed Bumblebee fight at the end of the first movie (I never finished the third one). I have not seen TMNT, but I have been told that it actually includes too much of April as a character.

        • Toby Clark

          For what it’s worth, in the third one it’s Carly who manipulates Megatron into betraying Sentinel and taking back his throne.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Hey, that makes her one of the most important players in the movie – which I actually like. Same with Mikaela saving Sams live multiple times and is helping a paralyzed Bumblebee.
            That is great. So, both girls are more than eye-candy, they actually are active and DO stuff – even important stuff.

    • It’s a pretty dumb movie. I would have compared it to Roland Emerich (“2012” “Independence Day”) on the stupidity scale, but it is still a really stupid movie.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        I wouldn’t call it a dumb movie. SImple – yes. Simplistic even – but dumb? No – it was not dumb or even stupid? Nope. The adjective “stupid” can be attached to other movies.

        • It is dumb on the topic of science. How in the world is a giant robot more efficient than turrets stationed right at the entrance of the crack? Just mount a plasma cannon on a motion sensor and have whatever comes out blasted before it gets its bearings.
          But then you wouldn’t have monster fights. So it asks you to ignore the technical aspects of things for a fight.

          Same with the “clones” angle. I could buy it if Charlie day had said, “these things are all artificial vat grown organisms, I can tell by the presence of a complex mutagen that gives them their varied appearances.” Instead he claims they are all clones… even though one is a giant bat, another is a giant gorilla, and another is a crawfish. Shouldn’t they all be identical if they have the same DNA? The movie is dumb, in the same way a virus taking down the mother ship in “Independence Day” is dumb (really even more so)..

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I’m sorry – but you go to see a movie, which is featuring giant robots, that smash giant kaijuis and… you want it to be scientifically sound?

            That is something I never got – might it be Bayformers, might it be Battleship, might it be Pacific Rim, might it be Sharknado – people see the poster, listen to the title and expect it to be “scientifically sound”….

            no – just…. no.

            I’M sorry, maybe that’s just me, but if I look at the posters of Bayformers, Battleship, Pacific Rim, I KNOW what I’ll get.

            Those are movies that have high visual appeals – that might be Optimus Prime transforming from a Semi in a robot, that might be the battleship leaving the harbour to kick the aliens butt, that might be the robot being towed into the water.

            You really know, what you get.

            Or at least – you should know.

            If you want things, that are scientifical sound, you read the reports of scientists.

            After all, it is Science FICTION, not Science FACT.

          • A movie that wears its stupidity on its sleeve, and stupidity is part of its selling point, then stupidity is not a sin. But if you are going to complain that Bay movies are dumb, you have to acknowledge the dumb here too.

            Also, science fiction does not mean that something has to be stupid. You can have a break with reality that is explored logically and with intelligence. Do not lump all of science fiction in with “Transformers” or “Pacific Rim” or anything else. Science fiction is a broad branch of story telling.

          • Muthsarah

            “A movie that wears its stupidity on its sleeve”

            I wish I agreed with this, as fits Pacific Rim. This movie is not dumb. It wasn’t even trying to be dumb. It was hollow. That’s very different.

            If it was dumb, and knew it, it could have been fun. It could have been cheesy. Hell, lots of the old rubber-suit monster-bashing Godzilla movies knew they were silly, and ran with it. This movie was too slick. Was trying to be both a conventional action movie and a loving homage to a very, very different type of film that was intrinsically defined by its limitations (EDIT: well, and mecha anime, which it got closer to, but, I’ve never cared for that, I came for the monsters). To me, it failed as an homage and as a rousing adventure. It was too serious to be fun, and too shallow to be interesting.

            FWIW, Transformers didn’t wear its stupidity on its sleeve either. It was a strange combination of pandering and clear contempt for the audience. Like dangling keys in front of a baby, while simultaneously cooing insults at it for actually being interested.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Too serious? Well, I had to laugh here and there – that was what the Scientist side-characters and Ron Perlman where there for. ^^

          • Muthsarah

            I’ve said it before: Ron Perlman was the best part of the film. I genuinely liked his scenes. The guy has charisma. Put him in the robot suit next time, and I’ll probably find what it does automatically more interesting. Charlie Day and….Neville St. EnglishFop were grating, however. Like they tried to have these two characters carry all the film’s humor, and it just didn’t work. I recognized the characters as “types” from 70s and 80s anime, but I didn’t like any of those characters either. They’re comic relief, through-and-through.

            And yes, the rest of the movie was too serious AND shallow. And that’s a terrible combination. Seriousness is great if there’s genuine pathos, buried or on-the-surface. But the movie was centered on a terribly bland lead (it’s the writing at fault) mourning a character we never knew in a way we’ve become far too familiar with. Another hero redemption arc. Getting over the past, learning to find the inner strength and confidence within y…blahblahblah. Remove Raleigh’s character, and have the movie centered on Mako versus Iceman. Boom! Better movie. And this way, she’d actually have something to do after the stupid sword moment.

            The action scenes, while self-indulgent (which can be fun), still lumbered along and didn’t register enough cheesy glee to be worthwhile. I know I’m in the minority, but giant robot + monster isn’t enough to be fun, if there’s so little going on around them. The aliens are just evil, the heroes are just boring. I didn’t feel emotionally invested in either of them, so the fights were just…fights. Shallow fights. That nonetheless took themselves very seriously. And they weren’t exciting enough to sell themselves. Martial arts films pull off that trick all the time, being fun as hell despite having terrible, often PAINFULLY bad characterizations. Even the action films of the 80s and 90s found ways to be fast-paced and inventive with one-dimensional characters. Maybe it’s the tired old trope about “big monsters fight slooooooooow” that hurt it. But, while I appreciated being able to SEE the fights for once, without tons of quick-cuts….it didn’t make the fights interesting if nothing else was. Just…several minutes of arbitrarily-powerful things slowly beating on each other until one of them falls down. Good setup, but del Toro just couldn’t make it work. Whopping a giant tick or whatever with a cruise liner is more fun to think about than to actually see done in slo-mo.

          • Phil Andrews

            I had meant to respond above, but I had to leave and lost track of the comment. Anyway, I always tend to misinterpret people as being way more hostile to this sort of ridiculous action movie than they probably are. It doesn’t sound like you actually dislike the movie, but words like dumb and stupid have large negative connotations that you’re probably not intending to invoke. Like I may really hate working with a guy because he’s stupid…but saying something’s a big dumb action movie doesn’t mean I hate it or that it’s bad.

            It’s like, I get what you’re saying that Pacific Rim is stupid in the sense that its explanations are more or less nonsensical hand-waves? But saying it’s stupid just seems so meanspirited. I couldn’t find a better word for it, though.

            It’s silly? It’s not smart? It’s light?

            I dunno, it’s just a problem I have. Though I don’t even know that I would call Pacific Rim SCIENCE fiction because it’s not about science. It really is just an action film or action fantasy or something because it would be totally awesome to see a movie where giant robots fought giant monsters and any “science” was invented as window dressing. I almost feel like it’d go in the same category as like…Shoot ‘Em Up or Wanted. Physics in those movies is so twisted a broken it probably needs the last rights but that wasn’t the point, the point was that that was AWESOME to watch. Even stuff like The One that almost sortof kindof still respected gravity has people taking so many punches they ought to resemble chunky salsa and dimensional travel and a whole dimension used as penitentiary.

          • Silly is a better word. I tend to describe Thor as silly, because it is a super advanced space fairing civilization of near immortals, but they dress like a Renaissance Fair. It is silly. Pacific Rim is silly.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Even if things are not “realistic” and not even “scientifically sound”, those movies are not dumb. Even Transformers isn’t “DUMB” – in my opinion, other movies are dumb, stupid, those, who are not coherent in the way they are told. I’m not talking about movies in which a character is suddenly disapperaing, I’m talking about movies that are messes.
            And I’m gonna say the name again, and I’m sure, people will say “Oh, you don’t understand the movie, you need to watch it again, to really get it.”
            Sorry, – no.

            I’m talking about Pulp Fiction.
            This movie is … a mess.
            And that’s what I mean, when I say coherent.
            A coherent movie is going from A) to B) to C) to D).
            Pulp Fiction is beginning with a bit of C) jumping then back to B) bringing in a bit of A) before jumping back to D), returning to A) and ending with C).
            You need the murder-board from Castle to follow that “logic”. Plus other works of Tarantino have their fair share of sexism, ultra violence and stuff like that.

            And yet people say, that Michael Bays movies are the worst, when at least Bay tells coherent stories.
            They are logically progressing from Point A) down to D).

            And again – when you see a movie poster of – say: transformers or even Battleship, you know, what you’ll get. You see a poster of Rihanna, Taylor Kitsch and Liam Neeson and a giant battleship in the background. Do you really expect Shakespear?

            You see the poster of a giant mecha punching a Kaiju or even just of a giant mecha – what do you expect?

            Those movies are not stupid – they might be simple, yeah, but not stupid.
            And you sometimes need to suspend your disbelieve.

          • “Even Transformers isn’t “DUMB””


          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Problems reading?

            Compared to movies, who are not even able to tell a coherent story, because the director wanted to be artsy or apparently got high, threw the script in the air and decided to film it in the sequence the script-pages where hitting the floor, this movie is not dumb.

          • Not reading, compreending this astonishing statement, given the movie you are talking about. That statement would even give Michael Bay pause. You don’t need to be more papist then the pope, you know?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I get it – you’re a tarrantino-defender. Okay. ^^

          • That doesn’t make much sense. What is that supposed to mean?

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Sorry, I jumped to conclusions. that happens. ^^
            Sorry, mea culpa.

          • No worries.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            But – again talking about Tarrantino and Bay – I’m always saying, that Bay and Tarrantino are not that different.
            They both use their fair share of stereotypes, of scenes that can be infuriating, annoying etc.
            Case in point: Pulp Fiction (which I really watched)
            Yeah, I don’t like it. I get that it is satirizing, I just don’t see a movie, that is not bothering with coherent storytelling as that good.

            In contrast – while Transformers HAS its flaws – it at least is told in sequence and while it has a robot unloading lubricant upon a guy (which is NOT peeing, because robots don’t have bladders) at least no one is telling us in detail, how s/he got the watch of another person out of a prison camp, while putting it down his or hers ass.

          • I think you shuld had reversed that. It’s the other way around.
            Listen, i hate to make presumptions about other people, but i’m starting to suspect you might be a very young person, eiother in your teens or young adult. And i know it’s tempting to be an iconoclast at that age. I sure was one. And one of the biggest temptations is to piss on “established” filmmakers and defend those perceiveds as “unpopular by the elit”. It’s a tempting attitude to have. It’s a show of defiance which can be justified by some intellectualism, like you did above. But there is such a thing as going too far.
            You said elsewhere that you prefer to make your own mistakes. This is one such I know how it sounds me saying this. I really do. I was there once. We do learn from this mistakes. Goodness knows i was one of the fools who let myself be mistaken by Michael Bay when he made The Rock and mistook that shit for a good movie! (Armageddon taugh me the error of my ways) I have been there. I learned my lesson. It was quite hard to swallow, though.

            I think it’s unfortunate you have such a negative opinion of Pulp Fiction. Maybe you are reacting more to the movie’s hype then the filom itself, i suspect. To have sene the film at the time, before the hype had builded up, and take it all in right whenthe movie came outl, it was a remarkable experience. Few other movies at the time were like it. The movie felt fresh. unfortunatly, many other filmmakers imitated it and turned the style tired.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Mhm – young person.
            Ja, nee, is klar. (universal – can be used in a sarcastic way, as it is used here).
            Sorry, it is not meant in an iconoclastic way, I just really, really, really thing that Pulp Fiction is one of the most overrated and overhyped movies, that has ever been produced.
            It really is that bad. At least to me – I really hate this movie.
            The incoherent way of storytelling, the watch in the ass, the gimp, Marcellus being raped – sorry, to me, that is NOT a good film.
            It has its good moments, sure, but if you need Castles Murder-Board to really enjoy the film… no – sorry.

            Same goes for Reservoir Dogs – which had been a recommendation by our docent of journalism and literature. So, when it was on, I watched it and really, really wanted to like it… but what I was watching was something, that made me think “What the hell is wrong with Quentin Tarrentino? That’s the second movie, that is not telling a coherent story, starting with bullshit conversations and has torture in it.”

            At least Transformers has a coherent story. YES, the camera lingers lovingly on Megan Foxes T’N’A, while she is bending over bumblebee, yes, in the end it is again a promo-movie for the military… I see and I know it and YET I can enjoy it.
            Pulp Fiction on the other hand… nope.

            And by the way – I’m in my thirties and with that older than some of the reviewers on this website.

          • And i’m 43. And this days, being in the 30s is not the same as it used to be. It used tobe the age where people were already mature, but this days, the 30s is a prolongation of adolescence. Strange days we are living.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            And what about being 43?

          • Take a guess.

          • Sofie Liv

            PLEASE! You two! Stop!

            CaptainCalvincat don’t engage him, Asimovlives, please do not personally attack other commenters!

            Attack the movies all you like, Do NOT attack other commenters personally, to call someone else stupid and imature is in fact, DEEPLY imature, you are resolving to basic name calling here, there is no more imature way of behaving, so you are disproving your own point.

            This is my second warning to you, if this is not followed up upon, I will bring this forward to the site editor and owner.

          • Sorry if i upset you.

          • Sofie Liv

            It’s not a matter of upsetting me, it’s a matter that I am actually one of the main contrubitors and work forces on this site.

            It’s my job to make sure that everybody has a pleasent exsperience on this site, we are all working hard to have a pleasent open community where people can discuss movie in peace and have fun.

            Attack contributors and other commentors is not tolerated on this site, and banning will be issued.

            Name calling is indeed the lowest demeanor of retribution and a great sing of imaturetu. We do not tolerate such behaviour on this site and we are not afraid of banning.

            Learn some manners or you will face banning, that is all.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            “Mature” – it is an interesting term.
            What does “mature” mean?
            Is it “mature” to tell everyone who does (not) want to hear it, how good/shitty a movie, an episode or a book was? Is it mature, to argue with people, whom you never met and probably will never meet in real life?
            Is it mature, to wear a starfleet uniform for the next convention?
            Or is it mature, to go to a soccer game, yell “WILLSTE MAL SCHEISSEN UND HAST KEIN PAPIER, JA DANN NIMM DIE FAAHNE VON SCHALLKE NULL VIER” (need to take a shite and don’t have any toilet paper with you? Take the banner of Schalke 04 [which is a soccer club]”?
            Is it “mature” to watch “Big Brother”?

            Answer to all of that is realisticly: No. That is not mature.
            And yet – people do that.
            We for example discuss about a book/movie/an episode.
            Other people go to conventions.
            Other people watch soccer games.
            And yet – all of these persons are mature one way or another. You, me, Sofie, Linkara, we all can have mature discussions, without needing to insult other people.

            the rest – that is subjective taste.
            If you like Pulp Fiction or if I like transformers – that’s just subjective taste.

          • If you do not know what mature means, then that’s a sign of immaturity right there. You basivally answer your own question, ironically enough.

            And subjectivity doesn’t mean what most of you who use that expression with such abandon to excuse the love of dumb down movies and low intelligent entertaiment think it means. Subjectivity is a phisolphical term used to the subject of the possibility of knowledge, not an excuse to like Michael Bay movies.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Look, the point, I’m trying to bring accross is the following: You can be mature, and yet like a Michael Bay movie or hate a Tarrantino-Flick. You can be mature, yet go to Star Trek Conventions, dressed as Kirk – you can be mature and yet enjoy a soccer game and yell that you know where the car from the Referee (Schiri) is standing.

            And – sorry to bring it to you – we are not drones, who are universally loving the same thing. A) that’d be pretty dull and B) would that mean, that I have to love the scene in Pulp Fiction, where people talk about watches in other peoples asses.
            So – by that logic – taste IS subjective, NOT objective.

            And maturity also means, that you can accept, that people have different opinions. I can accept, that people hate the Bayformers and love Tarrantino – even if I’m not on board with that. But I can accept it. That does not hurt.

            What you – apparently – yet have to learn, is to accept.
            I can accept, that you get migraine, when bullshit-science is brought up – but I beg of you to show the same curtesy to me, when I say “Sorry, I’m not interested in actual science, because this is a movie, that is supposed to be fun.”

          • I shall say no more about this out of respect for Sofie Liv, who does seem to be quite perturbed and distressed.

          • “I’m sorry – but you go to see a movie, which is featuring giant robots, that smash giant kaijuis and… you want it to be scientifically sound?”

            Why not? Where is set in stone it can’t be so? The only thing that prevents you from thinking so is your own pre-concieved notions of what this movies “should” be like. Think about it.

            Also, the movie is SCIENCE fiction. The operative word is actually SCIENCE, it’s what distinguishes it from all other fictional genres. See?

          • The thing that truly made me roll my eyes, in regard to dodgy biology, was the movie’s claim that the dinosaurs had two brains and that’s their excuse for why the big Jaggers need two pilots, that one single brain is not enough to command such a huge machine, blablabla. Well, the notion of the dinos having two brains has been dismissed by paleontology since the early 20th century. This movie runs on premises that science has already dismissed 70 years ago!!
            And then the hyper-hysterical scientist played by Charles Day makes the claim that the dinos were kaijus!! The dinos were alien monsters from another dimention?? I mean, c’mon!!

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I mean “who cares”?
            I don’t go to a movie called Pacific Rim, featuring giant robots, to see real science.

          • Speak for yourself.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Oh, actually I do. ^^

          • Zorha

            Um no. You mixed up what Charles Day say, but to be fair, he does talk gibberish half the time.

            The kaiju in Pacific Rim have two brains, although the secondary nerve cluster is more for reflex and less for problem solving. Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla II also had that bit of biological nonsense in, so we should really try to cut some slack for dodgy biology in Kaiju films as a whole …

            What Charles Day said about the extinction of the dinosaurs is that it was an early attempt of the invaders to colonize earth, but the mesozoic environment wasn’t hospitable for them.

          • The double brain is a biological nonsense created by early paleontologists because they couldn’t conveive the notion that a small brain compared to the rest of the mass of the animal would be sufficient. We now know it to be untrue. Because older kaiju movies repeated that nonsense doesn’t justify Pacific Rim.

            Thinking about the pseudoscience of PR gives me headache. If a movie like this wants to be so preocupied with making sense and steals from known biological science, then it should do a better job then the complete nonsense it spewed. It can’t have it’s cake and eat it too. They would had been better served as treating the kaujus as mysterious and still not understandable in how their life cicle works, instead of the tripe excuses they come up with.
            And that’s even the least of the movie’s problems. The movie fares much, much worst in terms of pacing (it’s bloody boring despite the constant quick editing bulshit) and the characters are atrocious and ridiculous and unlikable, carbon copies of the jerkasses that populated Top Gun.

            To say this movie was a disapointment is an undersrtatement, specially from somebody who loved so much of Del Toro’s previous work, namely his spanish language movies.

        • I’m sorry but PR IS dumb. Not simple, but dumb. They might had made an atempt to go for simple, which as you said is a good thing in certain stories, but they missed the mark and ended up with dumb instead.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Sorry, from that, what I saw of Godzilla 2014 – I would really say, that PR is, how you need to make those movies. At least have a bit fun in it, let us see the monsters…

          • So you haven’t watched the whole Godzilla 2014, then? Because there is no shortage of monster action in that film. You are basing your opinion on false premises. I watched both PR and Godzilla 2014 and the later is by far the superior film. The later is a textbook example on how to make this kind of films.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            You’re right, I haven’t watched it – but in a couple of weeks we get it on DVD, and I’ll buy it. Then we really can talk, if this is the textbook example.

          • Good watch. I’m kinda envious of you, i which i would watch that movie again as if i was the first time. It was a great time at the movies for me.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            We will see – so far, I heard mixed critics about it. Some people praising it, some people are saying “See, americans can’t make a decent Godzilla movie”.

          • Well, the director is british, actually.

      • Phil Andrews

        I actually really like Emmerich’s style. I know he does the ridiculously implausible special effects summer spectacles but they just feel so good to watch. The establishment is dumb, the underdog figures it out and saves everyone and gets the girl, people come together beyond the traditional boundaries of race and class and display pure human kindness, the pet that was just placed in extreme danger survives at the last moment. It’s weird since he has some awful destruction in those movies but they’re always so unabashedly hopeful that it feels nice to have watched it and grinned like an idiot.
        PR definitely feels more like Emmerich than Bay, but it does sort of miss the hero getting the girl at the end. They definitely teased it a bit but I think at the end they just sort of became Jaeger-Bros. I don’t think it has pets either, unless you count Perlman or the Scientists. but it is feel-goody.

        • They are dumb, but fun. And you are allowed to be dumb if you are having fun. This is why I like “Pacific Rim” but dislike “Godzilla” (2014) which was a joyless movie that had characters doing and saying stupid things constantly. Although Emerich’s “Godzilla” (1994) was dumber and was not fun in spite of the constant attempts at humor.

          I find it so strange that I draw this comparison just as a review of “2012” is posted to the front page, calling it idiotic disaster porn.

          • Godilla 2014 is how you shoud make this kind of films.
            And the ironic thing is that both PR and Godzilla 2014 were produced by Legenday Pictures.

    • Moppet

      Actually being able to see the action scenes, of course. I forgot to mention that in my post. That’s a big one.

    • “F: You could actually tell what was going on during the action scenes.”

      This i have to disagree. Contrary to popular opinion, once in combat and because of the way the sceens ae shot, it’s hard to tell the difference between the robots, and the only real clue to know which was which was when the scene cut to the pilots inside the things.
      And this goes triple for the monsters, who all looked the same, despite the film production’s claims to the contrary. After a while it felt one was watching a repeat of the previous fight.

  • I’m afraid you watching the two american godzilla films and having no knowledge of the mecha genre of anime as it is apparent with you disqualifies any opinion you may have about this film.

    • Wizkamridr

      I grew up with mecha anime, the japanese godzilla, ultraman, super sentai, yada yada yada. Still didn’t like this film.

      • The difference here is that in this case you, unlike the author, can actually give a better opinion and would have probably caught many of the nods included that he did not.

        • One doesn’t need to be immersed in a specific genre to know if a film is good or bad. It seems that over-familiarity with the genre is an actual liability, not a benefit.

      • writebrain

        Don’t forget Spectreman; yeah, PR sucked. I think people give it a pass because of Del Toro, but it was not good. I would be willing to give the sequel a shot, however, as I feel with some tweaks they could make a good film out of this material.

        • I also believe that this movie is getting a pass thanks to Del Toro being the director. I see this as a repeat of the same situation of the first Abrams Trek, where people gave that movie high praises because it was directed by the darling of the moment JJ Abrams thanks to his involvement in Lost.

  • Muthsarah

    Wow….First time I’ve read a review where someone disliked this movie more than even I did. >>I<< at least liked everything Ron Perlman did.

    I've said plenty in the past, so I'll just summarize: I agree with almost all of this (that Cubist note was new, so…neat).

    That said, eesh, I wouldn't for a second compare it with Transformers. That movie (only saw the first) made me weep for the younger generation. Pacific Rim just bored me. Yeah, SOME character depth is required, or at least give everyone a detail or two. Too many stock characters here. Yeah, the fight scenes were repetitive, and easily the least-interesting parts of the movie. I would been fine with both MORE and LESS fight scenes; either way, we get either more varied fights with more varied monsters (with the bonus of letting the Russian and Chinese robots friggin' DO something), or we get more time for character development. As is, nothing about the movie worked (except for the score, but along with SFX, that's either a given or a failing; movies are SUPPOSED to have effective scores).

    Your opinion is nonetheless very welcome. I feel a little less alone in my dissent today.

    • “Pacific Rim just bored me.”

      Same here.

  • Gallen Dugall

    I thought it was a typical del Toro movie. His work bobs around “better than average” with great consistency.

    • So you ever watched any of his spanish language movies, have you? Cronos, The Devil’s Backbonew, Pan’s Labyrinth?

  • Alexa

    Well the thing about the characters in this film in comparison to the ones in a Michael Bay, is that I didn’t want to murder them. They actually felt like characters, and were pretty likable for the most part. Especially Ron Perlman, who is never not good…

  • Cristiona

    “I’m too cool to like fun.”

    Must be so hard to be an iconoclast.

    • Muthsarah

      FFS, fun is not universal. 110 minutes of brightly-colored explosions and perfunctory dialogue delivered by ciphers is not fun for us all. And not being entertained by such does not make us iconoclasts, it makes us moviegoers with basic ****ing standards for basic ****ing drama and characterizations, some of which MUST meet certain basic requirements to come off as being written by an adult, for an adult. And it is not unreasonable of us to expect movies to deliver realistic-FEELING characters, even in a “dumb, popcorn” action movie. Coming out in July doesn’t make your movie immune to criticism regarding basic Storytelling 101 failures.

      • Cristiona

        Yes, yes, yes.

        You’re the “adults” in the room. So you’re… what? Third semester film school?

        • Muthsarah

          No. Beyond teen years. The only qualification we need to call ourselves such.

          If you view “adult” as an elitist remark, I have nothing to say to you, as I have no idea where your mind is.

        • I’m really hoping you haven’t reached 18 yet, i really am.

          • Cristiona

            Oh, you’re just adorable.

          • I used to be as a baby. I have pics to prove.

          • Sofie Liv

            Could you please refrain from attacking other commenters.

            What you have said it thus far not to bad, but you are walking a thin line that almost borders on personal attacks, and we do not tolerate that in the comment sections.

            Love Sofie.

            Published writer.
            script writer.
            Working actress and theatre developer.
            Part time reviewer.

            I still enjoyed pacific Rim immensly, don’t pull my knowledge about basic story structure, movie knowledge or development of stories into this.

            If you personally didn’t like the movie, that’s just fine! It’s very fine, if you can give solid arguement from the movie itself about what you didn’t like, giving constructive critism in regard to the movie, that’s also great.

            But do not resort to name calling and attacking commenters, alright?

          • If you knew who i am, you would be suprised how much more toned down and nice i have become. No kidding! Age mellows indeed.
            I do get insulted with the defense of dumb movies, however. Movie geeks should dispense their efforts in prasing and defending better movies, not the movie made by studios or filmmakers who make them dumb deliberatly to attract easy audiences. We are film geeks, not studio accountants, we don’t need to do their job for them.
            We make our difference by having standards, not lower them.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Oh, I’m so sorry, that you get insulted, when people defend movies, they don’t see as dumb movies. I’m really, really sorry, that it pains you, that people have apparently different taste than you.

          • The operating words here are “dumb movies defense”, not “different opinions”. There’s a difference.

          • Sofie Liv

            CaptainCalvincCat, stop engaging this guy. You are also resolving to name calling now, if you keep down this road you’ll be in the danger zone to.

            You do not need to engage him.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Actually, I stopped engaging him, after you said to do so, in the first place – you can see that by the time-stamps. But you’re right, I won’t do that anymore.

          • Sofie Liv

            Ah.. I’m sorry, please forgive me.. this comment threat is just so long and convoluted now that it’s difficult to make heads or tales of.

            And well, you can feel free to pock fun of me for not even heeding my own words, now I am the one engaging him.

            Honestly though, we allready had Asimovlives up in conversation on our private staff board, but ended with not banning him just yet, due to the fact he has yet to use actual swear words and to vicious attacks.. but we have our eyes on him.

            So don’t worrie okay, if he goes to far it’ll be a simple banning, simple as that.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Hey, no problem. ^^ Why would I poke fun of you. You’re just doing your job. Everything is okay. ^^

          • Sofie Liv

            I do not care how much toned down you have become, it’s your here and now behaviour that matters.

            While some has pointed to specific things within the movie, reffered to the movie itself pointing to scenes and the things in the movies, creating real arguments why they liked it or disliked it, you have resolved to name calling other commentors.

            That is not carrying on a conversation, that is calling other people names without backing up your claim with anything.

            I am part of the main work force of this site, go to the menu on the upper panel and you will find my show, we work hard here to have a pleasent fun enviroment people can visit.
            We do not appreciate bullies or name calling.

            No matter age or history. It’s your here and now behaviour that counts.

            I will end with a quote for you to chew on or not.
            “Wisdoms begins, when you accept that you don’t know every thing.”

          • I’m glad to make your acquaintance, Sofie.
            I admit i have not been on my best behavior, but dumb movies are a bit of a berserk button for me. Believe me, i’m neither a bully nor an unpleasant fellow to chat with. You will see more oportunities of witnessing my best behavior, trust me on that.

            I don’t appologise for my opinions, but i do for my behavior. You’re right, this place is a nice place, i’d be embaraced and humiliated to be the snake in the garden.

            That quote, i learned that lesson in my teens, and that is one of the things that made me an eager watcher of films: i just wanted to know more. Still do, and i’ll never stop that. I’m all too aware of what i do not know.

            I do like this site quite a lot, i have been a fan of many of your reviews, namely, Armageddon, which to this day still cracks me up no matter how many times i re-read it. Yeah.

            Are you a video or a text reviewer? Can you point to me the review that you would think is the most emblematic of your style as a reviewer, please? Thanks.

          • Sofie Liv

            Apology accepted.
            and it was the correct one as well, I am not asking you to like this movie, you do not have to, that is a matter of personal opinon and taste.
            I fully accept you don’t like the movie, just like I accept that a lot of people don’t particularly care for the steven Moffat era in doctor who, all though I do.
            It is nice though, that when I accept other people for not particularly care for these things, that they will accept me for liking it.

            Entertainment like this, is supposed to give people a free room in a busy, and sometimes very harsh real life.
            I would never dream of taking that away from people, personally, I despise Twilight, I will gladly give many analysis and reasons why it’s a terrible book/movie.
            But I will not call a twilight fan an idiot, in fact, i’ve spend a lot of time genuinly asking twilight fans what they like in those books, what do they see in them?
            And trying to figure a way to understand.
            What I concluded is that yes, it’s still a terrible book, but.. the people reading it are nice people, and what they chose to spend their precious spare hours with, is really none of my buisness.
            Life is hard, living is hard.. I don’t want to take away the few good things people have, or make a fool out of them for something that grants them a little happiness.

            Oh well, actually I both write articles and make videos, I made a big number of MLP recaps a while ago.

            All though, I must admit I have a certain fondness for this article in particular because well.. It is pretty close to my own cause.

            And as for videos.. hmm.
            I made this video series earlier this year, looking over every single Hayao Miyazaki movie in order, I am pretty fond of that series myself, I think though perhaps my favourite of those videos was my “Mid way.” video, where I took a break from the movies and talked about the composer whom has made the music for every single Miayazaki movie, Joe Hisaishi.
            Music is particularly interesting for me as I aim to become a professional sound designer and hopefully one day, will be composing original music for video games.

          • Wow, thanks for the links, very nice of you.
            First of all, i wish you good luck in your career of sound designer and hopefully as a composer. There is a portuguese composer now who is making a name for himself in the gaming industry, so i hope one day you get to know him. Forgot his name, need to research.
            I mentioned portuguese because that’s my nationality. A bit of a national pride there!

            I read your text article and i posted two coments there. But to cut a long text short, the phenomena of female geekdom is far more common in countrirs like the USA, UK or in Northern Europe then you would find in my country. Maybe things might change with the generation which are teens today, but things still play like the old cliché for my own generation and the imeditate generations, from 20s to 40s. I belong to the first true geek generation of my country due to the emergence of lots of gek culture stuff invading our markets after the fall of the dictatorship that used to rule here until April 1974. When cenrsorship was abolished and the entertaiment market opened to international stuff, a new generation of geeks was born, with your truly being one of the vanguard. But it was a male thing, not a girl thing. The cliché of the dork geek divorced from the “cool” culture of the mainstream oriented girls was played here quite unironically. It was a reality, not a bad cliché from a TV show.

            I watched your video, and if i might be so bold and daring, i do think you are quite a cutie and british redhaired *blushes*. Nice!

            Since you enjoy Miayazaki and you are british, you might know of the 70s TV cartoon/amine “Future Boy Conan”. That cartoon is legenday in my country, the then kids of that time, my generation, still remember it very foundly, but speaking about it to americans all i get is the sound of crickets. A bit frustrating, as that was one of his seminal works, even way before Mononoke.

          • Sofie Liv

            Haha, you don’t need to thank me for advertising.. For myself!

            Truly, I am absolutely NOTHING without readers and viewers, the greatest gift people can ever give me, is their interest, time and attiontion.
            It’s a precious gift, and I am nothing, I am no one, without it.
            So thank you! Thank you so much, for taking the time to check out my stuff!

            Currently I am working on a review of a Studio Ghibli game called Ni No Kuni, the truth just is that, i’ve been so busy with making a theatre performance these past three months, that I had NO TIME to make any video reviews so well.. it’s been going slowly recently.
            As I am sure all my fans will tell you. “Where’s Sofie?! She’s gone! Is she dead? OH NO WHAT DO WE DO!”

            Our last performance will be this saturday, and then I got a panel in Leicester England, first weekend in september, after that, I hopefully should be back with regular video and article uploads!

            Heheheheheeeee…. Sorry for me laughing, it’s a GREAT compliment, it must mean my english has improved a lot.
            Because.. English is not my first languet… I am not british at all.. I’m a total froth like that.
            I’m actually from Denmark! Yup, i’m Danish! Country of vikings, bacon and lego!
            I life here :)
            Now that I am allready on the confession… Neither am I actually a red head, I am as nordic as can be, a natural blond.. well strawberry blond, I tone my hair a little more red than it naturally is.
            But thank you anyway! It’s nice to be called cute, I like it!

            Sorry no, I can’t say I have seen Future Conan Boy, neither have I seen Sherlock Hound, another show I know Miyazaki worked on.
            All i’ve really seen of his pre-studio ghibli work is his “Nausicaa the Valley of the wind.” movie, as well as read the manga. (Partially donated by a fan, and I appreciate that so much!) The Lupin the third movie, and the original Lupin the third character because well.. I am a fan of that character.
            Though.. by god the anime is child friendly in comparison to the manga!
            I got a minor shock reading the original manga for the first time and there was just dirty sex and people shot to death all over the place, shesh o_O

            Ones again, thank you so much for your interest! It means a lot to me!
            Also here, have a picture of the group I am making theatre with these days, we just got a review in the newspaper, Five out of six stars! SO MUCH WIN!

          • You’re a dane? That’s even better.

            Your english is fantastic, let me tell you. You should hear me speak english with my thick portuguese acent, you would be far more appfreciative of your comand of the english language.

            I can’t say i know much of Miyazaki, buit both Future Boy Conan and Mononoke were quite an impact on me as a viewer. Many don’t realise it, but Mononoke is heavily influence and inspired by the history of Japan during their civil war period before the Shogunate Period, the same period where the event sof the Kurosawa movies like Ran and Kagemush and The Seve Samurai are set in. It was the first period of industrialization of Japan and where entire forests were cut off so to feed the fornaces that produced the firearms used in massive quantities during that war.

            Nice to know you have aspirations of being an actress. I also which you sucess in that.

            I’m not suprised you have fans. ;-)

            I discovered a review by you about GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. I haven’t watched the film yet but i suspect my opinion of it will not be very different from yours. My reaction to the news of this movie when it was first anounced and up to it being released in the theatricals is completly like yours. I’m still thinking “they reallty did this?” and also “they must had been on drugs when they first come up with this comic and when they decided this would be good material for a film”.

            I can’t claim to be a critic like you, but i have writen a few articles on a website called Talkbacker where i have posted my opinion and reviews of films. My latest and one i liked the most writing about ewas for the film THX 1138, an obscire film Geroge Lucas directed before Star Wars, his very first theater feature film, in fact, and my personaly favorite of his. Here’s the link and i hope you enjoy:


            Also, since i came from a country where ythe majority are brunets and briunettes, it’s nearly inconcievable by me why a blonde would want their hair other then they own natural blonde. Blondes come as high comodities here! Yeah!

            Lately i have discovered quite a few fantastic danish crime series and i have become quite a fan of Forbrydelsen and Bron/Broen. Also, Mads Mikklesen has become my favorite actor thanks to his work in VALHALLA RISING (which i love) and HANNIBAL (which i’m at awe with). He’s a fantastic actor.

          • Sofie Liv

            You bet your ass i’m a Dane!
            They don’t come more Danish and nordic than me!

            Thanks, I am truly doing my best to make myself as understandable as possible when I make my videos, so well, I have deliberately been working on improving my english, both by writing and by pronounciation, there’s a clear difference from my very first video to now -_-;
            So glad to see my work has paid off!

            Actually… I did not know that about Mononoke, but I can’t say I am totally surprised.
            If you really look at Miyazakis work, it becomes extremely evident that he has lived through some very dramatic things, lived through a military conflict and the aftermaths of that military conflict.

            It’s a very common theme in his movies to be about the affects of war, but never ever is it a question about “Black and white.” like in less clever movies.
            His movies and stories are usually about how the conflict and war effects the people standing in the middle of it, and makes a great deal out of portraying them as indeed, people with their own past, emotions, wantings, ideals, travels and so on, nothing is ever just black and white in a Miyazaki movie.
            His Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind manga, becomes a particularly fascinating read with this in mind, because it becomes so obvious that it was a story that was extremely personal to Miyazaki, and he genuinly had something to say with this, ones again, about the affects of war, and the after effects of other peoples decision, people who are long gone now.
            Do we blindly follow the path they laid out, or realise the world is just different now so we should make our own path?
            Porco Rosso is a movie dealing with two people heavily affected by a war that has been, shortly showcasing images of their childhood from when they were still innocent, full of dreams and happy, and now afterwards, they have both become broken people due to what happened in the war.
            Miyazakis swan song film. “The Wind rises.” caries a very similar theme, about an idealistic dreamer, pursuing his dream to create beauty, but by the end his life work, which was indeed beautiful, was used for war, and the last image of the main character just looking at the remains of the plans he created.. is very bitter sweet.

            Well “Had.” aspirations is more the prober word I think.
            I wasn’t lying when I said I was a working actress, i’m just not as much an traditional actress as I am a street performer and show developer.
            I’ve also worked as a theatre and music teacher a couple of places.

            It was my first dream to be a comedian and actress, though as I went along.. well, I realised it’s just much more satisfying to create stuff for yourself.
            Acting is still a lot of fun but… making stuff yourself is even greater, which is why I turned to writing.
            First it was out of frustrations, as I felt like all the most interesting characters were always only available for men in the plays, so I just wrote my own stories with female characters like I wanted them.
            And then I found out, I really really enjoy writing, and developing, and the satisfaction of developing and writing things from the get go is just amazing!
            music is the core of emotions and I play the piano and sing, so that of course has always attracted me to.
            Making enternet videos is really a joy for me, because I get to do what ever I want, I can create what ever characters I want for myself, and put forward these sketches, I can spread the word about the things I enjoy the most, and give myself room to fully explore all these amazing things to get a better appreciation of them myself, and perhaps.. if I can share that exsperience with others, that’s just so great!

            For a performer, the audience is EVERYTHING! without them I am nothing, and when people meet up for our shows, I just want to thank every single one of them for coming, that they gave me their time and attention is the greatest gift they could give me! I really mean that :)

            Well, I don’t have a lot of fans, but the few I have are all GREAT! I love them.
            And for hair, hehe, well your the first to say that, most people say they like the red better.
            But honestly, it’s not to far away from my natural colour, my natural colour is kind of dark-reddish-honey blond… I’ve been told the correct term is “Straw berry blond.”
            Really it’s close enough to the red that you don’t even notice the outgrows when it comes and I am not using any strong hair colour.
            I use this natural “Henna.” hair colours which is basically mud in the hair, toning it a bit in the direction of red X)

            Oh yes, Mads Mikkelsen, yeah I crew up watching a crap ton of things with him.
            If you are such a bad thing, maybe you would like to check out. “Adams apples.” which is my personal performance of his.
            It’s a very black danish comedy, so yeah it’s in danish, and Mads Mikkelsen.. yeah he plays a batshit insane priest. As in… really freaking batshit insane.
            When a danish comedy go dark, it genuinly is dark!

          • I’m starting to gain an appreciation of scadinavian comedy. When you guys go dark comedy, you really go all the way. And that suites me very fine indeed. I don’t like light comedy much, most of the time.

            Mads playing a mad priest sounds great. He is also very darly funny in HANNIBAL, so i can see how he played the character of the mad priest. I bet HANNIBAL mst be huge in your country, on account of ol’ Mads.
            Speaking of other danes, Nicolas Winding Refn is also one of my top favorite directors working today. I have seen al his movies except Bleeder, and i have loved them all. He’s nfantastically talented and he has his own style, which can’t be said about most other filmmakers today.

            Strawbery blonde or straw blonde? The former is a type of redhair, the second is a light hue of brown hair or a dark hue of blonde (there’s no consensus on that, i think). The latter is actualy my favorite hair colour in a girl. Most blondes in my country get into that hair colour in their late teens to young adulthood, for some reason.

            I hope you got the link to my review article i wrote about THX 1138 and hopefully you enjoyed it. I do put a lot of effort to those, specially considering that i suffer from constant writer’s block. It’s a drag.

            I think you are doing a fine job. And it’s all about practice, isn’t it? The more you do, the better you get.

          • Sofie Liv

            Thanks, can’t say I have much to do with what other people in my country creates, bit thanks X)
            No no.. not a mad priest.. Bat shit insane.

            Strawbery blond, I got strawbery blond.
            I havn’t read it yet, i’ll do it in the evening when I come back from todays theatre performance kay?

            Thank you very much, yes indeed! And i’m doing my best! I just want to become better and better at making videos, stories and other entertainment! it’s simply just what i enjoy doing!
            And well, when other people likes it… that’s great to ^^

          • Sweet! :-)

            After you read my article, please send me a ling with your though about it, please. I’d love to read an opinion from a professional who’s in the game.

          • Sofie Liv

            Wow, i’m pleasently surprised. That’s a very competent, very insightful article.

            Really any critism I could come up with would be a sheer matter of personal taste.

            It’s a very long article, and could maybe do with a bit of editting, but again.. That’s a question of personal taste.
            Some like to really indulge in a long thoughtful article, other people like me, likes it a bit shorter and to the point.

            worst thing you can do as an article writer is to constantly repeat
            yourself thusly making the article unnecesary long without saying
            But you actually don’t run into this problem in spite of the lenght.

            There are no jokes in the article, which often is a way to make it easier for the reader to get through the long walls of text.
            But it also means you have your focus, and the article knows what it want to be, a straight up, insightful analysis.

            don’t believe you actually needed to go through the movies plot, you
            could easily skip that entire part and go straight to the analysis, the
            two doesn’t really connect to much and you never stop up in the telling
            the plot of the movie, to make specific comments about certain scenes or
            So really.. it’s just a go through of the movie.

            I don’t believe you need it, just go to the synopsis.
            At least that’s my best suggestion.

            Obviously though, you are doing well on your own, so well, just do what feels right to you, you are on the way trick.

            The key words in article writing, you would like to follow if you want to gather an audience is is.
            Keep it simple and to the point.
            Rather to short than to long.
            Avoid repetition.
            Make it entertaining for the readers, ones you lost the reader you wont get him back again.

            But all in all.

            Do this for yourself, do it because you want to, and do exactly what is it you want to do.

            And have fun with it! That’s the most important key factor of all! :)

          • Thanks, Sofie, i’m glad you enjoyed it and i also thank you a lot for your advices. I’m very thankful you read it. :-D

            I have turned into a personal style to write a somewhat detailed synopsis of the movie’s story, but i always try to avoid spoilers or at least not tell the events of the 3rd act and the climax, for obvious reasons. Unless i’m in a far more critical mood, as in, i really didn’t liked the movie.

            I do take your advice to heart in the notion of either be extensive in a synopsis mixed with opinion, or let it be extended in the opinion and be stetchy on the synopsis. But so far i haven’t been able to compromise like that.
            But I’m trying. I think it was William Shakespeare in Hamlet (the dane tragedy, hehe!) who wrote in that “Brevity is the soul of wit”. But he did used that line in a very ironic way on a character who is always needless verbose, for comedy value.

            I like reading long reviews, truth be told. In fact, my stylen of writing what could be perceived as long reviews is actually based on a review at Agony Booth, the Armageddon review i have previously mentione before. Another is the writen reviews of an australian blogger whose site is called “And You Call Yourself A Scientist”.

            I like to go more serious when i like the movie, so i don’t usually joke in those reviews But i once also wrote for the same site a review for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which i detested. My inicial intention was to write my usual serious reviews, but just thinking of the movie upsetted me so much i decided to mock the movie instead, and at the same time an atempt at comedy imitating the style of certain british comedians who go on surreal tangents during their sketches. This is the result, and if i may, i would like to link you to it, in case you are interested in reading it. Warning, it’s even longer, and it’s crazier:


            I really hated that movie! But so far is stypical of my reviews. But i have been promising/threatning the people on that site to write another of that style for the two films of the JJ Abrams’s Star Trek (In Name Only) movies, which i profoundly deplore and hate.

          • Sofie Liv

            I really need to go to bed and sleep now, and well.. any time I take out reading other people stuff is time I take out working on my own stuff so erhm.. please don’t hate me if I don’t get around to it.

            And the thing about editting out, trust me! I know how bloody difficult that is!
            It’s a skill you slowly and painfully learn by being deeply aware of this issue and incorporate it.

            I only learned it myself, and believe me it took a while, my first videos were WAY to long, lenght really has been something I struggled greately with.

            The only reason I really learned was because the site owner of the Agonybooth kept hammering that into my head! I need to keep it short!
            Without him constantly reminding me, and making me accute aware of the need, I would never have learned..

            And still a struggle.. my ni nu kuni review will basically just be 25 minutes of me having a fangasm…
            And I am accutely aware of that but.. But.. But… That game! It’s so goooood! D:

          • I read you. It’s not an easy self-discipline, to cut short our own babies.

            And rest assured, i will not think any worst of you for not reading that link i gave you. That you read the first was already great and i couldn’t had asked for more. Thank you. You are a great. Have a good night sleep.

          • danbreunig

            My first time in this already insanely long thread, and nothing to do with the original post (for the record I still haven’t seen Pacific Rim since I’ve never felt too pushed to see it it)–plus this was one of those huge conversations where you get more out of it just sitting back and listening to everyone else than you trying to offer less than two cents’ worth. So I’ll see about answering your multiple posts with this one:

            I just saw that video with your sister in cosplay and, hm, I see theatre must surely run in your family. Or is there a law which says if you’re a born Dane, you’re required to serve in the Theatre instead of the armed forces? :0

            I still prefer the original blonde, to be honest. Oddly enough I have similar hair, blonde with a tinge of red which sometimes gets dark. And I still miss the original hat & scarf ensemble a bit. Those are the constants I keep in the fanarts, so you can look and see it’s Sofie the Movie Dork and not just some generic blonde lady. But hey, your videos, your hair, so go nuts. And, I’ll always be impressed with both your accent and your fluency in English, no worries there.

            Speaking of being a fan:
            “Truly, I am absolutely NOTHING without readers and viewers, the greatest
            gift people can ever give me, is their interest, time and attiontion.
            It’s a precious gift, and I am nothing, I am no one, without it.
            So thank you! Thank you so much, for taking the time to check out my stuff!”

            It’s things like that which remind me of how important fandom is. Whether your fanbase is ten or ten thousand, I’m glad to be a part of it. And not just as some consumer who watches a show, gets a quick fix, and pays no mind later–it’s quite a privilege to enjoy someone’s creations to the point where you yourself can become inspired to make your own creations–it’s a great way to give back. Just when I’m feeling like a nobody, I read that and get so touched to know how real it is.

            About the recent hostilities:
            This was painful to see unfold. I understand so well about having opinions and perspectives that get so displayed to the point of aggression, that I fear for someone’s communal involvement. I’m sure you remember all too well; earlier this year I believed that an act between you and a partner was a real-life conflict, so much that I seriously feared for your collective communal fates. I was a fan who was concerned that two of my favorite producers (not other fans or commentators, but already well-established video producers with their own prestige, fanbases and professional connections) were in danger of getting banned from the site for their behavior. Fortunately (and embarrassingly for me) as it turned out it was all one well-placed joke. I’m glad to see things settle down and straighten out from this recent development, and you getting a new fan in the process–but…I felt that it was going to happen all over again, and for real this time. I hope none of us get banned for anything–it’s already happened here and elsewhere–and that we can work out our differences like in this case. I just don’t ever want anything to reach the point where any of us in these communities are able to stay involved only because of fear of exclusion instead of what it really should be, staying involved out of real mutual respect. I hope that all makes sense.

            About saving up for what you want most:
            far easier said than done. I can promise you I won’t be able to attend any Cons, not even in the U.S. where I’m from, for maybe more than a year or two at the earliest. Real life’s been punching left and right to the point where the most nerd things I can do now is just watch what you guys are doing. Even creative home projects are at a standstill for the near future. So hopefully some year I can finally attend one, maybe even one of yours in Europe–only that may look five years off at the earliest…

            And finally on a more upbeat note: if you get any more awesome I may collapse from over-exposure. That theatre thing you’re doing looks fun, meaning at least the long work you all put into it looks like it paid off well (5 out of 6 stars? Praise!).

          • Sofie Liv

            Aw, no problem dude.

            I think a lot of people kind of tend to forget..
            That well, they think it’s their god giving right to be heard but, no actually not.
            It’s your right to speak up your mind, but… It’s a deep priviliege to be heard and considered.

            No matter what I said, how stupid or smart, would be without value if I spoke it to an empty room with no people in it.

            Some times other people give my words a power I never intended, sometimes that’s pretty good and some-times it’s pretty bad.
            But it is a priviliege, my work will be nothing without people watching it.

            and having support means so much to me, it has really helped me a lot and supported me so much when life has been tough. It helped me through my depression and gave me a self confidence I never had before, I can only be in awe and gratitude that something like that could ever happen to me.

            You don’t need to worrie about people getting banned, yeah sometimes it happens, a little while back when a guy openly called me a bitch in the comments, he was banned by the site owner before I could even react because he crossed over the line attacking my person like that.
            Not my views nor my articles, but my person.
            And really banning can only help so much, if the someone is truly persistent, he can just create a new user and start over.

            But you sincerely don’t need ot worrie about any site contributors, we are all good friends, Jerry and I in particular have become very close over time, and I am being honest there, we have!

            As for theatre.. heh, it kind of runs in the family.
            My grandmother on my mothers side was a profesional dancer and travelled all over the world as a dancer, my grandad on my fathers site was a profesional comedian, my dad develops theatre and has currently taken up a position as theatre director as well as running a brand new profesional theatre group as manage, he is also a musician and play the guitar.
            My mom also dance, but only on an amatour basis, she has taught some dance and theatre to kids though from time to time, and she does a lot of creative knick knack such as sewing her own clothes, making baskets, creating glass jewlery.
            Creativy has always been something we have valued very high in my family, and my mom and dad has done nothing but engouring and helping me and my sister when we persued creative things.

            Pff, Generic blond lady!
            Don’t you know what they say? If you really are someone special, you don’t need to put up a stage or wear anything special to prove it, if you can show how special you are by just being yourself in neutral.. then you got it, then you truly are.

            And well.. I always found it to be my blessing and curse that I just always automaticly stood out by just being myself anyhow -_-;

            I like my hair red.. maybe i’ll turn it blond again some day, really it’s no big deal since the two hair colours are that close to each other, and the red washes slowly out through time, really if I just stopped colouring I would naturally become blond again in half a year max.

            Thanks for the compliment in my english, having now worked with belgish for three months straight, I am very pleased as I know for a fact… I am the best one at english in our entire theatre group! Director and middleaged caretakers included -_-;

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Concerning european Cons – you know that I’m German and I can recommend the Fedcon. A big, ginormous Sci-Fi-Convention, where we had stars like Richard Dean Anderson (Jack O’Neil [Stargate] l / Angus McGyver [McGyver]/ Captain Holland[Pandoras Clock]), Nana Visitor (Kira Nerys [Deep Space Nine]) Alexander Siddig (Dr. Julian Subatoi Bashir [Deep Space Nine]). It is a giant happening every year.
            Another Convention I could’ve recommended wholeheartedly (because was not that BIG) would’ve been the “Trekgate to your Star” – but it got cancelled 3 days before the start.

            But – Fedcon is always worth a visit of the lovely City of Düsseldorf.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        For all it’s worth – I thought, the characters in PR were relatively realistic feeling. Well, as much realistic as you can get, when you’re telling a story about two people, that are steering a giant robot that is smashing those giant kaijus the faces in.

        Basic drama?
        Well, we have basic drama – Mori wanting to prove herself, the hero wanting to help her achieve that goal, we even have the scientist-characters go through a story-arc.

    • It’s my experience in all this years in the internet that the argument you use above is the most retard thing one can ever use to both defend a dumb movie and attack somebody who rightly dismiss them for the crap they are. This is not 1998 anymore, you have to come up with better stuff then that.

  • madMAEXX

    I don’t know, but has someone thought about that this “flaws” of the movie could be intentional? I mean this movie is a loveletter to kaiju movies and these movies are not exactly known for their deep drama. There are exceptions (of course), but they are rather scarce. I always had the feeling about del Torro, that he gives a lot of thinking to his movies and Pacific Rim certainly felt like a kaiju movie to me.
    I for my part liked the movie. I felt entertained throughout the movie. But I’m rather easy to please when it comes to giant robots fighting giant monsters, as long as the action doesn’t give me headaches (*cough*Transformers*cough*).

    • “I mean this movie is a loveletter to kaiju movies and these movies are not exactly known for their deep drama.”

      So you never watched the original Godzilla, and by that i mean the original japanese version often known as Gojira?

  • Sofie Liv

    Erh… on a purely structual and artistic level… I would have to say that this movie knock any michael Bay movie out of the park.

    Yeah, the story is simplistic because the focus are on the monsters, but because it’s simplistic it is also focused on preciesly what it is about.
    Themes are focused and connected and does not just go off in all kinds of odd directions.

    The characters are consistent, we know who they are and how they would act, and doesn’t suddenly do stuff out of the blue only to later having that ability being mysteriously forgotten, there is a connection through out the script and a mere capability of decent most Bay movies lack.

    The visuels speaks for itself as while this movie creates it’s own visual unique feel and play with warm and cold colours to make a unique play on the visuels… the transformer movies just look like every single other big block buster with no real stand out things.. Pacific Rim looks gorgeous, like every single other Del-Toro film, he really has his own style that shines through and it’s beautiful.

    The characters all have depth, and it’s not just a sidenote depth that is mentioned and then brushed up to never be explored again.
    It all connects, pops up again, gets to be explored, the female lead has more depth to her than just being a badass with a sad backstory because…. sad back story.
    It gets to play into her development as a person as a character and thusly falls into the plot and theme about these people with issues and flaws on their own, having to overcome all of these personal flaws to stand up and work together, and trust each other with all they got, in order to even control the robots.

    Then there is of course the cool rocky soundtrack, with the guitar bas that just sounds like a giant robot.
    The fight scenes looks cool and you can see what is going on.

    Is it the most emotionally involving movie ever?
    No… did I shed tears doing this movie? No.
    Is it pans Labyrinth… hell no.

    But… I thought it was solid and even beautiful in a lot of areas, I highly enjoyed it. And Bay got nothing on this… in my own opinion.

    • No, this characters do not have depht. All this characters came out of frigging Top Gun! This is what the filmmakers of this movie decided to do, to mine the script of Top Gun for their characters charactirzation. It’s ludricous! To claim that there is anything profound or deep in this movies characters is reaching. OK, i get it, you enjoyed the movie, but don’t put into it qualities it doesn’t possess. That’s going too far.

      To say it’s better then a Michael Bay movie is damning with faint praise.

      • CaptainCalvinCat

        Where you with the filmmakers, when they decided to make Pacific Rim? Where you there, when they said “Oh, let us take Top Gun and use those characters”?

        • I don’t need to, i watched the bloody movie.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            I did so, too – and I don’t think so.

          • Well, then you must have forgotten how Top Gun is like. I envy you, i wish i could too.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Well, that has something to do with the fact that I watched the parody (Hot shots) but never had the opportunity to watch Top Gun.

          • Listen to your elders who suffered through.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Vergiss es, Ich mach meine eigenen Fehler. (forget it, I make my own mistakes). Liking PR for example and actually preferring it.

          • I should had suspected you are an european, given at this hour most americans are still sleeping.

          • CaptainCalvinCat

            Guilty as charged. ^^

          • Sofie Liv

            Calm down you two.

            Whether Pacific Rim is your cup of tea or not is perfectly fine and up for debate, it is definetely not a movie that is for everybody, it’s a movie geared towards a very specific niche audience actually.

            As it just happens, we the niche audience actually do feel like there is a right way and a wrong way to do giant robot movies.
            The way that engages us and doesn’t make us want to slam our heads into a desk while feel genuinely angered.
            Or the way.. that bores us to tears and leaves way to many red marks on the forehead.

            Personally, and this is my own personal opinion, I like Pacific Rim because it entertained me.

            From a pure structual level, speaking as a structure analyser the structure is much more competent in Pacific Rim, much more to the point, wasting way less time, and way more focused.
            That does not automaticly make it a movie for everybody, it just makes it a competent movie.. things as structure and old school ways of making movies are only tools to get to the satiesfying product, not the only key and the only way.

            Some directors has made entire carriers trying to push the barriers and ignore these old school tools.
            Such people as Stanley Kubric or David Lynch were always that kind of people, and Quinten Tarantino most definetely!

            It’s fair that the movie doesn’t entertain you and is not for you, but analysing it on a purely structual and visual level, there is no way to call this a bad movie… at all.

            Structure vice… transformers are terrible movies… at least the two I have seen.. but some people enjoy it regardless and I have to admit the CGI in those movies are spectacular.. I personally was just bored to tears before we ever get that far.
            Not to forget… Transformers is actually twice as long as Pacific Rim and has just about as much plot in it.. it just stretches and goes on forever -_-;
            But who am I to take away things people enjoy, if you like it… GOOD FOR YOU! I will argue my points about why it’s not entirely a competent movie BUT! I respect you for enjoying it, it’s fine.. so please do ;)

            Pacific Rim has an ordinary movie run time, and does well in that run time establishing a univers and a couple of characters you can destinquish, it’s near impossible to both do that and get really emotionally involved in a first movie.

            Usually you set up the univers in the first movie, and then tear it down and get you emotionally shocked in the second one, that’s how it usually goes… Perhaps Pacific Rim will be like that to, I hope so!
            Perhaps not… we’ll see.

          • Thomas Stockel

            I guess you could compare Raleigh to Maverick and Kazinsky to Ice Man, at a stretch, but which Top Gun character is Mako supposed to be?

            If you are talking up the dynamic of the hotshot who ignores rules and the guy obsessed with them, that dynamic has been around for decades. John Wayne and Robert Ryan in Flying Leathernecks, for example. Or Wolverine and Cyclops, whose relationship predates Top Gun by almost ten years. The uptight guy and the rebel is a trope, you could even cite Luke Skywalker and Han Solo.

            I watched the same movie you did and the Top Gun comparison just didn’t jump out at me. Raleigh isn’t an arrogant prick like Maverick, and Kazinsky is not the cold, disciplined machine Iceman is. Also, while I guess Stacker Pentecost is analogous to Viper, there are simply too many unique characters to PR to ever be compared to Top Gun.

  • writebrain

    Thank God for this review; this movie was horrible. I was so excited to see it, too, but it was a colossal letdown.

  • This movie was a royal let down, specially for a fan of Guillermo Del Toro. I still can’t believe he was responsible for this. Had the credits say it was directed by Brett Ratner i wouldn’t had though twice. But from Del Toro is quite a disapointment. This movie has to be one of the biggest “so what?” moment i ever experience in all my life. This film is completly useless.

  • Fun fact: Charles Day based his character and his performence on JJ Abrams. Day’s acting is considered to be an exact and very accurate depiction of how JJ Abrams behaves and speaks. :-S

    • CaptainCalvinCat

      Citation needed. ^^

  • Pacific Rim is not a Michael Bay movie… but it wants to be.
    There’s more ways to make a kaiju movie then to ape Bay’s style and sense of spectacle. Godzilla 2014 did it well. Thank goodness we have that to serve as counter-point.
    Guillermo Del Toro, i’m very disapointed! You are better then this, much much better.

  • mikegiles

    Just explain why the Jaegers aren’t all encamped around “The Breach”, since they know where it is and because it’s better to fight them out in the ocean, instead of in the middle of a city.