Night of Horror (1981) (part 2 of 6)

Then we cut to a shot of Chris (well, Chris’ back, actually), and the light reflected off the “bar” wall is so freakin’ bright that it almost blots him out completely [!]. “Creative Lighting Director”, indeed. It truly does take something like creativity to be able to set up lights in exactly the right place to totally ruin a shot like this.

Chris points out how every time people have seen Steve over the last six weeks, he’s been “bombed”. At this, Steve explodes. Well, actually, he just kind of shakes his fist and raises his voice a little, but I think that counts as exploding in Steve’s world. “Dammit, Chris!” he says. “Then just replace me! But if you can’t handle… if they can’t handle what’s going on with me right now, then just tell the group they’ll have to find themselves a new boy!” [??]

Night of Horror (1981) (part 2 of 6)

Note to Jeff Canfield: Being able to plug in a klieg light does not make you “creative”.

Chris tells Steve not to give up, because he’s been in the band “since the beginning”, which means he’s been there longer than even “Jimmy and Billy!” That long, huh? Chris reminds him that he “came up through the ranks!” Which band are they in, Menudo?

Chris continues to provide an excellent example of how not to supply exposition as he reminds Steve of how he had to “work for years for the state highway administration [??] during the day, and then play off the wall joints for drinks and tips at night!” Chris desperately needs to stop talking about “off the wall” joints. Yes, I know it’s an in-joke, because the credits will later inform us that a band called “Off the Wall” performed all the songs in this movie. Or, rather, all the song. But it’s a sad comment on an in-joke that once you get it, it becomes even less funny.

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Multi-Part Article: Night of Horror (1981)

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