VIDEO: One Piece: Top 5 Brook Moments

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To continue on with the anime theme of her recent videos, and to do something special for Halloween, Sofie has compiled a list based on her favorite anime One Piece and the character Brook, the coolest talking skeleton ever. Watch as she counts down his top five finest moments!

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  • Christopher Trevino

    A One Piece video? I can’t believe my eyes! But then I don’t have any eyes. Yohohohoho!. The entire “Thriller Bark” arc is a great tribute to the old school monster movies (it even turns some conventions on their heads, particularly with the zombies). Brook is always awesome, either when being a musician or a swordsman.

    • Sofie Liv

      The Thriller bark was fantastic, a perfect piece of down-time in between two such emotionally taxing archs.

      What I also realised when re-watching it again, as the Straw-hats fight Oz.. it’s the only time we have seen them working together like that, as one big unity.

      Usually they split up, and handle different things in smaller teams, but the last fight here, it’s showing them, working as one group and one unity, truly showing off how far they have come, and how much they have grown, as a group and as individuals since the beginning. How much they now trust each other and now each other, to fight like that.

      Which just makes what is happens in the next arch all that much more heart-breaking D,:

      Brook is the one single straw-hat character NO ONE dislikes or have any-thing againsts.
      (Zoro is the close second of most universally liked straw-hat.)

      So yeah, great fun, great fun.. he is not quite my favourite though, only my second favourite straw-hat X)

  • danbreunig

    Now, watch as this forum ignites like a blown-up gas station, because Sofie’s back!
    At least for a little while…

    And dammit, Sofie, leave poor Renegado alone; the poor fellow’s had enough! For shame, troller! >;)

    I just recently saw my first full episode of One Piece, but no Brook. He sure sounds like a unique character among unique characters, which tends to be my favorite aspect of any fiction. This was one where they visit a far-flung island which is their version of Venice. I’m not sure how soon or late in the series that is, although it sure gave me a quick display of a couple of the crew and how they function. Yes, very very new to it. It might grow on me yet, who knows? I’m really into Moomin now thanks to Movie Dorkness. Yes.

    “Bink’s Sake”. I can hear pirate shanty, anime styling, and Dixieland all mixed into that one song. It has almost some twisted playful deja vu feel to me, which I guess is what they’re going with for showing Brook. Speaking of deja vu: This video gave me a weird flashback of the Scarlet Defender–I think it’s from all the swashbuckling adventurers and the trolling on Renegado. Plus I saw Pia at 6:57.

    “In any case, don’t ever hand Brook another gun. He’ll go mad with power.”
    I don’t think Movie Dorkness would be complete without at least one video-sketch with Sofie charging through with a machine gun: maniacal laugh, Bowler askew, scarf blowing in the hot wind, bloodshot eye, yelling her battle cry “Du hast nur mit der falscher Daenin gefickt!” [that should be Danish–sorry]–something to make Mendo, Guru, and just about the whole Booth comically freeze in confused shock–the punchline being that, of all the Boothers you would least expect to snap and rampage….

    Umm, just sketch-dreaming there for a moment. I’ll shape up now.

    On a slightly more serious but heartfelt note:
    when I listen to “Dearest Madman” now, I think of an image of Miss Sofie sharing a ballroom dance with the good Doctor himself, in a subdued but romantic Roaring `20s/film noir feel. I just think that your choice of Halloween dress and décor feels so appropriate for that song.

    • Sofie Liv

      I am NEVER going to leave Renegado alone. NEVER!

      Well, i’m sorry to say it, but Brook first appears very late in the series, he is the last crew-member to join,

      Which does not mean the rest of the series is not worthwhile, naha, the arch that came right before Brooks introduction, is probably one of the heaviest, emotional laid, archs I have seen in any anime any-where.. it had that moment.. that made millions cry.. over a god damn ship.. and it’s still so sad.

      And… I think that’s the arch you are watching, the “Water Seven Enies Lobbies arch.”

      Honestly though, to have to full exsperience of the arch.. it’s kind of important to go back and watch some of the earlier stuff, to get a sense of these characters and how tight they are.

      What happens in that arch is that this strong, strong group of friends, gets broken up due to internal pain.. which is very heart-breaking to watch, cause you are watching people you know as the closests most trusting friends, breaking up..
      So sad D:

      Yeah, Binkes Sake is a very happy tune on its own.
      But you can easily make other versions of it, as Brook stands playing it as a solo piece on his violin, it suddenly sounds sad and melancholic.

      It is indeed a very simple tune, but the way they use it in the anime, really makes it stick. You end up loving it.

      I would love to do that gun scene for you,

      Even though.. what you wrote was not Danish… it was German.. nice try though.

      And as for you describe with Dearest Madman… yeah.. yeah.. I would die from happiness doing that..

      • danbreunig

        Don’t make me choose! I love all you guys–DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!

        …eh, so much for melodrama…

        Well, I said in an earlier post I may not jump into the rest of the show so suddenly–not because I don’t want to, but because I can’t afford to. But if what you say rings true, that the heaviest arc is about to happen after the one I saw, just maybe…

        Yeah, that gun-toting joke…I thought of that about a year ago–it’s one thing I haven’t seen in a Sofie vid yet, where she really breaks character for ten seconds and honestly shocks everyone else doing so. “I’m just a doofy Dane who’s a bit of a dork when….oh Fuck It!!!” [spray bullets everywhere and smashes stuff]

        And that Dearest Madman image…maybe I can make that happen someday–on paper.

        • Sofie Liv

          Make sure it’s Matt Smith I am dancing with, hm mmm, Mat Smith… <3

      • danbreunig

        “I would love to do that gun scene for you, Even though…what you wrote was not Danish…it was German…nice try though.”

        I forgot to clarify in my last post:
        I wrote that way only because I don’t know Danish for “You just fucked with the wrong Dane!”
        How would you say it? I may just use it in a fanfic someday… 🙂

        Yeah, pardon the extremity. I just think it’s a really funny image that I wanted to share and see someday.

        It’s one of my favorite comedy gags: seeing a long- & well-established character suddenly break character momentarily, then return as though nothing happened–although everyone around can’t believe what just happened. Imagine Sherlock if he suddenly whined like a little kid “This is too hard! It’s not fair! WAAHH!”…and then goes back to just being Sherlock.

  • The Horror Guru

    Best video ever, obviously.

    • danbreunig

      Thanks for making that bit at the end possible.

    • Sofie Liv

      Well, making your favourite video ever totally makes up for few views X)

  • Solkir

    Oh man, That bit with the wanted poster. My favorite running joke of the series is how no one knows who Sanji is. Love it!

    • Sofie Liv

      I think one of the best running gags is how Sanji is continuesly extremely popular among all of the men!

      I swear, Sanji got more fans than Brook, Sanjis fans just happens to be all men, I am damn sure any-one from the G-five would be willing to go gay for Sanji… except for Smoker and Tashigi of cause X)

      Oh Sanji, you do have some of the funniest moments in the entire thing, just from being you.

      But it’s okay, you also have some of the smoothes entrances and safes ever in any anime, you are mr Smooth.. and then he ruins by turning into an idiot due to a woman, I guess that’s the humour of it.

      Humour from the contrast 😀

      Also.. Sanji on Okama island… I died inside.. from sheer laughter that is.