Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

So, Pacific Rim is officially a hit. What’s that? You didn’t think Pacific Rim was a hit? You thought it had been mostly ignored, coming in third after a week-old DreamWorks movie and a lazy Adam Sandler vehicle? Well, you’re right; that sadly is the case… in America. The rest of a world is loving it, though, so much that it became the number one box office earner in the world.

After opening in China just this weekend, it broke box office records. And in an increasingly less America-centric economy where the question of “Will anyone in the US come to see this?” is becoming less and less important, being a hit everywhere except America may be enough for WB to go through with a sequel. Guillermo del Toro certainly seems optimistic, having already dropped hints on several plot details he has in mind. And being a massive nerd, I have a few of my own. So in no particular order, here are ten things I’d like to see happen in Pacific Rim 2. Obviously, spoilers follow.

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Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

1. The consequences of Newt drifting with the Kaiju Hivemind.

The subplot of Newt and Herman drifting with a Kaiju is the best kind of sequel tease, in that it serves an actual function in the plot and leaves no gaping loose ends, but still has enormous potential to be expanded upon. These are now two characters who have a unique connection to the Kaiju. Was Otachi really after Newt specifically, or was that just speculation on Hannibal’s part? Do they want him dead, or do they want to take him alive, and if so, for what purpose? Assuming the Kaiju Masters are still around, is Herman now also a target? How have they been changed either mentally or physically by the experience? I could imagine this leading Newt in particular down a rather dark path. Seeing as he already has a vaguely disturbing fanboy obsession with the Kaiju, having one inside his brain could seriously mess with his head. I wouldn’t be surprised to see both Newt and Herman figure in more centrally to future sequels because of this.

Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

2. The consequences of the Jaeger program going rogue.

One minor quibble I did have with Pacific Rim upon repeated viewings was that the Jaeger program being decommissioned had little to no effect on the actual plot. We never get the feeling that they’re running particularly low on resources, and apparently, the world governments don’t mind that they’re acting without authorization, using equipment built with their money*. I’d like to see the fallout of the PPDC going rogue. Now that the Breach is sealed, will the Jaeger program still exist in any form? What about the failed Wall of Life? Surely, people are still upset that their leaders were prepared to abandon them and leave them with an obviously useless defense. I’d like to see the early hints at social stratification, given a little payoff. Are people still rioting? Are the rich and powerful still cowering in their safe zones? I was hoping to see an attacking Kaiju deliver a little poetic justice to those assholes, bypassing the Pacific cities to go further inland and show them just how “safe” those safe zones are. After all, the Kaiju are taking orders from intelligent beings, so it’d make sense for them to go straight for the leadership.

[*I did notice on the third or fourth viewing that the UN council said they’d still be funding their operations for the next month before cutting them off, meaning Stacker hasn’t gone rogue, exactly. My point still stands, though.]

Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

3. New Jaegers and Kaijus.

Guillermo has already said that we’ll see “Gipsy 2.0”, which is fine. Gipsy Danger is more or less the face of this budding franchise, so it makes sense to bring her back for Raleigh and Mako to pilot. But I don’t want to see rebuilding old Jaegers becoming a trend. I don’t want Crimson Typhoon 2.0, Cherno Alpha 2.0, or Striker Eureka 2.0. Especially in Cherno’s case, since being so old and outdated was part of the charm of that particular Jaeger. Those were all awesome robots, but a sequel should give us new things, not recycle old ones. I want to see new Jaeger designs with personalities all their own. I want new and interesting characters to pilot them. I want to see other Pacific countries get Jaegers of their own. Given who’s directing, I’m surprised we didn’t get a Mexican Jaeger or even a Peruvian Jaeger (I know I saw a representative from Peru among those chewing out Stacker). Central or South American representation was surprisingly lacking this first time around, considering they’d be on the front lines of an invasion from the Pacific.

Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

4. More variety in the characters.

A small nitpick, since comparatively speaking, Pacific Rim had a much more diverse cast than an average American blockbuster, but it could still be better. Mako Mori was a great and rather unconventional female character, but she was also the only female character (excluding Sasha Kaidonovsky, who I’d really like to have seen more of). The prequel comic Tales from Year Zero had a few lady characters that I could see showing up in future sequels, such as Caitlin Lightcap or Naomi Sokolov. And with the exception of the half-Peruvian Tendo Choi, there is (once again surprising, given who’s directing) a noticeable lack of Hispanic people among the mostly Asian and European cast of characters.

Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

5. Mako getting a new hairdo.

I’ll allow you to look puzzled by that odd-sounding request before explaining.

As you doubtless noticed, Mako has streaks of blue in her hair. The choice of blue is a rather interesting one for the costume department, and one I have a hard time believing wasn’t intentional. Blue is by far the most significant color in Pacific Rim. Whenever it shows up, it typically means one thing: Kaijus. Their bodies glow with it, they bleed it; wherever they go, blue follows. But more than that, it means death and decay. It’s the toxin they leave behind, the way they taint everything they touch. Even after the monster is gone, it leaves its venomous stench, corrupting and killing anything left behind. So I find it hard to believe the blue highlights in Mako’s hair aren’t representative of that. She survived her first encounter with a Kaiju, but it left her scared, tainted, and poisoned, if you will, by fear and hate. To see the highlights gone or replaced with a different color would be a great visual cue for her ongoing character development. And I do want it to go on. I want to see how Mako has grown since the ending of the first film, now that she’s achieved her life’s goal and no longer needs her mentor. I imagine she’ll be far more confident and commanding, very much her father’s daughter. I’d love to see her give a Stacker-esque speech at some point. I’m quite sure cancelling the apocalypse runs in the family.

Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

6. “You can always find me in the Drift!”

Speaking of Stacker, you might remember those as his last words to Mako before he died. A heartbreaking goodbye, to be sure, but I can’t help but wonder how literally he meant that. Obviously, I don’t want to see Stacker brought back from the dead, as that would completely negate the ending of his story. Stacker Pentecost went out like a boss, and that’s how it should be. But I feel a Pacific Rim completely devoid of the Pentecost brand of awesome would be poorer for it. I could easily see him returning, Ben Kenobi ghost-style, appearing to Mako during a neural handshake to offer counsel at a moment of uncertainty. It wouldn’t actually be him, of course, just Mako’s memory of him, or her concept of what he might have said. But I’m down for any excuse to get Idris Elba back in this mother for a scene or two.

Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

7. A good Kaiju.

I admit it disappointed me a little that none of the Kaiju had quite as much character to them as the Jaegers this time around. Oh, they looked great, and the designs were awesome, and the names they gave them certainly helped make them memorable. But none of them had much personality of their own: they were just mindless soldiers serving an unseen power. Maybe that’s the problem, in that they were under someone else’s control as opposed to being agents of chaos and random destruction born from man’s hubris, much like the classic kaijus Godzilla, Rodan, et al.

My point is, that as cool as they were, I don’t feel they’ll have much longevity as individuals. I doubt anyone will be clamoring for the return of “Knifehead”. A good way to make one of the Kaiju a memorable character would be to introduce it as a good guy. The baby Kaiju raises interesting questions about what might have happened had it lived. Were they to capture a baby Kaiju alive, could they potentially raise and tame it, and perhaps even train it to fight alongside the Jaegers? Imagine Gipsy playing fetch with a lovable Kaiju with the personality of a faithful dog. I know Newt would be all over that. At the very least, the guy deserves a pet skin parasite or something.

Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

8. More of the Kaiju culture.

Pacific Rim did a great job with world-building, and giving up tantalizing glimpses of details of this future world that could very easily be expanded upon. You could probably build an entire movie around just Hannibal Chau and the entire premise of a “Kaiju Black Market”. It’d be like The Godfather, but with giant monsters. And it raises so many questions. Since they’ve figured out so many different ways to use the consumption of Kaiju body parts, they must have gone through a lot of experimentation to arrive at that point. So what kind of things resulted from that? Surely, a lot of those experiments went wrong. Are there human/Kaiju hybrids running around, the unfortunate result of Chau’s experimentation? What about that cult of people who worship the Kaijus from inside that hollowed-out skeleton? Do you think they ever make human sacrifices to the Kaijus? I could imagine some monks sitting and praying directly in the path of a rampaging Kaiju.

Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

9. More about the Kaiju masters.

This one is pretty much a given if there is indeed a sequel, but it’s worth mentioning. For there to be any more to the story, the mysterious other-dimensional conquerors that created the Kaijus will almost certainly be back in some form, and it would be nice to learn a bit more about them. Will any of our main characters ever meet one face to face? Will they personally visit Earth at any point? How many other planets have they invaded, or even other dimensions? Are they all evil, or are there good factions within the race that oppose their colonialist actions? Do any of their Kaiju creations ever rebel? Are they the only factions out there with giant monsters at their command?

Pacific Rim 2: 10 Things We Want to See

10. A Power Rangers crossover.

Hey, if Guillermo can talk about a Godzilla crossover that will never happen in a million years, I’m allowed a ridiculous fanboy request too. After all, the now-in-young-adulthood Power Ranger generation likely comprised most of Pacific Rim’s American audience. So let’s see the PPDC up against Rita Repulsa. Let’s see Gipsy Danger and the Megazord cross swords before teaming up to punch some monsters. Who wouldn’t want to see Stacker Pentecost meet Zordon, or Kimberly Ann Hart (yes, I know her character’s full name, what of it?) meet Mako Mori? You know that Alpha 5 interacting with Newt and Herman would be a riot. Sure, the PPDC would be a little out of their league with the hand-to-hand stuff (though, a sparring scene between Tommy and Raleigh would be a must). But seeing the Megazord brought to life by those glorious modern special effects would be worth the price of admission alone. Plus, it could make for a great setup for that Power Rangers movie Saban keeps saying they’re going to make.

And Now, A Special Announcement About the Lunatic Fringe

Some of you may have noticed that there hasn’t been a new episode of The Lunatic Fringe in a while. Or maybe you haven’t, since long waits between episodes are kind of my modus operandi at this point. There’s a reason for that, and it’s simply that my editing software is fundamentally broken to the point of non-functionally. For the past few videos since I got it, I’ve been soldiering on making do with what I had, but at some point I hit a brick wall. I simply cannot continue with the show in this way, which is why I must regrettably announce that The Lunatic Fringe is officially on hiatus until further notice.

This has not been a easy decision to come to. I thought I could work through this. I thought the days of tinkering and fiddling with long-ago completed editing projects just to get them to some magical, arbitrary state where they finally decide to render would always be worth it just to have the finished product to show you all. And for a while it was. But with every project, the process got harder and more frustrating. Every time I made a new video, it took longer. I would frequently be reduced to tears and impotent rage from the stress, losing unhealthy amounts of sleep. And this last project I’d been working on, a takedown of Superman II, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. After weeks of torturous effort, the thing simply will not render. I’ve tried every trick I know, consulted forums and tech friends, but eventually for my own health and sanity, I was forced to admit defeat.

So what does this mean? Well, for one thing, the Superman II review is officially shelved. I’ll try to take another crack at it in the future, but for now, there’s nothing more I can do with it. Secondly, until such time as I can find editing software I can work with without losing my mind, I can no longer produce videos. The Lunatic Fringe is not dead; I fully intend to revive it once I’m operational again from the tech side of things. But for now, video production is definitely on hold.

But fortunately, that doesn’t mean you won’t hear from me. I’ll continue to bring you written reviews on new releases as always. And just because there’s no Lunatic Fringe at the moment doesn’t mean my head isn’t full of things I need to say. So as a new outlet for that, I’m reviving an old column of mine: The Geek Chorus. Basically, articles about whatever media-related topic I have on my mind at the moment. Depending on their continuing relevance, some of these articles will likely still become Lunatic Fringe episodes once the show returns. It all depends on if I feel they bear repeating. Regardless, I hope you enjoy them.

In conclusion, thank you for your continued support. There would be no motivation to bring the show back without you guys. I will bring The Lunatic Fringe back bigger and better than ever, and in the meantime, I’ll do my best to keep you guys entertained. Joshua the Anarchist’s adventures in Arkham Asylum will continue!

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  • Muthsarah

    Number 10….might just be the worst idea I’ve ever heard floated on the site. Replacing shallowness with stupidity would not be an improvement for any sequel, and it would throw all verisimilitude out the window. PR, for all the gripes I had with it’s characterizations, did do a pretty good job of making the giant robot vs. giant monster war seem pretty well plausible, certainly less of a dumb cartoon than more “gritty realistic” Hollywood disaster porn. Love ya, Josh, but that’s how I feel (never cared for Power Rangers, FWIW). But 1, 2, 3, 8, and especially 4 are right-on.

    Now that Del Toro has established his pretty, two-dimensional universe of rock-’em-sock-’ems, he would do well to flesh it out by giving us something more than just well-made fight scenes this time. Obviously, he’ll have to make the fights themselves bigger and better to leave a good impression, but I hope he does what seemingly no one else does with sequels, and develop the characters he already has rather than just import some new ones, plug them into the same holes as the departing ones, and give them the same types of arcs that Mako and…Nicholas Nickleby or whatever his name was. I don’t mind if he deliberately makes it “darker” or whatever. Depth is depth, and I’m not asking for much. More Mako, more Newt. Add one new major supporting character (female, and not just a nerd-girl love interest for Newt), and that’s it. Flesh out the characters you have, so you still have plenty of time for bigger and better fight scenes.

    P.S. Sucks to hear you haven’t been able to get your editing software to work. Have you thought of doing a Kickstarter-like thing. It worked for Sofie and Mendo. I’ll toss ya a few bucks to help out.

    • Thanks, it’s good to know my work is appreciated. Right now it’s not a money issue so much as just not having the right product. I gonna shop around, see what I can find. But if I do find myself needing funds along the way, it’s great to know you’d be willing to support it. I’ll keep that in mind.

      And yeah, the Power Ranger thing is a dumb fanboy idea, I just half jokingly threw that in there because that was my immediate reaction with del Toro mentioned crossing over with Godzilla.

      • Muthsarah

        I’m sorry if my first sentence came off as harsh. I realize it very likely came off that way (it’s been haunting me all day). With me, there’s a very fine line between honesty and abrasiveness. But, FWIW, you are one of my favorite reviewers here, and your work is not just appreciated, it is very greatly enjoyed. Even in text, you’re fun to read. Though I do miss your video reviews, and I will await its eventual return.

        And I meant no disparagement on your Power Rangers fanboyism. I was there when it started. I get (I guess) how everyone around me seemed to love it. I don’t mean to hate, but I’m gonna have a lil’ bitta bitterness regarding any fad I didn’t feel part of. Even if I think it’s stupid. :p

  • Jill Bearup

    In order:
    heck to the yes,
    yes please more Stacker,
    why not?, and…
    I don’t think it’s going to happen. *sympathetic patting*

    • E.Buzz Miller

      They should have all the big monster slaying robots turn up.
      Hey look! It’s Voltron!

  • Thomas Stockel

    First of all, Josh, I am very sorry to hear we won’t be seeing any Lunatic Fringes for the forseeable future. You are an awesome talent and I always looked forward to what you had to say and how you were going to say it.

    That being said, I still love your written reviews and I will still be reading them.

    I agree with almost everything you said here regarding Pacific Rim. I loved that movie and purchased the soundtrack (It is in near-continuous play in my car) and I am so very glad to hear there may be a sequel in the works. It is great knowing American movies do not need to make money in the American market to succeed.

    • Thanks, it’s good to know the show will be missed.

  • Bouncy X

    i liked this movie a lot and would gladly go see sequels but………..i think they shouldnt. there’s no need as they wrapped it all up. monsters came from this rift under the sea, they finally closed it. sequels would just be doing what people complains sequels do, rehash. so what’ll happen now.. “oh oops, we were wrong and the rift is still open and here come more monsters” or “oops, there’s another rift somewhere else we never knew about”. some movies should just stay as one.

    • I hear ya, and you’re not wrong. The film stands perfectly well on it’s own, and hoping for a sequel could end up being a monkey’s paw wish. But Guillermo seems excited about the prospect of a sequel, and if he wants to make it, I trust him to do it right.

  • W.C. Wit

    I would like to see the sequel explore how the Jaegar tech might be applied to non-combat situations before the Kaiju return.
    Two examples off the top of my head: Jaegars used to help with construction and The Drift being used for the purpose of psychoanalysis.

  • Cristiona

    Looking at the per-nation breakdown at Box Office Mojo (which didn’t have figures for China), the largest take from a foreign market was Russia at 18 million. So, yeah, the foreign market totaled 200 million dollars. Across 46 different countries, or about 4.3M per country.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled the foreign market has kept this from being a complete bomb, but I think it’s still too early to write off America as the primary focus. I mean, John Carter pulled in 203M from the foreign market and nobody’s calling it a success, and not just because it had a 250M budget.

    • Muthsarah


      I heard about the huge take in China the last week, and I’m well aware of how American action movies typically play very well in Russia. And…I swear, I’m not tooting my own horn or anything, but I was thinking this very thing when I saw the movie opening weekend. And, even in my first viewing of the film, I couldn’t help but wonder what the Russian and Chinese audiences would think about how quickly “their respective Jaegers” were dispatched. We didn’t even see them survive one fight. I gotta wonder how that played over there. Prolly not too well. I doubt it had much effect on word-of-mouth, but as far as sequels are considered, if the movie’s all about the heroic American robot saving the world with the help of a cocky Aussie robot, while the only other robots in existence – one Chinese, one Russian – just get destroyed halfway through….I….wouldn’t be surprised if their respective audiences felt a little insulted.

      I’ll go on record (have been) as saying the the movie was good during the action scenes and…not so much during most of the rest. But it woulda been nice to see the “foreign” Jaegers get to strut their stuff, just once. Instead of just exist to get killed, all to show how awesome the American and Aussie Jaegers were in comparison.

      I know, it’s unavoidable, but when you give one country exactly one hero character, and you feel you have to kill some off to show the audience the stakes….you’re just gonna leave some of the audience out of it. I’m happy the Russian and Chinese audiences apparently are eating this movie up, but I still feel bad that they prolly feel left out. That all they get to do is to root for other nations’ robots, while their own get prompty trashed for plot convenience. And I hope this is something the sequel touches on. Because both Russia and China had “their” robots destroyed, I’m hoping they each get a “comeback” in the next movie. A chance to be the hero. Especially because their audiences apparently took to the movie more than general American audiences did.

      Guillermo, please toss them a bone. Let them back in the show, and let them have their moment. They each showed your movie a lot of love. Let’s make the next movie a true pan-Pacific show of heroism. Don’t just dwell on America-centrism.

      Lovingly, Hopefully,

      An American

      • Cristiona

        They were dispatched, yes, but it wasn’t just like they got capped and were ignored. The deaths managed some pathos, and they were shown to be exceedingly skilled, talented pilots. They lost because the Kaiju /cheated/.

        • Muthsarah

          They were destroyed very, very quickly. I recall the Chinese Jaeger doing a spinning thing, and…I don’t actually recall anything the Russian one did other than maybe stand there and take a punch. Even though I suspected ahead-of-time that one of them would be destroyed in the fight (my money was on the Russian one), I was shocked when they both were destroyed in the same fight. I felt bad, because I couldn’t help but think how the Russian and Chinese audiences would feel about that. It seemed like such a waste to introduce them and then immediately destroy them, before they got to do anything cool, or even contribute by destroying even one kaiju.

          And, as far as pathos were considered, I felt pretty bad about how the Chinese pilots were barely allowed a single line (did they even speak, I think I can remember them screaming as their Jaeger was dying but that’s it), and the Russians just allowed to pose and look silly. I didn’t pick up on anything that suggested the general (North American) audience was supposed to care about them as anything other than expendables. The main characters weren’t given much depth, and these auxiliaries weren’t given anything at all.

          • Jerry Nava

            You’d be surprised, there’s a gigantic fan backing behind the Chinese and Russian pilots BECAUSE they weren’t featured enough, the thing about Del Toro is that he’s a visual director, if you pay close attention to what the characters do, their expressions and such, you’ll see small nods and details of their personalities, right now the Russians and the Chinese are among the favorites for a lot of people who saw the film, so I’d say they cared about them all right.

            (Also, Cherno Alpha is the most badass looking Jaeger ever)

          • Muthsarah

            The Boba Fett phenomenon, you mean?

    • John Carter barely outgrossed its budget internationally, making about 30 mil more. Pacific Rim already has more than 100 mil in profits.

  • Jerry Nava

    I agree with most of these, like I’d love to see more about the Kaiju Culture, how does the world work in times like those, and more varied characters (and more women) would be more than welcomed. Tho there are a few points that don’t make sense to me:

    2. The consequences of the Jaeger program going rogue.

    Like you said Stacker was still working during his deadline, so there was nothing illegal going there, if there was, it’d probably be behind the scenes, like his deals with Hannibal Chau or the Russians, which would all but vanish after the Kaiju are gone, and honestly I dunno about you but It would bore the hell out of me if the sequel was about the Russian politicians looking for their lost thermonuclear bomb, hell no.
    The “you are heroes but you have been cancelled” formula is just to cliché anyways, especially with sequels, for example in Ghostbusters II that’s one of the only things that made me go “really? that’s just stupid!”

    7. A good Kaiju.

    Well, since they are more like a hive mind, a collective it’d make sense that none of them stood out, but to me, at least one Kaiju has the chance to go down in memory, a lot of people love the Mako’s memory scene, first because it’s damn beautifuly made and second, did you see that fucking Kaiju? Onibaba was creepy as hell D: I don’t think that image will leave my brain for a long time…

    10. A Power Rangers crossover

    YEEEEEAAA-No…not at all XD
    If we were to have a Power Rangers movie, directed by Guillermo Del Toro, I’d like it to be THE Power Rangers movie, not Pacific Rim, I’m surprised you’re reasoning this way considering you (like me) are against the idea of making the sequel to Man Of Steel a crossover, it just doesn’t work that way x_x

  • JD

    On #5
    Iv only seen the movie once and i may not have seen what i think i did.
    But i think in one scene very quickly it shows Makos ID badge and all of her hair was that blue color in the ID picture.