RAW FEED: "Not your shield" Poem.

I wrote a thing…. and I kind of mean this.

The white knight, is what you would like to be.
A hero of the finest kind, a hero for the likes of me.
Not a spot of dirt on your armor so fine.
You don’t even need to look down, on the human stepping stones you used for this climb.

Oh there you stand, so proudly on the top of the world.
No need to look down on the people you stand on, to get this view my girl.
And you wonder why they yell so angrily up at you.
While wiping the mud off their heads, that came from your shoe.

Your armor is made of the finest justice issues.
You can claim a dent in it, will make the weak man loose.
On your shield feminism is written so loud and proudly.
If you are against this, you are against all women it says so soundly.
Your sword is made from self righteous of the finest kind.
To cut down those… Whom wish to speak their own mind.

It must be nice standing so tall, never having to look down.
On the man or the women, just look them down with a frown.
Who would want to challenge the white knight of the righteous.
To challenge you, would be to challenge all good as is obvious.
By the end, you will not be satisfied before I bow to you, but I will not wield.
Do not speak for me, I am not your Shield.


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