Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (1983) (part 4 of 12)

Meanwhile, Apollonia is accessing the “Fingal Family File”, which you could also call the 3-F, or the F-cubed if you like. She learns his mother died, and he went to school for two years at “BosNYWash Central”. Ah yes, the home of the fighting BosNYWash Buccaneers.

Then it’s back to the medico, looking just a tad bit bewildered as she explains to Brainless Fingal that he’ll be a “blank” until his identicube is “inserted into the host”. Frankly, he looks pretty blank to me already. She yanks out a wire, and we hear a “shutting down” laser noise as Fingal closes his eyes.

Meanwhile, Apollonia presses random keys. The computer announces that a “48 hour dopple has begun.” To represent this, there’s a shot of Fingal lying on a bed as a Borg Cube is superimposed over him. Fingal fades out, and the image of the baboon appears inside the identicube. Great. Great, wonderful special effects.

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Multi-Part Article: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank (1983)

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