Your New Editor-in-Chief is Sara Benincasa (Me)

Sara Benincasa in a Car

Well hello there. You may have noticed some changes here at your Happy Nice Time People, or maybe you haven’t noticed any changes at all, or maybe you are here for the first time, or maybe you are a robot sent from the future to save us (thank you). Regardless, I am Sara Benincasa, and I am your new Editor-in-Chief here at HNTP. I’m incredibly pleased to be here, and not just because I want to emotionally and spiritually connect with each and every one of you and maybe even hold hands in a platonic friend way if we ever meet in person.

I’m an author and a comedian. I Tweet and I Facebook and I Tumblr and I Instagram and I write books and I tell jokes on stages. I live in California. I’m from New Jersey. I’ve lived in NYC, Boston, Asheville, the Southwest, the Netherlands, South Carolina, and now the San Fernando Valley. I have a Kickstarter. I’ve contributed to Wonkette on and off since 2010, and I’ve been a Wonkette commenter since 2007-ish. And, most importantly, I now edit this site under the direction of your Editrix.

I love Stevie Nicks. I love David Tennant. I love writing. And I love you, because I am contractually obligated to do so, and also because you are so beautiful.

Like any transition — say, from your 11th Doctor to your 12th Doctor — there will be a period of adjustment. It helps enormously that your Snipy will still be around as Night Editor. Thank you to Snipy for giving me some New Lady Guidance here, and thanks of course to your Editrix for making the foolish drunken decision to give me the passwords to all the social media. Haha, her Messican vacation done messed with her mind!

The entire point of this site is to bring joy into your life. Mostly, we’ll do that by making you laugh. We might also make you think (sorry) and VERY occasionally cry (but in a good way). Mostly, though, it’s all about the laughing. If every single blog post on this site makes somebody snort-laugh out loud at his/her/their desk at work, I will have done my job.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

(Get it? Look at my photo up above and you will get it. It is a photograph of me RIDING in a car.)

Feel free to contact me at with tips, Morning Sex Jams (music about sex, duh), Great Moments in Sportsball, Smart People News, funny videos, cute animals doing things that don’t suck, etc. And follow me on all your social media stuff, but don’t be a dick. We’re trying to do something positive and upbeat and happy and nice here, monsters. BTW if you don’t like us on FB or follow us on Twitter, you are a demon person and I will haunt your dreams with this image by artist Christian Dueñas.

Sara Benincasa by Christian Duenas

And now, the all-time greatest thing I will ever see or hear:

Thanks everybody!


Sara B. (and Morley Safer, who is a girl dog)

Morley teefs

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  • rebecca

    She will be greeted as a liberator.

    • Stockton Syndrome.

      • glasspusher

        A lot of folks in the central valley suffer from that.

    • glasspusher

      Seize control of the media, suspend civil liberties, declare martial law? I’ve heard this song before.

      • $73376667

        Happy Nice Spring!

  • Doctor Who references will get you EVERYWHERE.

    • glasspusher

      That’s why this site seems bigger on the inside.

  • Nothing about movie reviews? Cuz I only come here to read stuff by that Schnitzler guy, or whatever he’s called. That dude is AWESOME!

    • Fitzgerald Chesterfield

      Not to mention the BRILLIANT recipes by sweet-as-candy Mojopo and distinguished gentleman Fitzgerald Chesterfield.

      • Aaaaand the earthy postrealism of that Kaleb dude.

      • Mojopo

        You make me want to send you marizpan candies shaped like wee fruit.Hi, Sara! In a perfect world, Stevie Nicks, Courtney Love and Grace Jones meet once a week for lunch. Everyone is a wreck. Can you make that happen?

  • TheLifeSilica

    Welcome aboard! …. aaaaaaand now I have the Morning Wood song stuck in my head.

  • BMW

    Well, I for one welcome our new super-hawt overlord.

    • Otto66


  • Thanks, Obama!

  • GREETINGS! Is that a face made out of images of dicks? Hey, it might just be ME and my crappy iPhone, but I have never been able to get HNTP to load without crashing my browser (on my phone). Wonkette NEVER crashes my phone. I think it is because the HNTP template is TOO FUCKING BUSY (graphically). I would like to suggest that it be made simpler and the type made more legible. I Beg Of You.

    • Otto66

      Buy a better phone.

      • glasspusher

        Spoken like a true Android fanboi

        • Otto66

          Its true. I am. But their are other phones. Why gripe about it?

          • glasspusher

            Seriously? You would change your phone if one website crashed the web browser? That seems like a reasonable reaction.Also, the one thing I like to remind Android fans about is this. Hahahaha…It does seem strange. I honestly can’t remember the last time Safari crashed on my iPhone, or, for that matter, when my iPhone crashed. Perhaps this person is having other issues.

        • Zippy W Pinhead

          dunno about the iPhone, but the Android OS has a developer hack that lets you reallocate RAM and allows Chrome mobile to work much better

          • glasspusher

            If you have to employ a developer hack to reallocate RAM, that’s a problem. Possibly a memory leak to begin with?In a related note, now that my kid’s old enough to understand computers enough, I started explaining to him what memory and disk space was, but…we don’t have any hard drives in our laptops anymore. LOL.

          • Zippy W Pinhead

            No, it’s not that complicated, just a simple settings change inside the developer options to change the default way the OS allocates RAM, a basic end user adjustment- hack is an imprecise term in this case. I just figure you could do a similar settings change inside the iPhone and make mobile Safari run smoother. FWIW I still prefer mobile Chrome to Safari on my iPad, even through IOS 7.1 whatever (we’ll see what happens with IOS 8)

          • glasspusher

            Well, simple to a sharp guy like you, sure.FWIW, I just installed iOS8 on my phone and loaded this page no prob, no crashing…

    • glasspusher

      HNTP ain’t too mobile friendly. The page design is one that tries to be everything to all devices, forgetting that smart phones can pinch, scroll and zoom.Stick with a good desktop site, like teh Wonkette, and you’ll have no need for a “mobile” (retch) site.

    • topjob66t

      People went all geeky about cell phone issues but I will stick to the main point you made about dick images in that picture. I also see vagees there in addition to the actual name Sara B. Large and small intestines too. I don’t have a cell phone so I am more free to wander.

  • Why not edit under a code name? Something like “Storm” or “Ms Marvel”… but not “Shadowcat” because I’ve always thought that was a stupid code name. “Matter-Eater Lad” is a better name than “Shadowcat.”

    • Otto66

      My Persian, Shadowcat, is offended by your post. Kidding. I’d never have a cat.

      • TJ Barke

        Good cuz they wouldn’t actually love you.

        • willi0000000

          cats love nobody! the only humans cats even tolerate are ones who operate can openers and clean litterboxes for them.

          • glasspusher

            My cats love me, but I’ve been told I’m not human. QED.

          • TJ Barke


    • rebecca

      My brother’s wrestling name is Ontology Lad. My dad’s is The Garcia Bros. My baby brother’s is Hitler’s Brain.

  • $73376667

    “Editor-in-chief” doesn’t sound right, but I’m not sure “editrix-in-chief” is right either.Editrix Regent?Editrixette?Lady Editrix of the Commonwealth?Acting Editrix for the Duration of the Crisis?First Commenter?

    • rebecca

      Nope, nein, nyet, hell no, and maybe.There is only one editrix.

  • Lowkey3

    This is a very Happy and Nice occurrence! Welcome, Sara! Hi! Hello!

  • SnarkOff

    Your first order of business is that obligatory sideboob selfie. My guess is Editrix conveniently forgot to mention this in your interview, but I’m afraid it’s mandatory.

    • Zippy W Pinhead

      and REAL sideboob, not that HNTP excuse for sideboob

      • glasspusher

        I, for one, would like to welcome our new sideboob overlord (overlady?).

        • Zippy W Pinhead


          • willi0000000

            or underboob, either works.

          • glasspusher

            A wiser man than myself said in these pages in Dec:”This coming year, I pledge to support underboob in any way I can. With my bare hands, if necessary.”

      • $73376667

        The funny thing about sideboob around here is that the “official” sideboob pic in a given post is rarely the one with the most boobage.

  • Otto66

    Welcome. Know that when yer funny, you are luved. Other times, appreciated for your effort. Oh and, don’t let the haters grind you down.

    • sarabenincasa

      Thank you babeee.

  • djny10003

    Is is sexist if I say that you’re pretty?

  • andreamd

    I already follow you on Twitter- do I get extra points toward my Wonkette award?

  • Skynard Ronstein™

    it’s no longer “only air”. for you, dear SB, it’s only luuv!p.s. sorry for the ’80’s-ish reference.

  • glasspusher

    What the hell kind of selfie is that? Next time you’re in SF, girlfriend, let me do a proper portrait of you (pool table optional).Edit: also: NJ represent!

  • emmelemm

    My god… your dog!Our ridiculous tiny dogs must get together.

    • glasspusher

      Hey you! We’ve missed you!

      • emmelemm

        I’m still here… ISH. Still hangin’ around, still snuggling Lionel. Also, today is my 42nd birthday. Truly, I am middle aged.

        • glasspusher

          Let me wish you a happy 29th! Ah, 42…seems like so long ago…

  • Crank Tango

    Welcome back Sara, you’re looking great.

    • glasspusher

      Crank! Holy shit man, how are you?

      • Crank Tango

        Not bad! Trying to get back into the swing of things!

        • glasspusher

          Wonderful to hear. Wishing you unicorns, ponies…and beer.

  • nothingisamiss


  • hellslittlestangel

    Welcome! I still say your Sarah Palin was way funnier than Tina Whatsername’s.

  • Squirrel_t_robot

    I remember you; glad to read you again!Can you rethink the whole Stevie Nicks thingy, though?Right. I can live with that.It’ll be a fun summer, I bet.

  • Brittany Wilkins

    Me gusta :-)

  • McKleana

    Sara, big dog person and Fleetwood Mac fan here. Great underbite on Morley. :) You got me through the early years of Sarah Palin. Because of your wit, I smiled some of the time and am forever grateful. Many thanks and welcome.

  • Annie Towne

    Welcome! Let the Happy Nice Times roll.