Night of Horror (1981) (part 3 of 6)

In the back of the camper, Steve and Colleen are chatting it up. They’re the only two back there, so I guess Susan was chloroformed and tossed out of the camper while they were heading over the river. Steve asks Colleen what she’s writing, and she says she’s “not writing, really… I’m transcribing!” Apparently, she’s trying to write down something by Edgar Allen Poe from memory [?]. Hey, Colleen, have you heard of these things called libraries? They take care of these kinds of things for you.

“I hope it’s not one of his ghoulish ones,” Literary critic Steve mumbles. “You know, where people murder each other, and wall ’em up with casks!” Colleen explains that Poe didn’t just write horror stories, but also poems. She asks if he wants to hear one, and unfortunately, he sorta nods.

It turns out to be Poe’s 1837 “Bridal Ballad”, a thirty-five line poem that she proceeds to read in its entirety for nearly two and a half minutes. Good God, we are in English class! The only thing even remotely entertaining about this scene is how far her lips get out of sync with the sound, as the audio appears to be running a full ten seconds ahead of the visuals.

When she finishes, Steve’s voiceover speaks for no one and says, “I was terribly impressed with what I was seeing!” Then we cut to Steve and find him staring at the ceiling, causing this remark to make a little more sense.

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Multi-Part Article: Night of Horror (1981)

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