Outlander takes romance slooooooooow

Outlander 2014

Variety has dueling reviews of the first six episodes of Starz’s Outlander, one positive and one negative, but both seem to agree “Holy shit is this thing slow.”

That’s more than a little disappointing since the series was developed by Battlestar Gallactica re-imaginer Ronald Moore, who turned a cheesy 1978 Star Wars knockoff into a ZOMG-must-watch-the-next-sixteen-episodes-in-a-row-right-now sci-fi epic. His new show is based on a series of novels that follow a World War II nurse who gets swept back in time to a conflict between the English army and various Scottish clans in 1743.


At heart, Outlander is unabashedly a historical romance, not a time-travel story or a war story. From both reviews it’s clear that if you like that sort of thing, you’ll like this show. If not, consider yourself warned.

If it can’t score a cross-genre audience, can Outlander bring in enough historical romance lovers to justify its expensive 1743 setting? Color HNTP skeptical.


(photo credit: Ed Miller / Sony Pictures Television)

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