RAW FEED: Nycea's Fitness Vlogs - The Dreaded Question

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  • Muthsarah

    Though I assume you weren’t fishing for anything like this, I feel someone here should at the very least be pointing out the obvious: You look marvelous. You say you want (need? I hope it was “want”) to lose 10 pounds. You have your own goals, I know, I trust by now you’re not unhealthily obsessive or anything. But, just speaking as a distant, outside observer – and please do not read too much from this – you’re looking mighty fine, little “bonk-bonk-bonk” and all. Your hair, your glasses, your attitude, are all working for you. Maybe there’s another beauty tips video there, on the way one projects themselves. I guess that’s my way of saying that I’m not seeing what you’re apparently seeing so critically about yourself. And, because I’m an egotist, I’m going to assume most others aren’t seeing that either.

    As long as you’re setting your goals by your standards of health, and not by others’, I trust you’ll be fine, however you approach this latest…incident. If you feel you want to work on your body, I wouldn’t criticize. But I hope you’re not worrying TOO much about your appearance. We all (99% of us anyway) could be more fit than we are. But you’re still well in the Green Zone, fitness-wise. IMHO.

    If gym-going’s an issue (you DO have a small child, after all), what about doing more public exercise? Park walks with…it’s Natalie, right? I KNOW I’ve asked this before, I just have the world’s worst memory for names…your daughter. She looks old enough now you could even combine that with social time. Just stroll her around, talking to her about all the stuff she sees. I see young parents doing that all the time in my park walks. It’s too adorable not to notice.

    • danbreunig

      Muthsarah–thank you so much for putting into effective words that I couldn’t formulate myself. It happens too much when feelings overwhelm concrete thoughts. I’m that way too in terms of health, less weight-conscious and more calorie-burning intent. And that kid who did the poking–pff, many kids don’t know better (hopefully that kid was acting out of ignorance and not out of malice). Those mall trips are a great suggestion, and nearly anyone can do them at anytime. It will burn some calories off with enough practice. Also, that distant adorkability factor hasn’t been lost on me either. 😉

      And Magdalene, if you’re reading this (you DO still read these Agony Booth comments sections, don’t you?), I have to commend you for staying true to yourself, ambitions, goals, and principles while keeping up the self-discipline. You’re influence hasn’t been lost on me, both in terms of artistry and fitness.

      • Nycea

        OMG. I’m so sorry for not responding. I forgot my videos auto posted to the AgBooth. I’ve been meaning to write a new article but I’ve been hugely busy. Thank you both for your comments. 🙂

        • danbreunig

          Aw, thanks so much. With so many Boothers switching to and posting more frequently to YT there isn’t as much interaction in these forums as there used to be (especially in the Raw Feed section), and I even told a colleague that I don’t feel right creating a YouTube account when I don’t make videos of my own, solely to keep talking with you guys. So thank you so much for this little breath of fresh air and the memories. For the record, I’m still keeping up with SM Crystal and learning the main story beyond the live-action series, so thank you again for making me a relatively new convert.

          If you really wanna hear from me commenting though, here’s my latest gutspill in one of your recent posts: