VIDEO: The movies of Nicholas Sparks: an orientation video

Joey tells you what to expect when watching a movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel, including the likes of A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Dear John, The Last Song, and the currently playing The Longest Ride.

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  • Joel Kazoo

    It’s like Harry S. Plinkett said: New boats aien’t gonna buy themselves!

  • Zee Panda

    Well, you’ve nailed the formula. I laughed at the bit about how it started off fine with A Walk to Remember because that was also my introduction to Nicholas Sparks. I knew nothing about him at the time, but I like Mandy Moore and wanted to see what she was like as an actor. A Walk to Remember is kind of cheesy and definitely emotionally manipulative, but sometimes I kind of like that in a movie. Sure, parts of it were a little heavy-handed but it seemed to me that the movie was being targeted at teens and, well, a lot of teen-oriented movies are heavy handed because that’s what a lot of teens want.
    Anyway, because I liked that movie well enough, the next time I saw advertising for another Nicholas Sparks movie (I think it was The Notebook) I took a look at it and said, “Wait, didn’t I just see this story, basically?” And, indeed, every Sparks-adaptation movie since this has given me the same feeling, which is why I’ve never bothered to go see any of them. I won’t mock the people who do, though. I mean, think of all the sci fi fans who go see movies that are basically take #a zillion of the same story, or the fantasy fans, or the mystery fans, or the action fans, etc. It does weird me out a little that Sparks films always have death as a major component, though. I mean, there are so many different ways you can create tension in a romantic story without bringing in the Grim Reaper, so I just don’t get it. At least these movies always look good and do often star talented actors.