Here’s That New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Behind The Scenes Video We Know You Want To Watch

HBO continues to tease and torment “Game of Thrones” fans everywhere by giving them the tiniest little taste of new content about the upcoming fourth season, and each time they do, the entire internet, yr Happy included, pounce on it like the slavering fiends we are. This week, a behind-the-scenes video that you can mainline directly into a vein.


saw the release of the first official trailer, which was rolled out with the fanfare that most shoes reserve for season premieres. We, along with every other site on the internet, gave you a blow-by-blow summary of that thing, but let’s face it, our summary was the very best, wasn’t it?

For this here little behind the scenes thingy, the good folks at Uproxx have basically done a shot-by-shot breakdown. (TRIGGER WARNING! PRO-TIP! ACTUAL SPOILER ALERT BECAUSE THERE ARE PROBABLY SPOILERS AT THE LINK.) There are battles and feasts and most of all there is Daenerys Targaryen.


Go on, watch it already! You’re going to need a lot to tide you over until April 6 when this thing finally actually starts.


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