Night of Horror (1981) (part 6 of 6)

Anyway, the ghosts know where their captain’s head is, and they need to rejoin it with his body so that “his spirit may rise!” Then the ghost decides to give a shout out to the captain’s wife, who “would not be afraid. She has come back!” Apparently, Colleen is that wife, reincarnated. [!]

We see Steve looking more uninterested than we are, if such a thing is even possible. His VO says he couldn’t accept that Colleen is the captain’s reincarnated wife “from over a hundred years ago!” because of his “feelings” for her. “I wanted to take her and run,” he says. “Run far away from this scene.” And, hopefully, all of the other scenes in this movie. But he stays put because it’s in the script, and he “had to listen further.”

The ghosts then decide to get all bossy, telling them that “we will now show you how to help!” and that “we will allow the wife to lead you!” Wow, to whom do I owe the privilege?

Night of Horror (1981) (part 6 of 6)

Steve reacts to seeing ghosts.

The Three Lost Chords start up again as Jeff, Susan, and Colleen go wandering off through the woods. If you guessed that it’s suddenly broad daylight yet again, give yourself a Scooby Snack. Steve won’t be seen with them again, but for unknown reasons he’s still able to narrate everything that happens.

Steve’s VO says he watched Colleen walk off into woods and realized that this was his “last chance to save her from all this madness! But all I could think about was getting the camper fixed!” Ah, men and their cars, am I right, ladies? “Maybe if I could do that, everything would be sane again!”

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Multi-Part Article: Night of Horror (1981)

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