Other Pigs in the Sea? It’s Splitsville for Kermit and Miss Piggy

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The summer of 2015 has been a rocky one for celebrity romance. First, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner call it quits, then Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani. And now, most shocking of all, it seems the sexiest frog/pig power couple in Hollywood are putting an end to a relationship that had been going strong for nearly forty years (ever since the two were just a piglet and a tadpole)!

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Kermit The Frog, Miss Piggy== 2015 Sackler Center First Awards== The Brooklyn Museum, NYC== June 04, 2015== ©Patrick McMullan== photo - J Grassi/PatrickMcMullan.com== src=

Piggy and Kermie during happier times . . .

In anticipation of the debut of their new primetime “documentary-style” series on ABC and possibly as a rather large publicity stunt . . .

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. . . the couple has issued a joint statement on Twitter announcing their seemingly amicable split:


However, sources close to the couple indicate that the break-up may have been a bit more contentious than they would like their fans to believe. In fact, Kermit, usually the more diplomatic of the two, has been quoted as saying that Miss Piggy made his life “a bacon-wrapped hell on Earth” (which sounds rather tasty, but also like it could lead to some serious indigestion).

Other Pigs in the Sea? It’s Splitsville for Kermit and Miss Piggy

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Despite Kermit’s aggressively negative reaction toward America’s favorite breakfast food, the frog’s break from Miss Piggy, apparently, hasn’t turned him off to all pigs. The green-hued television personality is reportedly dating another pig named Denise, who works in the marketing department at ABC, and is guaranteed to cross paths often with both Miss Piggy and Kermit during the taping of their new series. AWK-WARD!

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In fact, on-set footage has already captured an instance during which Miss Piggy and Denise got into a physical altercation!  The fracas occurred when Miss Piggy was attempting to take a selfie with her friend Janis, the lead guitar player of Electric Mayhem.

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Neither Miss Piggy, nor Kermit, nor their respective PR Teams have gone public as to the specific reason behind their split, or whether Kermit’s closeness with Denise precipitated the break-up.  Perhaps, after nearly a half century of dating, Miss Piggy, who has publicly indicated a desire to marry Kermit on multiple occasions, simply made like Beyonce and told her nuptial non-believing beau that “if he liked it, he should have put a ring on it.”

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As for Miss Piggy’s personal reaction to the split, she had this to say: “Dating moi is like flying close to the sun. It was inevitable that Kermit would drop down to the ground while I stayed in the heavens.”

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Way to keep it classy, Miss Piggy.

The Muppet Show is coming to ABC this fall.

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You can watch the trailer here.  And dish on the behind-the-scenes gossip below . . .


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