RAW FEED: NONSequiTOR - Shame and the Internet


WARNING: This vlog involves issues of racism, and I do use the N-Word in an story about shaming racists. No offense is intended and I hope none is taken.

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  • $36060516

    Speaking of non-sequiturs, you were asking earlier for ideas on series to review next. This one just occurred to me, so I thought I’d plop it in here unceremoniously off-topic. Have you seen “Sukeban Deka,” the ’80s Japanese series about high school girl detectives who battle evildoers with yo-yos? There are fansubs out there. This is a poor video quality upload of an entertaining fight of marbles vs. yo-yo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhV3m1eIz5E

    Anyhoo, I agree the internet behavior you describe is a conundrum. I personally have too much shame in my life to the point where it gets in the way, but know what you mean about others.

    • Magdalen

      Interesting! I feel like shame is people seem to have a lot of shame about the things they can’t control, and less about behavior. Thanks to the recommendation!

  • The Horror Guru

    I honestly can’t say I agree with you. Everything you just described sounds like the exact same tactics and justifications the ultra-conservatives use to shame people who enjoy things like sex or who say anything they don’t deem right with God. Believe me when I say I know this from years of personal experience. =

    • Magdalen

      Hmm, well you’re correct. That’s a terrible way to use shame. And that would fall into the category of “things you can’t control about yourself”. Having a sexual appetite isn’t something you have any control over. But like I said, it’s a double edged sword, wholly dependent on the person whose wielding it. Humans are herd animals, we naturally want to fit into our tribe and shame has been used for a gazillion years as a way to keep people in check. Now my 90’s brain says, “You shouldn’t try to do that- FUCK THE MAN!”. But when NIN-lovin’ teenage Maggie thinks of this, she imagining a Pleasantville scenario where everyone has to were poodle skirts and no one is allowed to be publicly gay. But that backfires when racists and homophobes don’t feel any shame for dragging us backwards into the dark ages. When you see someone harassing a Muslim person on a bus, you should make an example of them: that is no tolerated- stop. However, the eternal battle is getting everyone on the same page as what are the right things to be ashamed over. Which sadly, will probably never be won.

      • The Horror Guru

        Just a side note: While technically the sexual appetite isn’t something you have control over, the act of sex itself is indeed a choice. Which is where my problem comes in, as arguing that we should be socially punished for the things we choose to say or do is the exact mentality that leads to slut-shaming. But you’re right, you did acknowledge it being a double-edged sword. My apologies. =) I think I just agree far more with your 90’s brain when it’s all said and done. =P

      • JD

        But is there anything wrong with not giving a rats ass about other peoples sexual practices as long as they, you know, keep it to themselves?

        • Magdalen

          Absolutely not. In fact, I encourage it. I mean…unless they’re screwing around with kids or something. I think people need to be called out when they hurt others, like racism, sexism, and homophobia.

          • JD

            well yea the kid thing is one of those unforgivable things.
            but the rest is something that should not be happening in this day and age.
            to me it seems in the last few years we seem to have taken a few steps backwards
            in tolerance of things.

  • MichaelANovelli

    “Ann-on-emmitt-eee…” ^_^

    • Muthsarah


      1. a (as in apple)
      2. nuh
      3. ni (as in nit), put the stress here or on nothing
      4. muh
      5. tee


  • danbreunig

    It’s spelled “anonymity”, but it’s pronounced “Raymond Luxury Yacht”.

    Please know that’s just a reference joke, Montgomery Snake.

  • JD

    Well said

  • Eric Young

    Great post! I don’t think this is a matter of 90s self-empowerment culture, however. There have always been people who spout off at the mouth, the internet just gives them a larger funnel in which to spill their vitriol. Gone With The Wind is an interesting springboard for the topic of social decay, but remember, Gone With the Wind took place in Southern high society, a social stratum light years removed from our modern lower-middle class; if we found ourselves in the lower middle class of the 1860s, we’d find the same unabashed lack of decency, the same proud intolerance in the streets and in the bars and in the homes, and if they had the internet, they’d say the exact same things they do now. Indeed, if shame must exist in the world, let it be the shame of those who don’t do the right thing to or for their fellow human being, or those who said nothing at all in the face of human degradation. Loving your series, keep up the good work!