RAW FEED: NEW Sailor Moon Crystal Trailer - first thoughts

Check out the trailer here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9Ft3viBgtQ

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  • Alexa

    Oh my god I love The Power of Love to this day! Even knowing how cheesy it is. I loved and still love it. =3
    Wasn’t wild about the designs, but it really is growing on me and so yeah can’t wait, looks to be a lot of fun and yeah epic.

    • Magdalen

      Yeah I think it’s something we’ll probably adapt too, especially if the story is good. But I can definitely see why people are taking issue with the longer, thinner designs. They sort of look like anorexic chimpanzees standing on their hind legs.

      • Alexa

        Well I wouldn’t go that far, the designs are different but they don’t offend me. But still the thinness of the characters are jarring but then again we’re so used to the other designs. Plus I think another reason I’m okay with the designs is that it reminds me of another excellent anime series called Nana, which I highly recommend.

  • JD

    Wonder why they insist on the over long legs.
    other then that looks good.

  • Jay_Bay

    So I’m getting Vampire Hunter D vibes from looking at this. Is that normal? Either that or WINX Club. Why do I know about WINX Club? Yeah, not a bad trailer overall. Just have to get use to the look of it.

  • Danielle Osgan

    YES! to the live watching it together-ness. That sounds like super fun.

    The art is just like the manga but it almost scares me. They look fragile to me. Like I’m afraid that Lita (Mokoto) is going to break her ankle if she kicks someone in the face and I want her to kick people in the face!

    EDIT: And now I have the Sailor Moon soundtrack running through my head.(Power of Love, Rainy Day Man, Carry On, etc) Thanks for that.

    • Magdalen

      Fragile is a great descriptive term for it. Oh! Guess who has two thumbs and used to own the Luna Rock CD? This gal! I miss so much. ^.^