Overlords of the UFO (1976) (part 2 of 14)

With this preamble complete, we cut to stock footage of a jumbo jet in flight. Hilariously, behind this and footage of pilots in the cockpit, we hear a mock “conversation” between the captain and his navigator. Supposedly, this is spontaneous, off-the-cuff dialogue about commercial airliners having encounters with UFOs. Now, it’s bad enough that this “conversation” is obviously a voiceover that’s been dubbed over the stock footage. But making it even worse is that it sounds about as spontaneous as Gov. Schwarzenegger quoting lines from The Terminator in his stump speeches. And even worse than that, the guy doing the voice of the navigator is obviously the host [!!], brazenly altering his voice in the lamest way possible, trying to make it sound higher.

Overlords of the UFO (1976) (part 2 of 14)

If you ever dreamed of being a fly on the wall in an airplane cockpit, your dreams have come true. And also, you are pathetic.

The host, I mean, the “navigator” asks the “captain” if he remembers an incident where a TWA flight had to dive to avoid a UFO and passengers were hurt. The “captain” grumbles, “Boy, I sure do, yeah!” Apparently, this is the stuff that really makes the rounds with pilots. The “navigator” asks if the “captain” ever thought about what would happen if that had been a 747, and the “captain” admits he has thought about it—most likely in between cocktails—but “I don’t talk about it too much!” And I’m beginning to suspect that the “captain” might really be the host, too, but it’s hard to tell.

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Multi-Part Article: Overlords of the UFO (1976)

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