Of all the things Sarah Palin has to apologize about, this ain’t one of them


Did… Did Sarah Palin just admit she’s the reason John McCain lost the election?

I mean, she’d be wrong, as usual, but still. It’s remarkable to think Palin does have the self-awareness to recognize that she’s a political liability and drag on her party.

“I owe America a global apology, because John McCain, through all of this, John McCain should be our president,'” she declared live on FOX News.


I’m not sure why she would owe America a “global” apology (whatever that is) unless she believes she’s the one who cockblocked McCain from the White House.

No, that would be George W. Bush.

While I’m not sure just how much aid and comfort I want to offer the half-term halfwit, I will remind her that McCain tapping her for the V.P. slot was a last-ditch, hail-Mary effort by a flailing campaign. She was a ploy, a desperation gambit, nothing more. It was never going to work. The electorate had no interest in another Republican in the Oval Office.


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