We’ve Reached Peak Thought Catalog: ‘I Had Sex With A Trans Woman’

Hey guys, a straight cis dude fucked a trans woman even though he knew she was trans. Isn’t that amazing? Should he not be awarded the Nobel Prize for Enlightened Cock for putting his dick inside a woman who used to have a dick? After all, “she said she had all of her lady parts” and she did so that’s totally cool, right, bro? Maybe this bro will score sweet tang off the Hampshire grads he meets in a nearby coffee shop, because Love. Anyway, obviously this is on Thought Catalog and obviously you need to read an excerpt, which I shall provide here.

…I thought she was attractive before, so what’s the problem? None. There’s a first time for anything, anyway. She rocked me and made me fee like a stud. She even cleaned my dick with a cold wet rag after I came. It was great. And then I left.

All right listen, I’ve done my fair fucking share of ridiculous Internet wordsmithing. I’ve written about butts and pussies and puke and baton twirling (not a euphemism), among many, many other things. Do I regret some of these things I have written ‘pon the Nets? Of course I do. Do I still like the vast majority of the stuff I’ve spewed forth like so much progressive heady dank jazzle into the orifice of a nice lady who happens to be trans and presumably did not ask to be held up as some example of the author’s coolness? Yes. Yes, I do like most of the things I have written on the Internet. But I do not like this thing that “Anonymous” has written on the Internet.

I do not like this thing because I think it posits the liaison with the trans woman as some sort of badge of honor for this young man, “Anonymous”, who is probably very nice once you get to know him. But he writes things like “There has to be an older woman out there craving a cub as much as I craved a cougar.” And this makes me feel very, very strange inside my person. Not good strange, either.

Anyway, everybody go read this clickbait post on Thought Clickbait and drive their traffic up so that we get more posts from our new bard Anonymous, who is probably a good friend to his friends. Here’s hoping he sleeps with a Lesbian or a Republican soon.


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  • Zippy W Pinhead

    “butts and pussies and puke and baton twirling”But can you combine them all into one single story?

  • elvigy

    Meh. I thought the article was fine. Some of the comments on the other hand…

  • SnarkOff

    The promise of the Internet, achieved.

  • temporarily’tom’

    “Here’s hoping he sleeps with a Republican soon.”-Hey now! be nice

  • i hope to one day win the Pulitzer prize for Enlightened Cock. I’ve been nominated for a Webby for Quickest Use of Cock and I believe i should have won.

  • borninatrailer

    Hmm… I dunno. If the worst thing I read on the internets today was a semi-piggy sounding story about a guy having sex with a trans lady, how nice it was and how sad it was that previous relationships with dudes didn’t work out for her… I think it’d be a pretty good day for readin’ them there internets.

  • That left me with a little lump of sad at the hollow desperation for companionship that both of them exude.

  • minneapolisgirl

    I call fake on this. Nobody would fuck that guy.

  • AmericanFirst73

    Come on, Sara. Neil Armstrong wasn’t all that eloquent after he stuck his flag into the moon for the first time either. Remember how much he bragged about how big the moon’s tits were?

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      sticking your flag pole in the moon, that’s buttsechs, amirite?

  • PubOption

    Is there a photo of Anonymous wearing a big floppy Cavalier hat available anywhere?

  • GWH

    I am so relieved. I can now die a happy woman. As a member of the trans community, I have been hoping all these many years that some guy would decide to have sex with a trans woman and he would be okay with it. Thank you, thank you, thank y. . . [thud as body hits floor]

  • Swampgas_Man

    Transwomen, like wimmins and most mens for that matter, are inexplicably not drawn to me. I got charisn’tma. Pride on Saturday is gonna be a hot, lonely afternoon, followed by probably too much drinking.

  • temporarily’tom’

    Anonymous looks sleepy in that picture…Is he sleepy? I bet Dave is there