Night of the Lepus (1972) (part 6 of 10)

Cut back to Roy, who’s announcing his intention to go inside the mineshaft, which is odd, given how they’re about to blow it up and everything. But he explains his reasoning plainly and simply.

Roy: Whatever’s back in there is a mystery. If we cave it in, we’ll never know. I’m going to try to pull one of them out. [!!] So I can analyze its blood and check its cells. If I can’t do that, at least I’ll take a picture of it.

Hey, now he’s talking sense, right? After all, what could it hurt to save just one infected specimen? I mean, it’s not like that’s how this whole mess started in the first place. Cole decides to tag along with Roy for his own good, but not before wisely taking Roy’s rifle away from him.

Caption contributed by Albert

“I wish I knew what the effects of this shotgun would mean!”

After some pointless footage of Elgin up above the mine, we cut back to Roy and Cole and learn they’re half a mile inside the mine. This is all accompanied by more close-ups of rabbits, and footage of bats flying around. “Shoulda marked our way,” Cole says, “In case we have to get out in a hurry!” Well, this is definitely the time to think of it. I bet you didn’t even remember to go pee before entering the bunny cave either, did you?

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Multi-Part Article: Night of the Lepus (1972)

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