The New Batman Adventures “The Demon Within” (part 2 of 3)

The cat-woman reports back to her master, Klarion the Poor Little Witch Boy, and she’s hanging upside down above a window with the barbecue fork in her mouth. And this shot reminds me of something I’m wondering about this show. Why is it that the night sky over Gotham City is always blood red? Is black ink really expensive? Does this show take place on Krypton? Are the animators big U2 fans? We may never know.

Caption contributed by Albert

No wonder he has his own cat-human hybrid: he lives next door to Chernobyl.

Klarion takes the fork and congratulates “Teekl” on a job well done, and “Teekl” is apparently the cat’s name in the comic book, too. Klarion holds the potato masher high and says, “Ancient Morgan, I beseech you! From what is one, do now make two!” As he speaks, the stylized “M” starts to glow.

The New Batman Adventures "The Demon Within" (part 2 of 3)
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Multi-Part Article: The New Batman Adventures "The Demon Within"

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