RAW FEED: Nycea's Fitness Vlogs - The Price of Laziness

Don’t quit! You’ll regret it, I know I did.

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  • JD

    Good for you

  • $36060516

    I can understand why your friends might be concerned, given how many women hurt themselves trying to be too skinny, but don’t really see any signs of that in this video (nor does it look like you need to lose more to me, but that is a highly personal choice). As long as you keep feeling good and aren’t punishing yourself to a point where you decide to rebel and start eating wrong again out of not being able to take denial anymore it should be okay. Glad you’re feeling good and justifiably proud of your good choices.

  • Sisegexe

    You know, I’ve never had that experience of augmented energy from exercise. I’m perpetually exhausted.

    • Magdalen

      It’s because you work too much and don’t eat meat. (I’m sorry, I’m contractually obligated to give you shit about that. <3)