New York Times Now Holding Up Poor NYU Juniors For Terrible Ridicule, Mockery (By Us)

New York Times Now Holding Up Poor NYU Juniors For Terrible Ridicule, Mockery (By Us)

An NYU dorm. We think you can agree it is completely unacceptable.

Why are you doing this, New York Times? Why are you taking what we’re sure is a very nice young woman, and forcing us to mock her horribly, and unkindly — as horribly and unkindly as if she’d put up a terrible Thought Catalog — when all she wanted was to find a reasonably nice apartment near NYU? NYT, are you actually evil?

We are not even going to name the young dummy in question; she will have enough following her around with the NEW YORK TIMES STORY with HER NAME ON IT that makes her sound LIKE A HUGE ASSHOLE. Suffice it to say she is a 21-year-old junior from San Diego, and she was a mite particular with her living situation. She did not care for her shared NYU dorm (been there!) but in her case, unlike in ours, she and her five dormmates had a six-“bedroom” suite for like $1000 each per month. (Twenty years ago, if you care at all, which why on earth would you, it was about $600 per month each to share three bedrooms and a kitchen with five other women at the Third Avenue North dorm. So, not bad, NYU! You may have gotten even a little less greedy!) Anyway, it was too loud for our heroine, and noise came in from the living room, and she has trouble sleeping, so her parents said, oh darling, of course we will give you $1850 a month to have a place of your own. So far, so not the worst thing we’ve ever heard in the world. BUT WAIT.

That’s when our heroine started looking at places.

She looked at a dark shithole and passed it up. Fair enough! But the next?

On East 25th Street, near Second Avenue, a studio in the back of a small 1920 walk-up building with a sleeping loft was available for $1,950 a month. Ms. Csordas-Jenkins, an aspiring actress who is studying theater and dramatic literature, liked it but thought it was too far from campus.

She knew she would fret about rising early enough for class.

“It seemed like the potential for a really stressful situation for me if I woke up late and had to wait for the train,” she said.

NEEDLE SCRATCH. Isn’t Second Ave. and 25th Street roughly a mile and a half from NYU’s campus? Yes. Yes it is. A brisk 30-minute walk. Our young lady is starting to sound a wee bit unreasonable. And a wee bit special-snowflakey. And a wee bit THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T STOP HATING ON MILLENNIALS MY GOD WHAT IS EVEN WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE. You might feel some stress? About waking up late? And having to wait for your train to take you 1.5 miles?

When you are in the grocery store, and you see a grown man with Down syndrome or something similar holding his dear father’s hand, after you shed a few discreet tears at the sweetness of it, do you worry about what will happen to that man when his parents are gone? I do.

What on earth will happen to the Millennials?

Eventually, our young lady found a place for only $2100 per month. It was small, and quite ugly, and the sink had a clog. But the super eventually managed to fix it. Thank God. Can you imagine the harrowing tale the NYT might have treated us to if he hadn’t?


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  • Nounverb911

    This nice little triplex in the Pierre is available.

    • Haribo Lector

      Why would a 5-bedroom place need 6 full bathrooms? In case dinner guests feel like taking a bath between courses?

  • mimsy18

    She must be from La Jolla, has to be.

    • JParkerSD46

      Good thought. Maybe Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe or Fairbanks Ranch? Poor little thing. I grew up in LJ (many moons ago) and love visiting NY. It’s a city for walking and subways. C’mon Miss Priss, get with the program.

  • george gonzalez

    it’s three blocks to the Park Avenue subway, then about a mile south on the subway and you’re at NYU.

  • Enfant Terrible

    Is she related to the Romneys, I bet?

  • hvdv

    many of us manage not to wake up late thanks to these marvels of technology known as “alarms.” but what do i know? i’m an old.

  • gullywompr

    I’d heard of Thought Catalog but never really knew knew what if was so I went to look and OH MY FUCKING GOD WHAT IS THIS SHIT?!?! Very first article – “Why Is There No White Girl History Month?”, subtitled “I’m not racist, but”. That place turns haughty arrogant ignorance into an Olympic sport.

    • glasspusher

      I’m all for “maybe the white girls (and boys) should learn some history” month. Make it all year!

  • I love watching coastals bicker.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • La Cieca

    As Mr. Gonzalez suggests, door to door via subway is 20 minutes. By bus, which is the slowest way to get around Manhattan, is 20 minutes. It would be 15 minutes or less by Citibike, and it can be walked in less than half an hour.I will bet you dollars to donuts that her real problem with the first apartment was that there weren’t any cool boutiques or hip eateries on that block, and what’s the point of living in New York City if you can’t be in a happening area?

  • glasspusher

    Aspiring actress has some major drama there. Wahhh…wahhh.

  • glasspusher

    Also- a mile and a fucking half? Boo fucking hoo for this aspiring actress. That’s the distance I walked, in about 20 minutes, for the first year of grad school. Cry me a fucking river.I’m sure after she’s a successful actress she’ll have plenty of money to blow on swank real estate.

  • Pah, I lived on campus and still missed classes 500 yards away from my room. Kids these days, no commitment to “lazy student” stereotypes

    • glasspusher

      Right. How many of us did our darndest to schedule classes so there wasn’t an early one on Friday so we could start partying on Thursday night?You don’t see us bragging about it, ether.

      • fgbndslndr

        40 years later, I still remember the silence in the first class of the year when a student asked the prof if he really intended to inconvenience us by holding his bird class on Fridays, as scheduled.

        • Guest

          take a “picture” it lasts longer 😉

      • Piker. We did our best to never schedule a class before 10 AM! Of course, I did have one, and while I don’t remember attending much or really anything during the times I did, I somehow got an A in it.

    • Haribo Lector

      I used to travel about 20 miles to my campus for classes, arrive there, get right up to the door and still decide to blow them off sometimes.

  • Hekky Catz

    If she is going to NYU for undergrad, she is a moron. I say this as someone who was a professor there and went there for graduate school.

  • Joey Brill, I had to take the redline home from work and then back down to the Loop – and I did it all while stoned!There’s a reason why my degree is worthless. These pups today…

  • larry longmore

    Way too much noise about someone and something not worth notice. Seriously, this is what you are going to kvetch about? Yes, she may well be a very-special snowflake but than again so is 80% of the country, it must be a very slow news day.

    • Actually 90% of the “Weekender” is exactly this kind of thing.

  • glasspusher

    this post would have gone better with some sideboob

  • docterry6973

    A tragic story. Wait, no. Comic.

  • MrBlifil

    Daughter of a friend of Ratner. I guarantee it.

  • jellybeanfetish

    I just moved into a new place a 25 minute walk away from my campus and I’m delighted as hell. 25 minutes! After a 45 minutes by train commute for las semester I feel like I basically live next door.

  • LiveFreeOrWatchTV

    A mile and and half maybe. Note there’s lots of teh busses, which run on the east side 24/7. Some decent if not great bars and eateries in that ‘hood, and a ton of Indian/Paki. (Needless to say, easy to get a cab.)That said, I’m a fat old man and marketing guy who often works professionally with millennials. They’re fine. I like them quite a lot, likewise the gen X’ers. Maybe I didn’t get the memo, but outside a few, I don’t understand where the stereotypes come from.

    • Haribo Lector

      It comes from the way that literally every generation thinks the next generation are worse than them. Also every generation thinks the previous generation are worse than them. We’re all perpetually living in a Golden Age and it’s wonderful


    Look at the upside of this story – Now there are 5 NYU residents who are thrilled that the bad egg moved out. Win-win.

  • glennisw

    That and she can take the Lex.I used to walk from Christopher and 7th to 32nd and 5th when I ran out of cash for the Path trains. (they were cheaper than the subway). She can kiss my ass.

  • Piet

    Jeez. The last time I was in New York City, Sullivan St. was in the Village. That’s now not fashionable enough or convenient enough for special baby girl? What happens when this aspiring “actress” runs into auditions that aren’t “convenient” or take place in dark, uninspiring theaters? Will it be everyone else’s fault that she didn’t get the Tony she deserved?

    • Ellis_Weiner

      The Tony? How about the role? She’s an aspiring actress who is indignant at inconvenience? HA HA HA HA HA (Typesetter, repeat until the page is full.)

  • La Cieca

    In fact, if she could get over her phobia of not waking up in the morning, she could move to Sunnyside in Queens and get an apartment twice the size for half the rent she’s paying now. Commute, door to door: 32 minutes.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • Annie Towne

    The article read pretty tongue-in-cheek to me, actually.

  • Newtsundies

    Yeah! We’re great and this woman is awful! In my day.. Young people… Lick motorway clean… Etc.

  • Haribo Lector

    Yeah, she sounds a bit obnoxious and also lazy; but still the fact that cities – New York especially – are becoming too expensive for actual people live in them is an issue that needs addressing. Cities kind of need to have people living in them. Actual people, and not just billionaire tech entrepreneurs and moist towelette heirs.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.

  • dgh

    You do know that a mile and a half is considered way too far to walk in most of America? Unless of course it’s inessential aka “exercise” walking: lots of people drive past all the places they could walk to on daily errands so they can get out of the car and walk in a giant purposeless circle and then get back in the car and go home past all the places they could have walked to with purpose but it’s “too far to walk”.

  • Froggage

    Too bad Special Snowflake’s overindulgent parents won’t be able to buy her the roles she wants, unless she gives up on NY and LA and goes back to the thrilling world of La Jolla community theater.

  • Deleted

    This post was deleted.