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It’s Day 3 of prediction week! FOX is up to bat with five new shows–and not one unanimous decision from the HNTP team.


fox minority report

Minority Report (9/21)

A sequel to the movie, the precogs are no longer kept in a coma and hooked to a giant mind-reading machine but instead walk the streets with detectives.

Julie: Minority Report . . . that was a Tom Cruise movie, right? The one where he kept having to die and relive the same futuristic battle scene over and over again? No . . . that was Edge of Tomorrow.  It’s the one where he keeps taking off a face mask that makes him look like someone else, Scooby Doo-style? No . . . that was Mission Impossible. It’s definitely the one with the pale bald people who can see the future! Wait . . . there are no pale bald people on this show? MISS!


Marion: If Philip K. Dick had invented Scientology, I’d totally be with the program. Dick precogged the world we live in, but the chances of FOX “getting” the true depth, bleakness, and paranoia of Dick are nil. Still, it will look pretty and futuristic, and who doesn’t love a buddy/cop show in which a smart female officer is teamed with fish-out-of-water oddball with special abilities? Sounds a lot like Sleepy Hollow, Fringe, Elementary, Castle… so yeah whatever. HIT

Rick: Too many sci-fi tropes that don’t work on TV, especially future cops and a psychic whose random visions of the future obey no rules but what the plot demands. MISS

Susan: I was about to dismiss this as another case of network executives being too lazy to come up with an original idea, but the Minority Report TV show seems like it’s going to try to develop its own mythology instead of coasting off its film predecessor. Plus, based on their chemistry, Dash (Stark Sands) and Detective Lara Vega (Meagan Good) seem like they’ll be a crime-solving team that will rival Tom Cruise and Samantha Morton. HIT

fox scream queens

Scream Queens (9/22)

Sorority girls get picked off one by one by a serial killer. With lots of laughs along the way.

Julie: From the people who brought you Glee and American Horror Story, and who realize that you’ve always secretly fantasized about all the characters in Glee being brutally murdered a la American Horror Story, comes a show that allows those dreams to come true. HIT!

Marion: Ryan Murphy has a track record for knowing what the public wants, and this sounds a little like Glee crossed with American Horror Story, so yeah, HIT

Rick: If you can’t decide if your show is a spoof or not, there is no chance it won’t suck. MISS

Susan:  Ryan Murphy loves to blend camp and horror, and I don’t doubt that Scream Queens will be a bloody good time. However, Murphy’s series tend to start strong and then fall apart when a cohesive plot and characters are demanded. Plus, he already has his hands full with American Horror Story. I predict this earn a second season, but then quickly fall apart when people realize they’d rather watch Jessica Lange chew scenery than the leftover cast of Glee. HIT

 fox rosewood

Rosewood (9/23)

A suave, charming civilian partners with a no-nonsense detective to solve crimes and will they or won’t they fall in love?

Julie: I haven’t met a crime procedural show with attractive, wise-cracking, obviously made-for-each-other leads that didn’t ultimately end up being a hit since . . . well . . . ever, so HIT

Marion: It’s a little bit House and a little bit Quincy, plus yet ANOTHER odd couple with sex appeal cop show. And it’s set in Miami, which Dexter liked to call Dahmerland, so despite this feeling VERY familiar, I’m going to have to say HIT

Rick: There’s nothing here that’s not a boring, overdone (and sexist) cliché. MISS

Susan: I’m getting a little worn out from crime shows with “will they or won’t they?” leads, but Morris Chestnut as  is so charming and his rapport with Jaina Lee Oritz is so natural and playful that I might actually tune in just to see the two play off each other. HIT

fox grandfathered

Grandfathered (9/29)

John Stamos is a sexy granddad! Who never even knew he had a child to begin with! Isn’t that funny?!?


Julie: Hey, America! Uncle Jesse from Full House is getting old, and so are you! Thanks for uplifting life message, Fox! MISS

Marion: John Stamos was in a hit sitcom once, and has been the curse of death to every television show on which he’s appeared since. MISS

Rick: A ho-hum execution of a ho-hum premise. MISS

Susan: Remember the last time John Stamos was paired with a cute kid? So many aww-worthy moments, and it’s no wonder that he’s going back to the basics. The title is weak but the cast, which includes Josh Peck and Paget Brewester, is strong. HIT

fox grinder

The Grinder (9/29)

Rob Lowe is an actor who had so much fun and success playing a lawyer on TV that he decides to become one in real life. Fred Savage is his long-suffering brother and a by-the-books attorney.

Julie: They are actually making a show about that LGBT sex-on-demand phone app? That’s awesome! Oh . . .  that’s not what this show is about? Like at all? Not even a little bit? Eh, it looks funny anyway, in a meta, rich, self-absorbed actors laughing at themselves for being rich, self-absorbed actors kind of way. HIT

Marion: Sad that both Savage and Lowe are trying (too hard) to make comebacks here. What’s Fred Savage been doing since he was a kid? Is he an actual lawyer? Rob Lowe deserves better. MISS

Rick: Even the skeptics (like me) are turning around on this one. Rob Lowe has apparently hit upon the perfect suave-yet-manic sitcom character for him. HIT

Susan: Chris Traeger and Kevin Arnold are working together in a law firm. No, seriously, that’s exactly who Rob Lowe and Fred Savage are playing essentially and…I love it. The two have natural chemistry and great comedic timing. No objections here, your honor! HIT


Which of FOXs fall additions are you excited about? Let us know below!

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