Once Upon a Time: GO TO HELL! (S5 E11 - Midseason Finale Recap)

the team

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions . . . also with these schmucks.

The moment we’ve been waiting for all season has finally arrived: a Showdown between all the World’s Biggest Assholes and Emma Swan, with her old lady bun and effed-up eyebrows! It’s an epic battle of Good versus Evil . . . or, rather, Evil versus Slightly Less Evil? But first, we have to learn about Captain Hook’s daddy issues.


Let’s review, shall we?


Papa Don’t Preach . . . or Age

It should be no surprise to anyone who knows anything at all about genetics that Hook’s dad is kind of hot . . . also that he’s kind of a dick. From a flashback, we learn that, on the night of a big storm, Captain Hook’s pop (Guyliner Senior) told Baby Guyliner to be courageous and a good man. He said this literally minutes before abandoning his and his brother’s ass in the middle of the night, and selling Baby Guyliner and Baby Guyliner’s Brother into slavery, basically.

the dad

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, or because I’m a terrible person, for that matter. But, by all means, feel free to hate me because I have stupid hair.”


Now, I know we shouldn’t give Captain Hook a free pass on the whole “mass murderer, who rapes and pillages on the regular” thing, just because his dad was kind of a douchebag to him growing up. But you have to admit, as far as fairytale characters’ sh*tty upbringings go, Hook’s kind of ranks up there as one of the worst . . . right behind the guy who hated his parents so much, he decided to turn into a creepy insect, rather than hang out with them . . .

OUAT Jiminy Cricket


Also, Hook is sexy. And we give all kinds of free passes to sexy people in this world because of hormones. Damn those pesky hormones!

Sometime later Evil Queen Regina picks up a now adult Hook, in her sexy black carriage, and hits on him SO HARD! (Seriously, Regina, you may want to play it a little cooler, in the future. Guys don’t like it when girls seem too desperate.) As it turns out, the Queen wants to hire Hook to kill her mother, but only if Hook can prove he’s a big enough dick to get the job done.

the dance by hook

“Major Dick, at your service!”

“Come into my dark carriage and show me your big . . . I mean, what a big dick you are,” Regina insists, as Hook gamely follows her into the Carriage of Lust.

So, of course, at this point in the episode, I’m getting very excited because I’m thinking. “OMG! They are totally going to bone! Regina and Captain Hook are going to have Evil Angry Carriage Hate Sex! This is going to be the hottest thing ever.”


“I wouldn’t have preempted the episode, if I new there was a chance there would be hot sex in it.”

Then, I remember that this is 8 p.m. on ABC (actually slightly after 8 p.m., thanks to Obama and some scary terrorists), and my excitement wilts like that flower Belle always used to stare at to see if Rumpelstiltskin was still in a coma, or had finally croaked.


In actuality, Regina wants Hook to kill HIS dad, who, thanks to a “sleeping curse,” (and the fact that male actors of above average attractiveness, by TV law, cannot just appear in one scene of a television episode) hasn’t aged a day since he sold his sons into slavery to some old guy.


“Hi dad! Thank you for giving me sexy genes, but no thank you for giving me douchebag genes. Also, no thank you for making me grow up as a slave to someone old and unattractive. Mind if I murder you?” Hook asks his father.

kil you

“I wouldn’t mind all that much, actually,” replies Guyliner Senior, “I mean, I’m already like a 1,000 years old, so I kind of feel like I should give some other hot people a chance to do the whole living thing. Also, I’m a good person now, because of love and stuff.”


“Because you loved my mother?” Hook inquires.

“No, of course not. I hated that b*tch,” explains Guyliner Senior. “I’m talking about some other random lady, whose name I never mention, who is conveniently deceased . . . also my new son, who I love more than you, and who I named after your dead brother, who P.S. I also loved more than you.”

father and son

“OK, well, you’ll be happy to know that, your painful lack of love for me notwithstanding, I’ve decided not to kill you,” Hook offers magnanimously. “I just have to pretend I killed you, so that Regina will know I have a big enough dick . . . I mean . . . that I am a big enough dick to murder her mother. So, you have to leave town tomorrow. I’ll get you transit papers.”

“Can you also get them for the son I love more than you?” Guyliner Senior inquires, because he’s the kind of guy who has to look a gift horse in the mouth.

“That’s kind of pushing it, but OK,” Hook allows.

That night, Hook goes to give Guyliner Senior and Guyliner Senior’s son, who Guyliner Senior loves more than Hook, transit papers, when he overhears Guyliner Senior giving Son He Loves More the exact same speech he gave Baby Guyliner at the beginning of the episode about being a good person and all that jazz.

“I’ve changed my mind. I’ve decided that I’m going to kill you, because you have limited oratory skills, and are  the human equivalent of a bad television rerun, basically.  Seriously, who has been on earth for 1,000 years, and can’t come up with at least two different speeches to say to his various offspring? You don’t deserve to live.”

“Why? Because you believe that my giving the same speech indicates that I’m still the same douchebag I was at the beginning of the episode, and haven’t really changed at all, despite my telling you that I have?” Guyliner Senior asks.

“No! Because you are clearly a moron. And all morons must die,” answers Hook, before stabbing his dad to death, thereby ensuring that Son He Loved More will also have a very good excuse to grow up to become a Super Big Dick, and not in a good way, either.

The Mosquito Bites of Doom

Back in Storybrooke, all the Dark Ones from the Beginning of Time a.k.a. The Asshole Brigade, run around town and very efficiently touch all the main characters of the show (who aren’t Emma, Belle and Baby Neal) and give them what appears to be either a really gnarly mosquito bite / hickey on each of their arms.


“That mosquito bite/ hickey thing we have on our arms means we are all going to Hell,” insists Rumpel.

“That seems a bit dramatic, don’t you think?” Snow inquires. “The last time I had a mosquito bite I just went to the medicine cabinet and got out the Benadryl.”


“And the last time I got a hickey on my arm, it was because Snow drank too much red wine at dinner and mistook it for my neck,” adds Prince Charming.


“I can’t help it if you have thick wrists . . .”

“These aren’t just any mosquito bites / hickeys,” insists Rumpel. “They are mosquito bites / hickeys of doom!”

“Hey, if we are all in Hell together, anyway, won’t everything pretty much be exactly the same as it is now, except the parties will be way less lame?” Henry asks.

heart racing

“Pretty much,” offers Rumpel. “But it’s the season finale, so the stakes need to be higher, and we all need to act like we’re going to die, rather than just temporarily relocate to a new land, like we do every season.”

Apocalypse Meh!

Snow and Co. look in some picture books for about five seconds to see if there is anything in there about “Not going to Hell.”

When they don’t find anything relevant, they decide to do what most of us would do, if we were told we had to take a permanent vacation to Hell. They stuff their faces (because everyone knows that dead people don’t get fat), and stare lovingly at one another to the tune of cheesy music (because there is no cheesy music in Hell, which really sucks for people like Snow and Henry, who think cheesy music is the bees’ knees).

death food

Meanwhile, Zelena is threatening to make her Rape Baby with Robin Hood evil, while Regina and Robin are in Hell, so Regina decides to magic that witch back to Oz, something she should have done about ten episodes ago.

ydeath food

go away

“I’ll be back,” threatens Zelena, as she floats away.

oz witch

Sure you will, Zelena. Because Once recycles villains and plot lines the way I recycle my favorite pair of underwear (after it’s been washed, of course).

Emma Swan = Almost The Most Moral Selfless Asshole Ever!


Because no one else on the show seems to give a sh*t that they are going to Hell, Emma takes it upon herself to volunteer to commit suicide, so SHE can go to Hell, and everyone else can stay in Storybrooke and continue to be useless. She asks Rumpel for Excalibur, so she can use it to (1) suck the entire Asshole Brigade up her ass, and then (2) stab herself with it and kill herself.

“Sure, why not. I was just going to use it to cut sushi rolls, anyway,” explains Rumpel, as he hands off the sword without much fanfare.

Speaking of “not much fanfare”, Rumpel gives Belle (who, if you recall, recently dumped his ass) his car, and tells her to go travel the world, neglecting to mention that he might be in Hell, when she decides to return. Belle is all, “Later loser,” and heads off in Rumpel’s ride, faster than you can say “She’s just not that into you,” or does she?


Hook easily learns of Emma’s plans to asshole enemize and then murder herself.  So, he poses as Henry to trick Emma into relinquishing Excalibur to him.  Emma falls for this fairly obvious ruse, I think, because her old lady bun is too tight, and is constricting the blood flow to her brain.

dark one

But then, right when it’s time for everybody except Emma and Hook to go to Hell, Hook has a last second change of heart. He urges Emma to use Excalibur to suck the entire Asshole Brigade up Hook’s ass, and then stab him with it, instead of doing it to herself.

being strong

death sword

Emma and Hook embrace  and suck face, while Hook is getting his Asshole Enema. It’s very sexy. Even sexier is the fact that the process of giving Hook an Asshole Enema causes Emma to lose her old lady bun and weird eyebrows.


She also gets to wear her red leather jacket again, which is weird, because she definitely wasn’t wearing her red leather jacket when she first turned into the Biggest Asshole on the Planet.  So, I’m not sure where exactly it came from.  Maybe it was at the dry cleaners this whole time and the Asshole Enema somehow caused it to reappear because of “symbolism”. . .

hug die

Asshole Enemas are weird that way . . .

Long story, long. Hook dies and goes to Hell. Everybody else cries and doesn’t go to Hell . . . at least for another five minutes.

dead guy

Greetings from Hell! (Wish you were here!)

Later that day, Belle returns to Rumpel, having decided that she loves him again, because it’s an odd episode, which means it’s her turn to love him, also because he gave her his car and his travelers’ checks, when he knew he was going to Hell, which was mighty charitable of him.


“Next time I want a Maserati . . . also a pony.”

“Now, I ain’t saying she’s a Gold Digger. But she ain’t messing with a Broke . . .” (Nah, you know I’m just kidding, Rumpbelle fans! Please don’t come to my house and murder me in my sleep, so I end up in Hell with the entire cast in Once. Talk about a fate worse than death!)


The closest Once gets to implying that two of its characters actually engaged in sexual intercourse . . .

Later that night, Emma is bumming about all the hot chicks that Hook is surely going to bone in Hell, when she hears Excalibur talking to her. The former Dark one somehow pieces together that the reason for this is that Rumpel has lied to everyone, and somehow made himself the Dark One again . . . and not just that she is a raving lunatic, who occasionally has conversations with inanimate objects . . .

sad emma

Apparently, before Rumpel gave Emma Excalibur, he did some convenient witchy stuff to it, so that when Emma stabbed Hook, Rumpel would get the Asshole Enema instead, and Hook would just get to like, you know, die and stuff.

Emma is furious at Rumpel for lying to everyone, manipulating his girlfriend, and becoming the Dark One for the 85,000th time since this series started. She’s also mad at him for sending her now rehabilitated boyfriend Hook alone to Hell, where he is sure to be having lots of wild and crazy Evil Sex without her.

So, Emma blackmails Rumpel to take her to Hell with him, or else she’ll tell Belle that Rumpel is once again the Biggest Asshole on the Planet.  This way, Emma can go find Hook and bring him back to the place with substantially less hot chicks.

And, because main character Emma will likely be spending a substantial portion of the next half of the season in Hell, everyone else in the cast decides to go there with her to avoid unemployment.  They do this, even though Hell was the place they all presumably spent the entire episode, if not exactly actively trying to avoid, at least not wanting to visit very much.

always fund you

Personally, I would have opted for Hawaii . . . same warm climate, less humidity and eternal damnation.

Tune in for the next half of the season, when everyone goes to Hell and finds out that, surprise, it looks a lot like Storybrooke, a fact that most of us fans figured out many seasons ago.

See ya then, Oncies!

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