RAW FEED: Nycea's Fitness Vlogs - Dieting and Weight Loss

VLOG # 2 – Dieting, frustration and weight loss!

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  • Muthsarah

    There’s no magic bullet to anything regarding weight loss. It requires flying into the winds of long-ingrained habits, real and merely-perceived cravings, unpredictable stress, doubt, forgetfulness, dealing with issues both biological, psychological, conscious and unconscious. Every hour of every day. It’s not supposed to be easy for anyone. Our bodies fight us so hard because it’s only been fairly recently (and only in parts of the world) where it’s actually healthier to deny yourself the food you want and push yourself into physical activity instead of doing the exact opposite whenever possible. Our bodies haven’t caught up with social and economic trends; stuff that that usually takes many, many, MANY generations.

    The most important thing is to understand that things like this are going to be difficult, and that we have to keep pushing ourselves, constantly, regardless of interruptions or setbacks, no matter how often we stumble. We’re learning a whole new way of living, basically – eating and physical activity are two of the four most basic human anythings (along with sleep and sex, the latter of which is optional) – and we can’t just make a sudden 180 in our lives and expect it to go smoothly.

    And, unhelpfully, our mileage WILL vary. We’re biological beings, way more complicated and unpredictable than machines. What works for one cannot be assumed to work for a given other. But anyone can lose weight, they just have to keep at it until they find the way that works for them. Nycea, your method of cutting out junk food and eating slowly, are methods I had heard. And tried. Didn’t work for me. My issue wasn’t with what I was eating, or how quickly, but with how much and how often. Snacks, especially after dinner, were killing me. But I know people that it worked for.

    I lost a ton of weight (well, not a ton, 53 pounds) in about four and a half months. I just went barbaric on myself after several failed attempts to lose weight based on gradual methods that just weren’t working for me. Limiting myself to 1500 calories/day (often less), going for 2-3 hour walks 5 times a week. Cutting all my meals in half (half sandwiches, half a can of soup, half a burger, only a single hot dog, smaller bowls for breakfast cereal, one small pancake instead of 1.5 waffles, take-out only once a week, drinking only once a week) and keeping a daily food log on my person always, looking up every calorie I consumed and burned, to keep myself constantly reminded of how I’m going. There were still false starts, but only for a coupla months; I kept at it and eventually got good enough at it that I stuck to it.

    In retrospect, what I craved most was a feeling of daily progress, of momentum. It was too easy for me to slip up in the first coupla weeks of a diet or workout regimen, because I just lacked the confidence and focus I desperately wanted to feel. My mind – my forgetfulness and doubt – were holding me back more than my stomach was. But after losing ten pounds in one month, I could see and feel the difference, I felt awesome (and a lil’ invincible), I had a full head of steam and kept riding that ’til I reached my goal. The more progress I made, the easier it became, because I felt like my methods were confirmed and, above all, I erased my doubt that I could indeed accomplish what I had set out to do. The gradual plan, the stuff any doctor would tell you – don’t lose more than one pound a week, don’t overexert yourself – I still to this day feel is good advice. In general. But it’s not universal. I had to find the way that worked for me. And that REQUIRED me to try and fail and try and fail and try and fail and still try again.

    And it was worth it. You can’t just pick one weight-loss method and stick with it. You gotta try different methods, if the first isn’t working for you. And try the same one more than once; we all slip up, same as when you’re trying to learn to do anything difficult. Just so long as you are always trying SOMETHING. Because SOMETHING will work for you.

  • JD

    its tough to keep at it, but just getting the bad food out of the house is a big step to staying on the path.
    and to stop lying to your self about how much you eat and exercise.
    I did it that way too, no crackers, rice, noodles, sugar, breading and oil.
    I also noticed i don’t crave the fast food at all after i stopped eating it and drinking the diet sodas.
    50lbs down since last year.
    your still young enough were its much easier to drop weight, its much harder to do in your 40s.