NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Croaks His Way From the South Bay to the Valley

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Croaks His Way From the South Bay to the Valley

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti bet New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio that the L.A. Kings would win the 2014 Stanley Cup Final. And he was right! So Mayor Bill had to go on national teevee with America’s Prankster Husband, Jimmy Kimmel, and sing Randy Newman’s “I Love L.A.” in front of everybody. This is just adorable and beautiful and amazing and deeply awkward and extraordinary funny. Watch it and embrace the incredible nerdiness on display. Also, not to be totally inappropriate, but Eric Garcetti is bae. RAWWWWRRR!

For further evidence of why Eric Garcetti is a dreamy dreamboat from Dreamboatia, witness him dropping an F-bomb on live television at the L.A. Kings Parade the other day. GOD, look at how CUTE he is. And how confident. Is he married? Of course he’s married, and his wife looks kind of like Phoebe from “Friends,” who we know is named Lisa Kudrow, but like specifically she looks like Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe from “Friends.” Or maybe it’s more of a Meryl Streep situation. You decide!

Eric Garcetti and wife lady

And of course he lives in Silver Lake. He’s such a frigging hipster. Anyway, he made Bill de Blasio sing, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, yaaaay! Go Kings Go!


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  • Cindyinencinitas

    Bwaa ha ha and we don’t even know from friggin hockey! Cuz it doesn’t snow here! Amirite??