New Funnybook Features Barack Obama Taking On Zombie Bunnyrabbits

New Funnybook Features Barack Obama Taking On Zombie BunnyrabbitsHumor often involves the creative juxtaposition of dissimilar things, or so the experts would have us believe. And if you’re doing a comic book, you can often wring some larffs from turning an unlikely figure into a superheroic type person. Hence, you get your Battle Pope or your Squirrel Girl, or your weirdass WTF crossovers like Archie Meets the Punisher or Spider-Man Visits Saturday Night Live. (Yes, it happened. Deal with it.) That hallowed tradition of “special (unauthorized) guest appearance” accounts for the dual-automatic-wielding Barry Obama up there, in the upcoming 4th issue of The Other Dead, a comic whose premise is that humanity is menaced by a plague of zombie animals. From some spoiler images at Bleeding Cool, it looks like Barry will once again trying to invite comparison to Abraham Lincoln, who hunted a vampire or two in his day. In fact, Sen. John Cornyn has already derided the zombie-crtter apocalypse as just another attempt to distract from the failures of Obamacare.

This is actually the second gun-totin’ Bamz that the comic has used — an alternate cover for the first issue also featured a seriously pissed Prez carrying the highly dubious combo of an assault rifle in his right hand and a Desert Eagle in his left:
other dead 2

At least the cover looks like Barry; as in so many comics that try to toss in real people, the Barack Obama of the inside art looks only vaguely like the real guy:

other dead 3

Still, that’s a more coherent take on Obama’s gun control position than most of what you hear on Fox, so this looks promising, and thoroughly silly. We’d give this two thumbs up, but we don’t like the way the cat is looking at our hands.


The Other Dead #4 by Joshua Ortega, Digger Mesch and Qing Ping Mui. IDW Comics, to be released 12/11/13.

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