Our Predictions for Every New NBC Show This Fall!

NBC Peacock

HNTP is gearing up to return in full force for the fall TV season! Which new series are you most excited about… and which are you sure will fall flat on its ass? We’ll be issuing our predictions all week long, starting with NBC!

best time ever

Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris (9/15)

This live variety show is a passion project for the internet’s beloved NPH.


Julie: People will come for the man, the myth, the legend that is NPH. They won’t stay once they realize he is not doing the entire show in character as How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson. MISS

Marion: It’s NPH for chrissakes, EVERYBODY’S adorable gay best friend, role model and/or fantasy son if you are of a certain age and all your other children are cats. Or fantasy in-law if you’re in a family where the gay runs strong. HIT HIT HIT!

Rick: Neil’s rabid fan base (myself included) is more likely to wait for the best quips and clips to show up on the internet than sit down and watch the whole show. MISS (sadly)

Susan: I like Neil Patrick Harris, but seriously, what is this show even about? Marriage proposals, giveaways, weird talents, etc. The show kinda has this desperate “YOU WILL ENJOY YOURSELF GODDAMMIT!” vibe that’s off-putting to me. MISS

best blindspot

Blindspot (9/21)

A really hot naked woman wakes up in Time Square with no memories but a ton of tattoos that predict upcoming crimes.

Julie: In this day and age, if a guy wants to ogle a scantily clad model-type covered in groovy body art, he can do so on the internet for free, see a lot more skin, and not have to worry about all that pesky dialogue and convoluted plot getting in the way of their solo afternoon delight. MISS

Marion: This is too much like a thousand other shows involving some sci-fi and/or magic element, in which questions answered so cryptically the audience and heroes have to spend an hour racing against time to figure it out. At least it’s NOT a child like with Believe or Touch. Bet you didn’t watch those either. MISS

Rick: A silly mix of Memento and Person of Interest, the gimmick of trying to figure of the meaning of the absurdly obtuse tattoo riddles will get old fast. MISS

Susan: I hope there’s at least one episode where a super cheesy tattoo, like an infinity sign or Harry Potter quote, turns out to be something she got as a freshman in college. What is the show going to do when they run out of tattoos? Find another naked woman in Times Square? Oh wait, let’s not give them any ideas. MISS

best heroes reborn

Heroes Reborn (9/24)

Heroes quickly deteriorated from hit to cult hit to punchline to canceled, but now NBC hopes to recapture the early magic with a half-new cast.

Julie: This one has such an established rabid fan base (and equally rabid hate-watcher base) that the creators could more or less have the whole cast holding hands while levitating for an hour and it would still earn a second season. HIT

Marion:  Sorry. Those of us who never got through an episode of Heroes will NOT be trying again. MISS

Rick: The showrunners have probably learned enough from their earlier mistakes to squeeze out one good season and earn a second one. HIT


Susan: Hopefully the writers have learned their lesson after the crash-and-burn original run and are going to focus on coherent characters and plots. (Seriously, remember that Evil Supervillain Carnival? Actually, let’s not.) With Chuck’s Zachary Levi joining the cast, I have faith that Heroes Reborn won’t be needing any saving. HIT

best player

The Player (9/24)

Wesley Snipes and his team of mercenary commandos try to stop crimes while a bunch of rich assholes bet whether or not they’ll succeed.

Julie: The trailer kind of feels like they took the Die Hard movies, made them into a TV series, and then threw a Deal or No Deal gameshow aspect into the mix just for fun. It seems a little random, but I kind of dig it. HIT

Marion: Wasn’t he in jail? Wasn’t he in jail for being a rich asshole who didn’t pay taxes? Wesley who? MISS

Rick: The show seems to be leaning into its own ridiculousness with over-the-top action that’s fun to watch, so it’s not as bad as it first seems. Still, no. MISS

Susan: The Thursday night time slot worries me vs. powerhouse How to Get Away with Murder. But the action certainly looks exciting enough to make me think it’ll hold its own. I mean you’ve got Wesley Freaking Snipes a.k.a. Blade! HIT

 best truth be told

Truth Be Told (10/16)

Two sitcom hubbies get into hijinks and try to hide it from their sitcom wives.

Julie: Ever wonder what happened to Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell after he got married, popped out a few puppies with his (not Kelly) wife, moved back to the burbs, and accidentally hired a porn star babysitter? No? Neither did anyone else. MISS

Marion: Does one of these guys work in the sewer and the other drive a bus? Or are they both cavemen? Either way I just wish Hulu would stream the originals. MISS

Rick: Breathtakingly unoriginal. MISS

Susan: Just because you have a black character who jokes about how white people like John Mayer doesn’t mean that you’re making groundbreaking comedy, NBC. MISS

best chicago med



Chicago Med (11/17)

You’ve heard of Chicago P.D. and Chicago Fire? Like that, but in a hospital.

Julie: I’m pretty sure there are currently at least four hour-long medical dramas on primetime television that aren’t Grey’s Anatomy, and I already can’t tell them apart from one another. Now you are going to throw another one into the mix? DAMN YOU, television! DAMN YOU! MISS! 

Marion: Dick Wolf of television’s longest running franchise, plus a solid cast. HIT

Rick: The other two are solid base hits. Same goes here. HIT

Susan: If it ain’t broke, squeeze as many spinoffs as you can out of it. With the established base of two already successful shows, Chicago Med will be just fine, although it probably won’t be as popular as a certain ABC medical drama set in Seattle. HIT



Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Who’s an idiot who does NOT UNDERSTAND THE JOYOUS GIFT TO THE WORLD THAT IS NEIL PATRICK HARRIS? Give us your predictions below!

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