One for the Road . . . AGAIN: It’s Like Cheers, Only . . . Not


It’s a Little Known Fact  . . .

Little known fact

. . .that when the Cheers series finale aired in 1993, after eleven seasons on air, it had approximately 42.4 million viewers . . . that’s nearly double the viewers of long-running modern day ratings juggernauts like The Big Bang Theory and NCIS.

sam on tv

The show also raked in a record-setting 27 Emmys and spawned a hit spinoff series for one of its most popular barflys, Frasier Crane.

dear god

With statistics like that, it’s no wonder CBS executives are suddenly feeling a bit of nostalgia for that bar in Boston where “Everybody Knows Your Name.” (a.k.a the TV show that made “Everybody at CBS NBC stinkin’ rich!”)


The good news is, come 2016, CBS wants to help you reunite with your favorite not-so-closeted alcoholics of yesteryear: womanizing Sam, know-it-all Cliff, saucy Carla, dimwitted Woody, and book smart, but life stupid Diane.

The bad news is it’s not going to be anywhere near as good as the original.

shooting sam

CBS’s newest brainchild Cheers Live On Stage is apparently going to be a stage production featuring some of the best moments the long-running series had to offer. Moments like this . . .

And this . . .

And definitely this . . .

. . . only without the iconic bar setting  . . .

cheers bar

. . . or the original actors . . .


. . . or their comedic talent . .  .

kills twin brother

milk bone underwear

. . . or any of the fresh script-writing originality and cast chemistry that made Cheers so successful in the first place.

arent too many

It’s kind of like how Disney does those “Straight-to-DVD” sequels, which are basically the exact same story as the original Disney classic film, only with half-assed artwork, none of the name-actors doing the original voices, and really bad musical interludes.

Cinderella III

Think Cheers II: Electric Boogaloo, a new sitcom that actually encourages alcoholism. (Not to mention the fact that CBS executives may very well have been wasted when coming up with the idea.)

draw you a beer

Because after you’ve had a couple of drinks, if you squint really hard, it might actually resemble the real thing!




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