Thanks To The Oxford English Dictionary Word-Of-The-Year, There Is No Way You Will Ever Escape Selfies Again

Word of the year time, you guys! WORD OF THE YEAR TIME. Yes, it is the most blessed day of Nerd Year when the Oxford English Dictionary picks the hottest greatest latest neologism to be their word of the year, and this year it is “selfie” because of course it is. Also, too, because everyone – EVERYONE – takes selfies.


First, there are the three people that likely make up 70% of all the world’s selfie traffic.

Thanks To The Oxford English Dictionary Word-Of-The-Year, There Is No Way You Will Ever Escape Selfies Again

Kim Kardashian’s important butt selfie: one of the few occasions we will break our “No Kardashians” rule.


Miley Cyrus is just like us! Except we don’t take selfies when we’re brushing our teeth. Jesus.


Justin Bieber is actually in the hospital for “exhaustion” here but is still able to snap a selfie.

There are the oh-so-ill-advised selfies:


No one wanted a Geraldo selfie — except, unaccountably, our Editrix, who actually on the real truly believes ‘good for him.’ For the normal people among us there just isn’t enough brain bleach to go around.


The “I Can’t Stop Myself” Anthony Weiner selfie.

The “fadings stars” selfies.


This is Lindsay Lohan. No, really.


We always knew Tyra Banks had a fivehead but damn.


Is Nic Cage drunk in this picture?


Madonna’s boob sweat. You’re welcome, America.


Bret Michaels with bonus?? penalty?? Donald Trump

Finally, there are the selfies from people that you didn’t really expect selfies from so they’re actually kind of awesome.

2012 Kennedy Center Honors Gala Dinner

Meryl and Hillz at the Kennedy Center Honors Gala Dinner, doing a boss-ass selfie shot for charity.


BOOM. NewPope. Best selfie of the year. COME AT US BRO.

Look on your works, America, and rejoice or weep, or both.

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