RAW FEED: Original music piece; Bar madness.

Just what I did tinkering with my Logic Pro programme and my piano. You can consider it a doodle.

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  • Jonathan Campbell

    (sigh) I wanna learn the piano.

    Just don’t have the patience.

    Anyway- yeah, that was good. Fun to listen to, and lively.

    • Sofie Liv

      Thanks! Hopefully some of my full songs should be ready to come out shortly.

      • danbreunig

        Holy sweet, that was–well, sweet. And more songs coming? Oooh…

        I’m ashamed to admit I don’t recognize who you’re cosplaying :/
        Also got to wonder, which tracks were programmed or purely hand-played?

        • Sofie Liv

          It’s my own original Harley Quinn design.
          What you are seeing is actually a swallow tailcoat, and the diamond symbols are on the red tail behind as well can you see it just slightly on the red sleeve.
          I do intend to add more diamonds for next time and exchange the red scarf with a butterflie.
          nice thing about tinkering with your own design that doesn’t have to be accurate to any representation… it’s allowed to be a work in progress I just kind of make as I go along.

          As for the song, it’s kind of a mixture of course.
          The drum beats are of course purely digital though I did mix whirl wind drums and different beats to make a change.
          The russian violin is also purely digital merely put over the already exciting drum beat while the piano is recorded sepperately and digitally fitted to well… fit… I did not sit playing with three hands, I just recorded one single hand at the time and added tones in the digital programme when I felt like it.