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It’s Day 4 of prediction week, and your HNTP team is gazing through the crystal ball at CBS. With five new shows on the roster this fall, can the eye network hold onto its #1 rank in total viewers again this season?

cbs life in pieces

Life in Pieces (9/21)

Compared to Modern Family in substance and Parenthood in style, this sitcom follows an extended family via short vignettes.


Julie: You would think that we’d all start to get tired of and annoyed by these comedic dramas about families who are cooler, funnier, better dressed, and better looking than our own families. But we never do. Ever. This one in particular earns extra points from me because Don from HBO’s The Newsroom is in it. LOVE HIM! HIT!

Marion: Based on the trailer, I don’t want to even be home when this airs in case I accidentally see a minute of it. Despite an impressive but badly used cast, this show is to Modern Family what bad Jane Austen fanfiction is to Jane Austen. MISS

Rick: Why is this a sitcom? Given the over-talented cast (Diane Wiest! James Brolin! Colin Hanks!), the emotional depth is going to overshadow the laughs. The half-hour format will be the death of it. Remember Sports Night? MISS

Susan: On the one hand, it’s got a strong ensemble cast including Diane Wiest and Colin Hanks, but on the other hand, why would I want to watch a Modern Family-esque show when there’s already Modern Family? Well, the cute kids on that show are growing up fast so maybe it is time to get emotionally invested in another TV family. HIT

cbs limitless

Limitless (9/22)

A sequel to the movie, Limitless follows a brand-new schlub who takes a pill to become superhumanly smart, only this time he helps solve crimes.

Julie: Count on CBS to take a promising concept (“What if you could take a pill that made you into a genius?”) and turn it into every other crime-solving-by-a-person-with-unique-talents TV show out there. Like the one with the woman who never forgets anything . . . or the one with the guy with the all-knowing computer system . . . or the one with the schizophrenic . . . or the one with the mentalist. Nice touch bringing Bradley Cooper’s character from the film back for the pilot, but other than that . . . MISS

Marion: What if the most boring person in the world suddenly had access to “every single brain cell?” He’d still be the most boring person in the world. MISS

Rick: What if Chuck took itself waaaaaaaay too seriously? MISS

Susan: What IS it with movies being turned into TV shows lately? I’m realizing that I don’t mind this, so long as the TV shows add one new concept to the story but the Limitless TV Show looks exactly like Limitless the Movie. Uh, why don’t I just break out the DVD every week? MISS

cbs code black

Code Black (9/30)

Based on a documentary about undermanned, understaff emergency rooms in the inner city, this hospital drama takes the stomach-churning realism to 11.

Julie: See my comment regarding FOX’s Chicago Med about cookie-cutter medical dramas that aren’t Grey’s Anatomy being virtually indistinguishable from one another, and lather, rinse, repeat. MISS

Marion: Here’s the problem: It’s either a pseudo-documentary with prettier people and Luis Guzman, in which case why do we care since we know it’s all fake? OR it’s another reboot of an extremely old formula—the medical drama. Lose/lose situation. MISS


Rick: The Wire of hospital dramas, at least in theory. HIT

Susan: A grittier Grey’s Anatomy? I’m glad to see Luis Guzman in a role where he plays something other than a drug dealer or criminal. Him breaking out into Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” during the trailer was so adorable it automatically makes this a HIT for me. Oh, and Marcia Gay Harden isn’t bad either. HIT
cbs supergirl

Supergirl (10/26)

Neither gritty nor campy, Supergirl dares to tell the story of Superman’s younger cousin trying her hand at superheroics for the first time as if it’s got nothing to prove.

Julie: Would you like some cheese with your cheese? Yes, Supergirl looks super-cheesy, but I think that’s kind of the point. The Superman series is beloved because it harkens back to a time when good versus evil was wholesome and uncomplicated, when not all heroes had to be “anti” to be cool. Supergirl seems like it will offer up a heaping helping of that same nostalgia. And because of that, gosh darn it, it just might succeed. HIT

Marion: It’s a superhero saga meets The Devil Wears Prada, and it just might work. HIT

Rick: Looks like a crowd pleaser. HIT

Susan: I don’t know what it is, but DC cranks out better TV shows than they do movies. I’m more excited to see Supergirl the TV series than Batman v Superman.  Melissa Benoist’s eager beaver character was grating on Glee, but her optimism will be a perfect fit for the Girl from Krypton. HIT

cbs angel from hell

Angel from Hell (11/5)

Jane Lynch is definitely crazy, but she may or may not be a guardian angel, too. Either way, she’s determined to help a 20-something in the city succeed at life.

Julie: This would be absolutely adorable as one of those Lifetime movies they play around Christmas . . . you know . . . the ones that you only watch because you are drunk on eggnog, possibly a bit premenstrual, and seriously questioning the life choices you made over the past year. But as a full-time television series? Not so much. MISS

Marion: Touched by a sarcastic stalker angel? MISS

Rick: CBS demands higher ratings from its sitcoms than any other network, and this one’s too damn quirky to get that size audience. But it is screaming to get picked up by cable or streaming after CBS drops the axe. MISS (only to be resurrected)

Susan:  I’m glad Jane Lynch is finally acting again instead of hosting a dumb game show. Her kooky character and comedic timing is everything. Can’t she be my guardian angel instead? HIT


What do you say, are we right or wrong? Let us know in the comments below!

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