VIDEO: Recharged Nostalgia! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0

A review of Boom Studio’s first Power Rangers comic.

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  • danbreunig

    Well, again I’ll see about making many points in short time–so, here goes:

    Happy New Year and welcome back, Film Renegado!

    It’s nice and yet so strange hearing you do an all English review after the last spoken/subtitled English reviews from years before. I’ve kept up with your regular Spanish reviews too, despite my knowing one or two paragraphs worth of Spanish.

    This is maybe the most direct, simple, and honest observation about movie nostalgia I’ve heard yet, and actually getting to the point–we loved our shows back then as kids from [your particular generation and decade here] and the shows themselves aren’t necessarily technically the greatest–they were simply what kept us happy and entertained during our childhoods then. Hence it’s not about the physical shows themselves–it’s the joyful experience we got from them, then. So much the better if their inspiration keeps us driving along even today.

    Using round terms here–many video reviewers and other online critics are in the Millenial generation, growing up on the 90s properties, but the same situation happens regardless of generation, just with different names. So while many reviewers grew up in the Power Rangers, Disney, Sailor Moon, Pinky & The Brain, Pokemon era, others like the Gen Xers like myself grew up in the HeMan/SheRa, Transformers, Gobots, G Force, (first) Voltron era. Still others grew up on the 70s shows, and others on the early 2000s shows. The point being, whenever we were kids, we were happy with what we watched and didn’t necessarily know or cared that what we got was the best there was at the time. We wouldn’t know that they mostly don’t date well until we’re older and more mature and observant to see the difference. I guess I’m preaching to the choir here, but it’s just healthy enough to say it outright: the shows of our respective childhoods weren’t always technically the greatest, but they’re not worthless either for having shaped and inspired our youths for the better.

    As for the anime, it’s interesting how one of your favorite shows almost directly coincides with one of mine, being two generations apart. We know now that the Power Rangers in the west is an edited translated toned-down version of the original deeper darker violent Japanese shows, particularly the Sentai Henshin / Goranger series (if I remember correctly). It’s quite a common practice–the Sentai Warriors series were edited and really toned down to make Powers Rangers–before that, Beast King Golion got the same treatment and became Voltron–before that, Gatchaman got the same treatment and became Battle Of The Planets–before that Mach Go Go Go became Speed Racer, and so forth. As a result, these famous shows we grew up on in North America were watered down versions of their original Japanese counterparts, but we didn’t know this until we got older and later discovered the truth.

    The comics were a great channel to finally open up how gritty the potential for our favorite softened shows could be, as your own review here is particularly about how Powers Rangers comics got to explore that universe more deeply now that the childhood restrictions were gone. And guess what–Battle Of The Planets got the exact same comics treatment when that universe hit its own 20th. anniversary milestone. The comics presented it as the U.S. Battle Of The Planets universe as we knew it, but at the same time keeping all the original themes and depth from the original Gatchaman series–so really the comics series delivered the best of both worlds into one universe. Now its the Power Rangers turn, and rightfully so as your review indicates.

    Maybe our childhoods weren’t too far apart, huh? ;)

    After that mouthful, I just want to say how great it is to see you back in full Film Renegado form, regardless of the year or language. Thanks for the pleasant review, FR–keep on `morhpin’!

  • Dennis Fischer

    Nice to hear you sharing a video in English again.