Obama and Benghazi to blame for NFL scandals, says TV’s Kevin Sorbo

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If you’ve been wondering what TV’s Hercules thinks about the recent NFL scandals, FOX News is standing by with the answer. Kevin Sorbo appeared on Outnumbered to assure you it’s all Obama’s fault. (But you knew that, of course. It’s exactly why you watch FOX News in the first place.)


Sorbo’s argument—lifted straight from the pages of National Review—demonstrates just how easily private companies can be damaged by big government in the eyes of conservatives. No direct action is required. The NFL finds itself in the middle of a crisis, says Sorbo, because President Obama is a bad role model.

“There’s no accountability in the White House with Benghazi, the IRS and all that kind of stuff,” he explained. “How do we expect to have accountability with something like a professional football team?”

Yes, Benghazi is the reason why the NFL and the Baltimore Ravens have failed to hold anyone accountable for its pitiful cover-up after failing to take more serious action against a player who beat his then-fiancée into unconsciousness. They were only following the example of our commander-in-chief.

Sure, it’s laughable on its face. But it only gets more ridiculous (and hilarious) as you pull back the layers.

First, Sorbo is excusing all of these NFL executives from personal responsibility because they saw someone they don’t know and have never met do something entirely unrelated on television. This is like a mother blaming Jackass because her son jumped off the roof and broke his arm, if her son was an adult and a corporate executive. And Sorbo is doing this as part of his call for greater responsibility.

Second, if corporate executives are so easily swayed toward bad behavior by what they see on TV, Republicans should be calling for more regulation and oversight of the private sector, not less. Apparently these NFL bigwigs have no more ability to withstand peer pressure than a ten-year-old girl. Call the babysitters. Clearly they need to be protected like the fragile, precious snowflakes they are.

I suppose we’re just lucky that the Baltimore Ravens front office staff weren’t selling crystal meth after Breaking Bad won all of those Emmys.

Full video courtesy of Raw Story:

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