VIDEO: A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988)

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This time on Terror Obscura, it’s back to dreamland for A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master! So far, the Fear Fan’s been lucky enough to have actually enjoyed all three movies in the Elm Street franchise so far, but will his luck continue? In a word: No.

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  • Bart_Fargo

    Any plans to use “A Nightmare on My Street” to close out one of these movies? Granted, it wasn’t legally connected to the series, but I think you’ll agree that it’s better than the studio-approved numbers.

    • fearfanforever

      Not at the moment, but I might look into it. Always happy when people take an interest in what comes next!

  • Arcadiassx999

    Enjoy your review vids Fear Fan, you add a touch of class to the reviewers. Keep the good work.

    • fearfanforever

      It’s mostly the suit, and I’ll do my best to keep up the quality!

  • Mysticfett

    A few times you mixed up Alice’s and Kristen’s name, but other than that, great review.

    • fearfanforever

      Yeah, I sort of noticed it when I was editing, but by then, I’d had a haircut and it was too late to go back and re-shoot. Ah well, at least people still got what I was talking about.

  • sillstaw

    Flaming piss is comedy gold. Just ask the people who put it into the “Ghost Rider 2” trailer.

    It was asked on the forums, but I don’t know if you answered: How much of the “Nightmare” series will you be doing? Are you going to do “New Nightmare,” “Freddy Vs. Jason” and/or the reboot?

    • fearfanforever

      Yup! EVERY Nightmare on Elm Street movie will be covered. In fact, I’m considering doing a quick bonus episode called All Things Freddy, in which I will discuss a lot of the spin offs and tie-ins to the series.

  • Commanderraf

    Would you believe that this was the first Nightmare on Elm Street I saw? Talk about entering with the wrong foot to an entire genere.

    I like your reviews a lot, even if I’m not a big terror movie fan.

    • fearfanforever

      Thanks! I’ve always tried to make my videos so that even people who don’t like horror movies can enjoy them, so it’s always a delight when someone lets me know that I’ve accomplished that goal! Keep watching, and I hope that you continue to enjoy the videos.

  • martin rosspaterson

    First of I must say that was a great review and I found in greatly entertaining, you break down of the characters was spot from what I can remember of the movie and really it is to bad the script was unfinished. Not to say the movie is bad because of it, but I feel Freddy’s death at the end would have been better set up had the script been finished. Now onto the point of what you should do next, well two movies jumped to mind for some reason and i generally like to go on impulses like this.

    The first one I thought of was the 1992 movie Demonic Toys, the movie centers around a demon trying to find a body so it may wreck havoc upon the world and pregnant officer trying to stop the fiend from possessing her baby. All set within a warehouse the officer had chanced a criminal and where a teen and a runaway had just met. Though the demon can’t physically touch her he brings four toys to life as its minions, a bear, baby doll, jack-in-a-box and robot. Its really the toys though that steal the show and later get their own movies that intersect with both the dollman series and puppet master. now doing a review of this movie could of course lead you to do future shows on the dolls if you felt like it.

    Now as for the second movie I had in mind its a little more modern, the 2007 horror called Drive-Thru.
    This movie some may not like although personally myself I loved it, the characters were a little stupid at times and it does have some stock characters but definitely entertaining. This story is a little relatable to the Elm Street series in that the teen protagonists are paying for the sins of their parents. The antagonist is a demonic mascot of a local restraint chain called Horny the Clown, who goes around slicing and dicing a few orange county teens. What I love about this movie is the way Horny is portrayed, he has a playful and sadistic nature and a very striking appearance that that makes him stick out. Also I think this movie really deserves some interest above what it has, since the directors/writers Shane Kuhn and Brendan Cowles seem to be relatively new according to IMDb and yet I think they really have some potential from what i have seen of their work. Even if you were not going to review this Fear Fan I would still suggest giving it a watch since i think you may get a kick out of it.

    • fearfanforever

      Glad you enjoy the show! As I said above, this episode’s actually from a little while ago, so the poll’s already closed. However, I AM always taking suggestions, and I’m happy to tell you that I’m already familiar with both of these films, and can’t wait to riff them to the fullest extent of the law. I’m especially looking forward to Drive-Thru…

      • martin rosspaterson

        Very good then, I am sorry i had not noticed the note below the video but glad to see you know of both. I can’t wait to see what you have to say about both those movies and will happily suggest others now and then in future.

  • Good Shot Green

    “Prison” wasn’t filmed in America?

    And I like the closing song: “I Want Your Hands on Me” from Sinead O’Connor’s “Lion and the Cobra.” Not forgettable at all IYAM – it’s on my playlist of ’80s horror movie music (along with four other songs from this movie and four from Part 5).

    This is the first NoES I saw in the theater – three times, actually; I was enamored with Harlin’s camera work and still check out his work because of this and Die Hard 2.

    Edit: I can’t log in with my AB account any more???

    • fearfanforever

      Yeah, these old 80’s movies always have some pretty cool soundtracks. Anyway, as for Prison, I’m just going on what Harlin himself said in the documentary “Never Sleep Again-The Elm Street Legacy”. It’s a truly awesome documentary hosted by Heather Langenkamp herself, and a must-watch for any true Freddy fan. Although, I will warn you, it IS about 4 hours long, and no, that isn’t an exaggeration.

  • Cristiona

    Debbie also looks like she was ambushed by the 80s in the worst way.

    And… seriously? Drowning? The first two kills seem pretty… tame.

    • fearfanforever

      Yeah, but Harlin’s camerawork still manages to give them some pop. Sadly, the same can’t be said of what comes next…

      • Good Shot Green

        Yes! I was so obsessed with Renny’s camerawork when this was playing theaters I went to see it three times. There’s a scene with the lead trying not to fall asleep and the camera is above her in her bedroom turning and turning in circles gradually lowering to a closeup on her face. That was awesome to my 14-year-old self.

  • Coke’s ad kept crashing Chrome for me.

  • Derek Johns

    I’m pretty sure that public domain movie Alice is watching in the theater is Reefer Madness