The Night All Of My Late Night Dreams Came True: CJ Does The Jackal Again

Many years ago, the greatest teevee show for liebrul political wonks aired, and it was called The West Wing. It was basically 7 years of fapping over a fantasy White House full of high-minded goals and hardworking people. I know now that this is as much of a lie as the Easter Bunny, but there was one immutable truth I have clung to all these long years: Fantasy White House Fantasy Press Secretary CJ Cregg doing “The Jackal” is the very bestest best thing, and if you hate The Jackal, you hate freedom*:

Why is she doing “The Jackal?” Because it is a cool thing you get to do when your political team has a victory and why the hell not. Everyone who has ever seen this show and worked in a government office wanted to do this after winning A Thing. Bamz Press Secretary Jay Carney is apparently highly placed enough in the universe to make it happen, along with an assist from Arsenio Hall:

Also please note that Allison Janney is getting much, much hotter as she ages. God bless teevee.

*Ed note, from your ed: I hate The Jackal, and freedom, and in fact having rewatched The West Wing some years later thought JESUS CHRIST THESE ARE THE WORST SMUGGEST PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE. Am I alone here, fellas?

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  • Matthew Nelson

    She asked the audience if anyone understood what she was about to do and one person clapped.Now I feel really old.

  • Arsenio Hall has a talk show? What fucking decade is this?

    • msanthropesmr

      A bad one.

  • FlownOver

    Immerse yourself in any random five minutes of Rafael E. “Ted” Cruz, then recalibrate your “worst smuggest people in the universe” meter.

  • Lazy Media

    I’m with ‘Trix. I never watched The West Wing, and won’t watch that news one, the Aaron Sorkin thing, because if I wanted to listen to smug liberals smelling their own farts, I’d just watch reruns of Dixie Carter doing her rants on “Designing Women.” I agree with their politics, but I don’t need it tardsplained to me as if I were six years old.

    • Arcturus

      Booh-yah. With ya all the way.

    • BMW

      Thanks for your valuable insight on shows you’ve never watched.

  • actor212

    How can any liberal hate West Wing? Idealistic liberal northeastern President beats the living crap out of Republicans on a regular basis until they have to go after his disability. PARADISE!

    • James William Twiner

      except his Nobel Prizes are both bunk…wrong about he economy, wrong about middle east peace. And he’s not that liberal. It’s all a trick, comrades, to make you accept Globalism.. That’s why it was on NBgeC. Now, where’s my tinfoil hat?

      • actor212

        But he was the dad in Wall Street! The union dad in Wall Street!

  • athenap

    Okay, first…daaaamn! She looks fabulous! And I lovedlovedloved that scene from West Wing!What I loved about the West Wing was the fact that Aaron Sorkin does incredible snappy dialogue, and had a way of taking boring political crap and turning it relevant, by linking it to the characters as an ensemble cast, and making the political process fun to watch because of the zingers.It’s not that the people on the show were smug. It’s that Aaron Sorkin characters come from a place of high-concept idealism as part and function of his storytelling. So when the scenes shift to the personal, it ends up feeling like you’ve gone from 50,000 feet all the way down to street level in 4.5 seconds, so when the street-level story hits you, it hits you like a sidewalk approaching terminal velocity. It’s a very unique way of storytelling that makes an Aaron Sorkin show uniquely entertaining.