Overlords of the UFO (1976) (part 11 of 14)

The host says to understand the “origin of the UFO, we must be ready to vision [sic] another dimension, which penetrates our earthly reality! It is a higher energy dimension, from which the UFO can materialize to our vision, our cameras, and our scientific instrumentation!” But best of all, to our schizophrenics and transients! And during this last sentence, we once again get a shot of that photo with the disc and the degravitated sphere. I guess I really should come up with a name for this picture, since we’re obviously going to be seeing it about 50,000 more times before the film is over. How about, the Lost Photo of the Spherical Sphere? Yeah, that sucked. Sorry. This movie has already fried the right side of my brain, so that’s about as creative as I can be right now. I guess I’ll only be able to analyze this movie logically from here on out.

Overlords of the UFO (1976) (part 11 of 14)

You know, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this picture somewhere before…

Now it’s time to talk about the UFO crew. And according to this drawing we see, it’s completely made up of Ultraman clones with horns sticking out of both sides of their heads, and one horn for a nose, and no other features besides a slit for a mouth. So, either we’re looking at an inhabitant of Ummo, or a child’s piggy bank. The host calls this a “robot humanoid” that was “designed to do its job in both dimensions!” Unlike the host, who can’t do his job in any dimension.

Overlords of the UFO (1976) (part 11 of 14)

Ladies and gentleman, the deBergerac-3000.

Then we get, apparently, the second page of that Star article, the one that had the Wyoming man being “kidnaped” by a UFO. Remember that? No? Well, regardless, we see the second half of the headline: “BY A UFO BUBBLE'”. A UFO bubble? There’s an accompanying drawing of the alien, which also looks like an Enterprise-style Andorian, and which, it goes without saying, is absolutely unrelated to any of the Ummo nonsense the host is currently spouting. To those same time-lapse photos of the earth, the host says our planet is a “long term” project of the Ummo “intelligences”.

Overlords of the UFO (1976) (part 11 of 14)

The Great Gazoo? I thought only Fred Flintstone could see him!

And now, I think, the left half of my brain is about to get fried, because the host says, “The incredible energy manipulation which enables UFOs to move between dimensions seems to happen underwater!” Underwater? I do believe I’ve heard it all now. As if this movie weren’t preposterous enough, now they have to throw in Atlantis and mermaids and fucking Ariel singing “ahhh ahhh ahhh” into this.

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Multi-Part Article: Overlords of the UFO (1976)

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