Night of Horror (1981) (part 5 of 6)

Later that night, Colleen is wandering around in the woods by herself. She then starts talking to herself. Well, technically, she’s talking to some spirits, but all we hear is Colleen having a one-sided conversation, vaguely reminiscent of when you used to overhear your college dorm roommate calling his mom.

“What’s wrong?” she calls out. Well, there’s this awful movie on and… “What can I do? What’s wrong? I… I can’t. Why can’t you rest?” Well, actually, I was sleeping just fine until you started yapping. “So… so sad,” she says. “We won’t hurt you. The hate is over now.” No, not by a long shot.

After a minute of this, we cut from Colleen to random shots of tree branches [?]. She continues to have cheeseball conversations with the spirits that make John Edwards look terse and eloquent. “We don’t hate you!” she says. “Our… our lives are so different. [laughs] No, I’m not afraid of you. Not… of any of you. Please… let me help!” Well, first you can start by shutting up. “I’m opening myself to you.” Eww. “Please, tell me what to do.”

The Three-Chord Wonder is pounded out on the keyboard again as we watch Steve wandering around in the woods alone. Oh, and it’s broad daylight again, but I’m sure you already guessed that.

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Multi-Part Article: Night of Horror (1981)

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