VIDEO: Night of the Comet (1984)

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A look at the sci-fi horror comedy that oozes ’80s goodness.

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  • Muthsarah

    Izzat Night Trap?  Gonna hafta be more obscure than that!  And Chakotay, OMG!!

    Does this movie hold up on its own merits, or does it only work in a campy way?  Oh hell, it doesn’t matter:  I wanna see this movie just for the hair.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Night Trap is a game I played to DEATH back in the 90s. So bizarre, I just felt like throwing in a random mention.

      Well, considering it is supposed to be campy I think it holds up very well. :)

  • Sofie Liv

    Oh look, its Chakotei from Star trek voyager.. I am such a nerd.

    Huh, looks like an interesting movie :)

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Yep, although I liked him here over his character in Voyager. He always bugged me.

    • TheScottCSmith

      I just noticed that! I remember this movie when it came out.  Haven’t seen it since.

  • “This is really annoying!”

    That would be exactly my reaction. Good one Cecil!

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      lol thanks!

  • Necroglobule

    I -LOVE- this movie! NOTC was made as an homage to 50’s Sci Fi B movies so I’m pretty sure a lot of the goofs you pointed out were intentional. Still, bravo. And my god, Kelli Maroney was hot. If you want to do another GBF with Catherine Mary Stewart, I recommend reviewing The Apple. Just a suggestion :)

    “Daddy would have gotten us uzis”

    Want to play a drinking game? Take a shot every time Sam says “totally”

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      As far as the people turning up in the background, they just didn’t have it in the budget to reshoot. It helped to keep the spirit of the 50s sci-fi alive though!

      I’ve had many a request to do The Apple. I may have to move it up the list.

      Well, “totally” was essentially as common as “the” for Valley Girls.

  • Thomas Stockel

    I love this movie.  Thanks for reviewing it, Cecil!

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Thank you for watching!

  • Russell Brin (Facebook Sux)

    Never seen the movie, but Cecil has the best vocal reciting I’ve ever seen.  Even with just his voice he can make any monologue sound better than it should be (William Shatner and Adam Sandler could take some notes from Cecil).  And of course his reviews are always brilliant even if they are things I’d never go out of my way to watch (this movie for example), but always impressive.  The BMX movie is still my favorite recap but this one is right up there in quality too.

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      Thanks! Well, I’d gladly take their paychecks if they ever wanted some voice coaching. heh

      I know not everyone is going to check out the movie I mention but its nice to hear when they do. RAD is one of my favorites too. :)

  • Sfdebris’s Review was also good and telling of the 1980’s!!!

    • Cecil_Trachenburg

      I’ll have to check it out then.

  • edharris1178

     Great stuff, gotta love Catherine Mary Stewart.  She was also good in The Last Starfighter.