Night of the Lepus (1972) (part 4 of 10)

After a brief shot of Gerry, Cole, and a ranch hand loading some more bunnies into a cage, we cut to Amanda hanging out again with Cole’s Son. Amanda protests that “Romeo” (her new pet) isn’t a bad rabbit, but Cole’s Son ain’t having any of this. He tells her to get that gosh-durn rabbit out of his sight, or else “I won’t be your friend!” You know, for a couple of kids who just met, these two have a pretty dysfunctional relationship.

Cole’s Son then grabs the rabbit out of Amanda’s arms and tosses it to the ground, yelling, “Those darn rabbits killed my chickens!” But he’s not bitter. And the best part is that they have him mention his chickens getting killed, instead of the horse we actually saw get (indirectly) killed by bunnies at the start of the movie. Beautiful.

“Romeo” quickly runs off and scampers into a bunny hole with some other rabbits. Hmm. “Romeo”. Given the breeding habits of bunnies, there sure is nothing ironic about that name, is there?

Caption contributed by Albert

Wherefore art thou?

Cole’s Son then has the quickest crisis of conscience ever recorded, and apologizes half a second later. Amanda shrugs, and makes him promise he won’t tell Mommy that the rabbit got away. Cole’s Son agrees to this sinister subterfuge and the two wander off. Ah, kids. They do the darndest things. Like, you know, initiating a sequence of events that leads to the deaths of about a dozen people. Stuff like that.

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Multi-Part Article: Night of the Lepus (1972)

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