The Night All Of My Late Night Dreams Came True: CJ Does The Jackal Again

Many years ago, the greatest teevee show for liebrul political wonks aired, and it was called The West Wing. It was basically 7 years of fapping over a fantasy White House full of high-minded goals and hardworking people. I know now that this is as much of a lie as the Easter Bunny, but there was one immutable truth I have clung to all these long years: Fantasy White House Fantasy Press Secretary CJ Cregg doing “The Jackal” is the very bestest best thing, and if you hate The Jackal, you hate freedom*:


Why is she doing “The Jackal?” Because it is a cool thing you get to do when your political team has a victory and why the hell not. Everyone who has ever seen this show and worked in a government office wanted to do this after winning A Thing. Bamz Press Secretary Jay Carney is apparently highly placed enough in the universe to make it happen, along with an assist from Arsenio Hall:

Also please note that Allison Janney is getting much, much hotter as she ages. God bless teevee.

*Ed note, from your ed: I hate The Jackal, and freedom, and in fact having rewatched The West Wing some years later thought JESUS CHRIST THESE ARE THE WORST SMUGGEST PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE. Am I alone here, fellas?

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