VIDEO: Orphan (2009)

BONUS! Full of Questions’ commentary:

Full of Questions (who apologizes in advance for the recovering-from-laryngitis voice) brings you Orphan, the 2009 horror flick with only a slight resemblance to the likes of The Omen and The Bad Seed. Vera Farmiga and Peter Sarsgaard adopt a little Russian girl (Hunger Games‘s Clove) who seems sweet and innocent, but soon she’s killing small animals, dropping F bombs, and seducing her adoptive father. Luckily, it’s all explained away by an utterly bonkers twist ending.

On a personal note, this is Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month, and F.o.Q. will be answering your questions about the condition on her YouTube channel. Please watch this video to learn more, and if you have questions to contribute, she’d really appreciate it!

UPDATED Dec. 9, 2012! In the bonus video, Full of Questions provides commentary on her review of Orphan!


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