Nude on the Moon (1961) (part 1 of 3)

Note: Even though the images in this recap have been censored, they still may be not safe for work or school or the library, or wherever you’re reading this from. But, really, what did you expect from a movie called Nude on the Moon?

The Cast of Characters:
Marietta as Cathy / Moon GoddessCathy / Moon Goddess (Marietta). Earthbound, lovelorn secretary, or alien, telepathic (and topless) queen? She’s both!
William Mayer as Dr. Jeff HuntleyDr. Jeff Huntley (William Mayer). Brilliant scientist and co-creator of the first rocketship to the moon. Jeff doesn’t realize that he loves Cathy until he encounters her doppelganger on the moon. It helps that her doppelganger is topless, I suppose.
Lester Brown as The ProfessorThe Professor (Lester Brown). Plastic-haired colleague to Dr. Jeff. A whole moon full of nekkid women, but none for him, apparently.

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Nude on the Moon

Nude on the Moon is an excellent title for this flick—it describes the movie to a “T”. Having said that, it’s surprising that a movie about a race of nekkid (well, at least topless) people living on the moon can be soooooo boring.

Nude on the Moon is an example of the “nudie-cutie” genre. These were generally pretty tame (if laughably stupid) movies that included lots and lots of female upper-torso nudity. The films usually starred real-life nudists: folks that were more than willing to be nude on film (or Nude on the Moon in this case), but whose acting was somewhat—ahem—lacking.

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Multi-Part Article: Nude on the Moon (1961)

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